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936deb75 24-Mar-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Performance: Tests with virtio driver in VM

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I20e01dfe83a961dc8202d33783a678d38e71cff2

5dc176ab 21-Apr-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: NF_density MAC addresses

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I0e773060c344fda7b06937a81a53863a96a4373a

a00151f4 20-Apr-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: NF_density tests

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Ic305d135b14697332436d6afd76173eff0c3874b

2896038b 12-Mar-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>


Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Id0d41a2e62ee6cce212fb2c09a0357d794426a00

35bbc365 13-Feb-2020 juraj.linkes <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>

Aarch64 fixes for vfio-pci in kernel VM

- Add enable_unsafe_noiommu_mode for aarch64 architecture to kernel VM
init script
- Add binding of pci device through /sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/bind
- Minor refactor to enhance readability of differences between

Change-Id: Ib0ec35bfae054582d9ffcf7a82f8f8b3e3e24856
Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>

6518c73a 08-Jan-2020 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

perf: add TCP Iperf3+LDPRELOAD test suite

Change-Id: Icff49fb31cce342a2a4ae799e844ec91f9e5e366
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

0f1b43e0 14-Jan-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: NF_density tests

+ ARP -> Neighbor

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I74044bd7db6cb4b1bd3648a424e9c8f1473be8d1

3aae7cbc 13-Jan-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: NF_density tests

+ Because arp->neigbor was so important to do.

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I552e175b7555ebf5053d7994c0c9173c0c96fc58

3d5a75be 17-Jul-2019 Ludovit Mikula <ludovit.mikula@pantheon.tech>

Introduce VPP-IPsec container tests.

Change-Id: Ie64d662e81879bd52785e0188450d998bf056bda
Signed-off-by: Ludovit Mikula <ludovit.mikula@pantheon.tech>

e7ad66f3 11-Nov-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>


Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I60d80564050cb786c7b1e0a08f31f8292f82197e

7de465c0 13-Nov-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

LIGATO: Remove

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I0c9b8b07ed3a113e24a38faaddd5ed06fae67768

7b73d468 24-Jul-2019 premkumarv <preym17@gmail.com>

CSIT-1471: Policer - VAT API to PAPI

Change-Id: I6c7eff8d9cbb196ccb684a45579ac59942351cfe
Signed-off-by: premkumarv <preym17@gmail.com>

6d941885 14-Aug-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: VM startup after socket move

+ Still workaround for VPP bug not creating dir at startup

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I8b87ac70e5f85d538a25058dcb5453f89e21498f

6da72667 06-Aug-2019 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

VAT-to-PAPI: Fix HTTP/TCP tests

Change-Id: Ie728bc73eb7429d246e82dd195fc63191c3ac51d
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

01d9a0df 23-Jul-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Vhost optimization

- Testpmd 9000B
- Disable fsck
- Remove redundant init mounts

Change-Id: Ia063520d0a206e9eee831a5cc692e32baf5a92c8
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

857bd695 11-Jul-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-1469: Migrate SRv6 library from VAT to PAPI

Change-Id: Ibbec3d1bbda2af9fcab3230fd1747406a89f0cc5
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

87c41b8d 12-Jul-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

Remove un-interested VIRL tests and related resources

Change-Id: I712f5dc238fdf480c7c35250148c12d03ed96d74
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

8109bdd5 17-Jul-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Put VM interface pinning back

- Must be there for DPDK NFs

Change-Id: Icda8069beab4ce8ced17a372c84524c4824abd9d
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

a1fc500f 14-Jun-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-1469: Migrate IPsecUtil library from VAT to PAPI

Change-Id: Iac790bf5755a70697e4c4eff32242b04f8e7f789
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

248d1a52 10-Jul-2019 juraj.linkes <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>

Refactor VPP Device VM vhost tests

* replace the current VM image with kernel img
* rework keyword usage to make it consistent with performance tests
* remove resources/libraries/robot/shared/qemu.robot as it's not used
anywhere anymore

