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# 3cf89917 07-Jan-2020 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Trending: Move VTS tests from 3n to 2n

Change-Id: I420cef699d42973602f1290ccd0cc5e378d42492
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

# ba15109c 27-Sep-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Trending: Reorganization

+ use selection of tests by their full names
+ finalize trending_test_groups.md
+ modify static content
+ modify anchors
+ specifications:
+ container memif
+ ip4
+ ip4 tunnels
+ ip6
+ ipsec
+ l2
+ srv6
+ vhost
+ vts
+ dpdk
+ add 2n-clx
+ hyperlinks

Change-Id: Ibe073330317539896c6fbfcbd4a7a279b58bdb95
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

# 82e66d4c 07-Sep-2018 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-1269: Add VTS tests to trending

Change-Id: I9ddbad8e4c3f64553c72f77f93eb9d6c21602eca
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>