Change-Id: Ia5bc19e9e6ed9af031e4d9b5c0c89431fb49fd33
Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>

33ea3179 18-Jun-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

FIX: ip scale needs sw_if_index in VAT command

Change-Id: Icb3e22a84af10b98edf83084991b8f2607c95798
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

c3f33398 16-Jun-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

FIX: re-introduce VAT for IP scale tests

Change-Id: I864118ee67628ea81f2f89dab5890df8fe15c4bc
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

25e203b6 28-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>


- not used, not needed, deleted

Change-Id: I9b4c78b7ba3fbac3805d06a65f2799ed212770b3
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

10e0393f 14-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

VAT-to-PAPI: Classify

Change-Id: Ic06a0a65429680e6ecdc3f5288d091c2c2630921
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

a8b330a2 25-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>


Change-Id: I34bdc17d6350e5a441dabd9154620627780f4c12
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

a8dd76fd 26-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

VAT-to-PAPI: Remove unused VAT files.

Change-Id: I1563db488e9dd690aa7e732691e306a9e51ececa
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

287ef8c6 11-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>


Change-Id: Id64bbf899e78c7c55410a8ce608393c22fa596ab
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

0e28406b 30-May-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-1459: Migrate IP libraries from VAT to PAPI

Change-Id: Id84cf9c3afd53260b5bbf658a6a3870aa0c91333
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

233eeb3e 06-Jun-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1521 Convert NestedVM testcase into KernelVM

Change-Id: Ic493253dc29dad4fc7e6541e4b839ca5898a6a40
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

13c45925 03-Jun-2019 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

VAT-to-PAPI: ContainerUtils

Change-Id: Id186c3c280a6b876b8212e01b261ad8c65e5f40c
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

5cbb3f16 27-May-2019 Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

HC2VPP-411: migrate interfaces-state to interfaces

- new ietf-interfaces makes interfaces-state obsolete
- updates honeycomb tests to latest ietf-interfaces model

Change-Id: I5502a5ab23661429caca9498407d7121d423a1a3
Signed-off-by: Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

9fdc4201 11-May-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

Update of VPP_STABLE_VER files + quick fix for gre create tunnel

- use new vpp ref build - ubuntu 16.04:

- use new vpp ref build - ubuntu 18.04:

- use new vpp ref build - centos7:

Change-Id: Ifd042fae1a46b07a5f463309f2b9cceb8054412f
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

96a3c5c7 08-Apr-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Convert existing nf_density testpmd-mac into KernelVM

Change-Id: I9ec1701d9012de59cc42cc5f9a4744f01695ff9a
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

67f247b4 28-Mar-2019 Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

Fix Tap failing tests

Due to migration to Tap-v2 the old Tap API was removed.
This fixes failing tests where Tap interface was used.

Change-Id: I2f90177d2d8ee914e3ddcd3e10f212f9d72b9ac2
Signed-off-by: Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

33bd6f24 09-Mar-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1386 KernelVM - Part II

- Implementation of KernelVM (ThinVM)
- nf_density tests for KernelVM with VPP as VNF.

Change-Id: Ife5c2e1ab419c55cbcd442792f940db3a41da471
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

83e9b227 18-Feb-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

FIX: ipsec + vpp stable version update

- use exec ipsec sa add
- use exec ipsec spd add
- use exec set ipsec sa

Change-Id: I69d59dd230b99d8efc9bcb5e3fbab79a8b11b18a
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

7348bd7b 08-Feb-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Memif API

Change-Id: If755c06935a525c7a312e63f32f6035f08fdb893
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

e091fac4 01-Feb-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Single memif configuration profile

Change-Id: I44f22a07b6ecaffcce68bfedde1ea3e8a8274fa6
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

11bd03f2 25-Jan-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1409 Implement pipeline configuration for l2bd with memif/ip4.

Change-Id: I7463d47a9d65069332eb2a288ff44f4499a8a467
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

75e2e7bb 16-Jan-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1403 Implement multichain configuration for l2bd with memif/ip4.

Change-Id: Ia87156b2ba826eb0a9a93d756b9765c7373ca6ce
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

5a53823d 10-Jan-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

VPP_Device - add baseline tests - part IIb)


Add following baseline tests to VPP_Device:
- ip4

- ip6

- l2bd

- l2xc

Change-Id: Ic4a3a01b62d800c528a9c9371891dcc26b875220
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

ada7009a 19-Nov-2018 Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

Fix Acl Plugin tests after update of Acl models

Change-Id: I8c4090b508e28ae8f289e9dbbd5c72bbc3af4aca
Signed-off-by: Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@cisco.com>

2ef9fa5b 07-Nov-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Ligato tests

- Freeze stable sfc_controller version
- Remove kafka connection
- Add debug level outputs
- Use mater branch instead of dev

Change-Id: Icde06a741cae6393fe482a493eb214d015f145bf
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

12eab1e5 07-Sep-2018 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

Add VXLAN scale perf tests

Jira: CSIT-1273

Change-Id: Ic2a41661c158384a5aaa7d4e73f30ffca13ddf82
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

a37482cc 27-Sep-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1320 Update SFC-controller configurations to latest version

Change-Id: Ibaca5e848a8f4dcd2a50f873bea37bd99aa5d62c
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

5729b2d4 02-Oct-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1326 VLIB: barrier sync elog tracing

- API changed.

Change-Id: If70e1a930aa14b129ad38ef544cff32ad5a08cdd
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

424749b0 28-Sep-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1326 Add barrier event traces

Change-Id: I0f734c2f11cc89716371554880f1d7404ea16090
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

89620b26 20-Jul-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1205 Create AVF driver test

- Add L1 KWs for SR-IOV handling (init Vfs, remove Vfs, ...)
- Cleanup L1 KWs for SR-IOV bind/unbind/pci_get/...
- Add L2 KWs for Test Setup/Teardown, L2patch, Create AVF interface
- Add sample L2patch test fox x710, xxv710

Change-Id: If17077877455a14043617d8ea0d06cbe47b469e3
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

d7d196fb 02-Aug-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Increase Ligato MTU for Jumbo frame testing

Change-Id: I6d2cb7a10b5245cbf81c88a0503dd14632a5acf3
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

1bb5beef 17-Jul-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1065 High failure rate with K8s/Ligato orchestration

- Update Ligato Bootstrap for latest changes
- Update Ligato Test cases for latest vpp-agent changes
- Convert TC to new format
- Add Hyperthreading support

Change-Id: Id7c8513b01c66ee6c652b6294ddc50bc10be8f7d
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

cdf557ef 18-Jul-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Add MTU handling into perf tests

- Add ability to configure MTU on interfaces. Put the MTU into configuration
keywors for all perf testcases.

Change-Id: I364b4bc26b26f2f66f350949c0aaa2a2aa675682
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

ac6cc229 17-Jul-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1201 Create L2patch perf tests

- XL710, XXV710, X710
- 2n, 3n
- all pkt.size groups
- ndrpdr, mrr

Change-Id: Ibb36d734cd70a0a4d07e3d177fa2477bf9bfaacd
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

61ef529d 09-Jul-2018 Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

Remove THIS tag and use unix endlines

The THIS tag has sneaked in 10Ge2P1X520-Eth-L2Xcbase-Eth-1Memif-1Dcr-Mrr
but usually it is only to be used in draft testing.

Not sure about the way non-unix endlines crept in.
Is not git supposed to perform endline conversions on text files?
Or are .robot, .rst, .yaml and .vat not recognized as text?

Change-Id: Ia78cf942c05c3029c340a8639782786f37e57469
Signed-off-by: Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

fe014f97 21-Jun-2018 Michal Cmarada <michal.cmarada@pantheon.tech>

HC2VPP-331: Fix Honeycomb fails to assign VRF to interface

- add configuration for FIB table management to test suite
- fix routing test suite HC2VPP-331 bugs
- fix intip4-intip6 test suite HC2VPP-331 bugs

Change-Id: I0b1e9ed787d9fb68e76a6d61c1eea2519a36a6c4
Signed-off-by: Michal Cmarada <michal.cmarada@pantheon.tech>

28b344a6 14-May-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-1081 Container VPP configuration refactor

Adopt code for various topology configurations.

Change-Id: Iaf9d7995ab8cd06da0c56c5e5664d57d19e74d7c
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

44e82a32 17-May-2018 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

VPP link bonding - lacp mode


Change-Id: Icaf0e09af633d301306a84251f47822e95b411a2
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

acab647f 16-May-2018 Marek Gradzki <mgradzki@cisco.com>

HC Tests: adapt NAT tests to ietf-nat@2018-02-23.yang (CSIT-1086)

Requires: https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/12516/

Change-Id: Ie0a3452f51fb89914a6a0c53aa4136279a3dfb47
Signed-off-by: Marek Gradzki <mgradzki@cisco.com>

abd1c00c 09-May-2018 Michal Cmarada <michal.cmarada@pantheon.tech>

HC2VPP-253 - Update routing csit jobs

this fixes test failures caused by HC2VPP routing
models bump (https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/10954)

- updates tests for bgp routing
- updates tests for routing
- updates SLAAC test because of changes in rt-advertisements

Change-Id: Iacc37b42e6523f440d77241c18ca8e61d1d01f23
Signed-off-by: Michal Cmarada <michal.cmarada@pantheon.tech>

73a01b1a 22-Mar-2018 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-1009: SRv6 proxy tests

- SRv6 with endpoint to SR-unaware Service Function via static proxy
- SRv6 with endpoint to SR-unaware Service Function via dynamic proxy
- SRv6 with endpoint to SR-unaware Service Function via masquerading proxy

Change-Id: I6a6062cb41d810bf9e27dacfd866181bfde4c693
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

c8b2f57c 18-Apr-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Configure number of memif queus properly

Change-Id: I2dcb0300829bc961c80cc30d972d0563aeba9364
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

30c94055 18-Apr-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Memif tests failing

- CSIT-1049

Change-Id: I073c1e6d8cdda835fbb955cbf79e982bc2cc6228
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

221984fb 22-Mar-2018 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

Update sr_steer_add_del.vat template

Change-Id: I7b7fd3a8815cf33fa50ca5f3f7a9128edef8b827
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

237ac98a 26-Oct-2017 Andrej Kilvady <andrej.kilvady@pantheon.tech>

VPP install and verify in __init__.robot

Move VPP installation to separate test in test suite setup phase
to clearly indicate any issue with VPP installation.

Added test to check VPP responsiveness after installation.

Change-Id: Idc2c78152e23aa7301bb5dbf9b1b6f4b639c3e84
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kilvady <andrej.kilvady@pantheon.tech>

f65b8ddc 07-Mar-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-989 Fix: Reflect latest memif API changes

Change-Id: I0c9cb073a42a8b4b7e573023e784ab9e72d0ad55
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

ac035bb8 13-Feb-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Change memif API for latest master

Change-Id: I34c656c79647aece1880e64058365ecf1a9ebf56
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

95998a67 19-Dec-2017 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-675: SRv6 performance tests

- update L1 KWs
- update L2 KWs
- tests with one SID (no SRH insertion)
- tests with two SIDs (SRH inserted) and decapsulation
- tests with two SIDs (SRH inserted) without decapsulation

- enabled packet traces and logged packet traces in the test case
tear down if test failed

Change-Id: I3a0f4c350eed3f42509c6d49e832faa78fe64dbb
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

e81d5990 17-Jan-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Rename Ligato tests

- Rename Ligato tests
- Change l2bdbasemacstat to l2bdbasemaclrn

Change-Id: I8a24b04f1da285082ef6c3ac90c0be7f1d8588cc
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

54ad6efd 10-Jan-2018 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-898: WRK improvments

Change-Id: I92aafaaedce5891727a983b8cf024a0fb0db7524
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

5f153c59 16-Jan-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Kubernetes ch-eth-1drcl2bdbasemaclrn-eth-8memif-4drcl2xc topology

Change-Id: I0ebef733b57d7042dc4bdb4d44771939839ccec2
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

a95c54b7 04-Dec-2017 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-866: wrk onboarding in CSIT

- CSIT-867: Low Level Description
- CSIT-868: wrk traffic profile - parsing
- CSIT-869: wrk implementation into CSIT

Change-Id: I65e1037f5ae05b3a5b2020e4a6c54462766ae1b4
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

0fbf9170 08-Jan-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Add static MAC entries to configuration

- Add static MAC entries to sfc_controller configuration of all l2bdbase

Change-Id: I38ba32246ed20204c5be1f98b0454b71dcff2e00
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

03f1fa8f 19-Dec-2017 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-817: L2 keywords for SRv6

- keywords to configure SRv6 on DUT

Change-Id: Ida3b88dd31c78caa3c4ef317996677838a65a658
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

0437095f 05-Dec-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-870 Kubernetes/Ligato integration

- Update overall Kubernetes/Ligato integration
- CSIT-871 Update infrastructure / images
- CSIT-872 Update of KubernetesUtils.py

Change-Id: I7833f56abd351c694d3d3e1c9c45e649aec892e1
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

2291eaac 13-Dec-2017 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-816: SRv6 L1 KWs

Current implementation doesn't contain:
* weight
* fib-table for BSID
* policy index identification

These features will be added on demand later.

Change-Id: I1386c0a0e71f7ae3182b84e0ec5bb245366632d1
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

7b213e21 24-Oct-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Split container sections in report

- Split Container Memif section and Container Orchestrated section
- Fix naming conventions

Change-Id: Icb8d0c92ad08f87b998aa20291eeae9958c36e43
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

fd1b55aa 20-Oct-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Rename all container based test following name conventions

Change-Id: I84f6da2bede47e7ae35e6b4911d425d2402dbd1b
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

59eb880b 17-Oct-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-748 Add K8S 2memif-2vnf topologies

Change-Id: I23e118bf9fc9cfd638ac3ec0589f2ced14cc240c
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

9a261ea6 22-Sep-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-748 vnf-agent integration

CSIT-773 Implement RF keywords for k8s

- Implementation of Test Suite Setup for Ligato vnf-agent testing
- Implementation of KubernetesUtil for controlling kubectl
- Yaml templates for L2XC topology with 1cswitch and 1cnf
- Yaml templates for L2BD topology with 1cswitch and 1cnf
- ligato bootstrap script for creating vnf-agent image

Change-Id: Iebefde0eb984a27a0afcdf29fe549ca4edf8a61e
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

5a02dd13 29-Sep-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-811 HC Test: BGP tests - IPv4 CRUD

Tests configure BGP neighbor peers and simple routes for these peers.

Change-Id: I5102986d710551a451e838d934cc9650bcd38a60
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

e65ba17d 14-Aug-2017 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

FIB table add/delete

Change-Id: Icadb4884a1c08a2230fd4692df69310ce382ec94
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

df5ed0d9 21-Aug-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-768: Refactor Python container libraries
CSIT-769: Implement L2 RF keywords for container orchestration

Change-Id: I7637d1ecc3a45111522b8d6c578b3f88369aff6b
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

f3350420 11-Aug-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: update ODL startup in hc2vpp jobs

- mountpoint configuration through controller-config is deprecated. Use the
new method through odl-netconf-topology feature.

Change-Id: I1297622db7ab6a3853b3c97ab7f59c31b4269b6d
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

2bdb1dc5 24-Aug-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: SNAT -> NAT renaming of API

- Based on https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/8146/

Change-Id: I774483c7e2b419a9b9b6be78812ecf53a5c91eab
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

8cde8711 10-Aug-2017 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-777: L1 keywords for MACIP ACL tests

Change-Id: I90eb824cbabaaece6798812268177ad9bd4eff65
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

72fe5219 09-Aug-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Fix: Memif API change

Due to changes in API in latest VPP, Memif/LXC test are failing.
This patch is supposed to change Memif config in LXC.

Change-Id: I5c3844fd7559eba948bcb5619c8969611eb200c2
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

c38cb34d 13-Jul-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-611: HC Test: Lisp suite updates + LispGPE

- added LispGPE test suite
- added IPv6 tests to Lisp suite
- added traffic tests to Lisp suite

Change-Id: I3b699149cd73ebf5856072d3f26e98a370dbfc4b
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

cd288d8e 05-Apr-2017 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-622: Stateful Security Groups perf tests

1. add L2BD iACL statefull and stateless tests with 1, 10 and 50 not-hitting
ACEs in combination with 100, 10k and 100k flows per direction

2. add L2BD oACL statefull and stateless tests with 1, 10 and 50 not-hitting
ACEs in combination with 100, 10k and 100k flows per direction

Change-Id: Ia38589aa81b50c5ccdf2813ad6fadd22b46fffeb
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

d166ae08 06-Jun-2017 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-651 Add keywords and template for memif

Add keywords and template for memif

Change-Id: I8bd5cfe345260750a74930c8ef55690be5f2dd5e
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

4a946c16 29-Jun-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: bugfix for SLAAC and ODL tests

Change-Id: I0a09482e8dc9ef2f9e6cd54a26c8d8492409f68c
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

6721e7f0 20-Jun-2017 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-687: Directory structure reorganization

Change-Id: I772c9e214be2461adf58124998d272e7d795220f
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Maciek Konstantynowicz <mkonstan@cisco.com>

03bb1e56 26-Apr-2017 jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>

CSIT-563: HC Test: improved Lisp test coverage

added TC09-TC14 with following features:
Map Resolver
Map Server
PETR configuration
RLOC Probing
Map Register
Map Request mode

Change-Id: I0e8a573e9a0f7ef3c688a014ff879e2b3d6b9b1e
Signed-off-by: jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

2659bfa8 11-Apr-2017 jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>

CSIT-534 HC Test: policer tests

Added empty lines where needed
Repaired Phrasese "Given" --> "And" where necessary in mgmt-cfg-policer-apihc-func.robot
Corrected English in mgmt-cfg-policer-apihc-func.robot - in TC07 Documentation

Change-Id: Id99d7fd04d8f2dcae1820baa208ce338fad3a290
Signed-off-by: jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>

28bab4e7 13-Mar-2017 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-545: Performance tests for SNAT

- High level definition (HLD)
- Low level definition (LLD)
- Add keywords to set SNAT
- Add tests according to HLD, LLD

Change-Id: I7bf0b1870ac9c3adb36bb6590be9a3eb4ea8aa9a
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

0ad79235 12-Apr-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: update URL paths with ODL mountpoint

other minor fixes:
- update teardown keyword in proxyARP suite
- increase timeout for SLAAC traffic test

Change-Id: Ia16d096c54ceac501a24d5d910dd18e33d900d2a
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

0c4d0080 30-Mar-2017 jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>


Change-Id: I14525a36d614372b7b418f1c10f95c371b7b8545
Signed-off-by: jan.hradil <jan.hradil@pantheon.tech>

4e421686 21-Dec-2016 Kirill Rybalchenko <kirill.rybalchenko@intel.com>

IPsec Multi-Tunnel performance test suite

Change-Id: I4b0ba83960e50089f29cab9a30ab760241c6f566
Signed-off-by: Kirill Rybalchenko <kirill.rybalchenko@intel.com>

d30aa3a0 17-Mar-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-526 HC test: DHCP relay

Change-Id: I00d841bee1e5139a4530ce97d8bda17780caa0f1
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

68509426 14-Mar-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: update URL paths

- needed due to model split https://gerrit.fd.io/r/5706

Change-Id: I6179eae7c5cb5d13fbec6510821556c1ed424c3a
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

4f4eaa1d 07-Mar-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-536 HC Test: support testing with ODL client

Reuses existing restconf test cases to test Honeycomb's netconf interface.
When seding the requests to ODL's Honeycomb mountpoint, ODL translates these
requests to netconf RPCs.

Add new tag "honeycomb_odl" that excludes incompatible test cases.

Change-Id: Ie293449da0129b02db85e30aa4f3266928d7d9f6
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

8003aa2c 10-Mar-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-528 HC Test: proxyARP test suite

Change-Id: I1f99d38aadee22a7354a1f89e9d7f395a401c96c
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

9ed94e3a 13-Mar-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

fix typo in VAT template interface_vrf_dump

Change-Id: I6ca224a664a8e00f91f7b7d826036c74def8fac9
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

0b4ceb8d 08-Feb-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-523 HC Test: routing

- add routing test suite, variables and keywords

Change-Id: I57e180350c30221befe8d1fc4e3b146d394c4f5d
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

933f6fd1 25-Feb-2017 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

Remove unused VRF paramter from IP neighbour Add/del

Change-Id: I4a348c696e4cacbf5aa0723f2b8070bbcce7666c
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

9b9a6e37 28-Feb-2017 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: Add missing VAT template - interface vrf dump

Change-Id: I5bf26d4091b86cb8e4f4efa4eb4a4793c758ebbb
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

005e7e00 01-Dec-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

HC Test: ACL updates

- update low level ACL based on yang model changes
- remove ietf-ACL test suite and test data and keywords
- add ACL-plugin test suite, test data and keywords

The ietf model of ACLs is no longer supported in Honeycomb. It has
been replaced by the ACL plugin.

Change-Id: Ic2c2a3e11c9717d1d3885275f6b868a0098343f9
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

954e5161 16-Dec-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-482: HC Test - NAT

- add NAT test suite
- add keywords and methods for configuring and reading NAT settings
- add test data used in NAT suite

Change-Id: Iaa2ac1eb156bc9bcff41ec242318f6a973210d38
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

bd8ed882 09-Dec-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-484: HC Test: Lisp

- add Lisp test suite
- add Lisp test data
- add keywords and methods used in Lisp tests

Change-Id: Ie7819e20cf48e7dac106d60cce316ce69ab75786
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

4f70ebf4 25-Nov-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-481: HC Test: Port mirroring (SPAN)

- add port mirroring test suite
- add relevant keywords

Change-Id: I4ff398dd2ab4323e2a53af2812bf07cbb7043252
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

4bda4f8b 07-Nov-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-425: HC Test: NSH-SFC test suite

- add keyword to enable optional modules in Honeycomb (including NSH)
- update honeycomb __init__.robot with the new keyword
- add python and robot libraries for NSH tests
- add NSH test suite (CRUD operations)

Change-Id: I869069a138a51d56d25522163c3a6deefb316f46
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

839c9c1a 04-Oct-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-423: HC Test: delete VxLAN interface

Modify VxLAN test cases to account for changes in Honeycomb.

Change-Id: If2db55548b5472350d128bdfbb5bdd5289e1deef
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

b23edf1a 12-Oct-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

CSIT-385 CSIT-386 IPv4/IPv6 IPsec tests

- encryption/integrity key update tests

Change-Id: Iddbe35e2f421b5048e60663bff2b0bf1968a9782
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

233683de 07-Oct-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-427: Honeycomb ietf-ACL tests - L2

- add keywords for accessing Honeycomb's ietf-acl node
- add variable file with ietf-acl test data
- add ietf-acl traffic test suite
- modify bridge domain teardown keyword to unassign interfaces
from the bridge domain before delete

Change-Id: I6df1771f2fb9b42f30b5af8f54a384c6714f5949
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

d0ed91ff 28-Sep-2016 Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

CSIT-257: L2enc - l2-eth-lispgpe-ip4 - L2BD

Change-Id: I0ee68f707c4175940538654f3a4bbd7d1a91bef1
Signed-off-by: Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

86b54660 04-Oct-2016 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>


- use new vpp ref build: 16.12-rc0~173-gf56b77a~b1196_amd64
- build tested by semiweekly job:
- corretion of add_lisp_adjacency.vat and del_lisp_adjacency.vat file

Change-Id: I5ef180f3da687375ce1afc881b66ec555d4e9753
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

149c67b8 28-Sep-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

CSIT-227, CSIT-240 IPv4/IPv6 Multipath routing tests

- add IPv4 Equal-cost multipath routing test
- add IPv6 Equal-cost multipath routing test

Change-Id: I62eaf9983b7767e124f80af7d8c8652ffc460cf8
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

ac8b7ce3 21-Sep-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-235: Switched Port Analyzer mirroring (SPAN) - IPv4

- add library for SPAN setup
- add telemetry traffic script and a keyword to run it
- add "telemetry" folders for python and robot libraries
- move IPFIX libraries to these new folders
- add first SPAN test case, mirroring IPv4 ICMP packets

Change-Id: Ibca35f724c13662bf80dce2d7e2649d1a0b8676a
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

c75b9804 21-Sep-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

LISP - implement changes done in VPP-376

Change-Id: Ia9f7913522421b6fd9ecba18eb4d68bc0f3b3271
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

356fc1c7 19-Sep-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-411 Show Vhost User

- Add keyword to show vhost user

Change-Id: Ia844bbcb8507b8c7cbf6b7bb1a7dc8d10148d6f4
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

6dfe17cc 17-Sep-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-410 Fix LISP api change in latest vpp build

- Fix lisp api change in 16.12-rc0~91-gc5bb0d6~b1114

Change-Id: I17284a05ca4de09af6b1cc8df55c79032fd4b9fe
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

c3bf9f6a 24-Aug-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-229: ip4-lispgpe-ip4

- main fib,
- vrf,
- phy2lisp

Change-Id: Ic9bacef4574dc07b25041c4cd0653825a65c94fb
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

f591e5d8 11-Aug-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

CSIT-353: Add basic map-t tests

Change-Id: I78075e445cdd61e0e3cf9353bddeaf6e6bc978fa
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

1942363f 28-Jul-2016 Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

CSIT-237: VPN routed forwarding (VRF) - baseline for IPv6

Change-Id: I5c3053c692df29255a1da22a66f7ac282e3d5624
Signed-off-by: Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

f2711a84 11-Aug-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-233 IPv4 IPFIX - baseline tests

- add scapy classes for parsing IPFIX packets
- add vat scripts and keywords for settings up IPFIX
- add IPv4 IPFIX test suite

Change-Id: I80ab76ca361c7920a01a46ad720b1c04acd0d147
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

c9d198a9 01-Jul-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

CSIT-171 CSIT-172 Policer tests initial commit

policer python library, traffic script and IPv4/IPv6 example tests

Change-Id: I6470c86ce1acdcaaff9fdcf81510126836f1135e
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

517ee7fd 25-Jul-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

CSIT-197: Add basic mapping rule tests for MAP-E

- IPv4 prefix length + ea bits length < 32
- IPv4 prefix length + ea bits length == 32
- IPv4 prefix length + ea bits length > 32
- End user IPv6 prefix is 64
- IPv4 preffix is 0

Change-Id: Ib8d76abfebfb206fbbaa3c1422b2d321a3ed8712
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

ec3512ff 15-Jul-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

CSIT-25 DHCPv4 proxy tests

Change-Id: I5aa449d7289fe8d015a32b21c0a368e9693ba757
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

2eb74f5c 13-Jul-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

CSIT-207: Update LISP Eid API

- rename show_local_lisp_eid_tabl -> show_lisp_eid_table.
- change EID json output data

Change-Id: I4f5f7b5995b61cb0d5034b107c125caba1d73034
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

49261a55 12-Jul-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

CSIT-203: Expand LISP test

- Change LISP configuration and test if LISP tunnel still work.

Change-Id: I28426d7cc0ede11aa7e826ab40ed1c95c8606abc
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

721f3974 07-Jul-2016 Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

CSIT-199: Use static adjacencies in LISP dp tests

Switch to using static adjacencies and remote mappings instead of only the
latter in LISP data plane tests.

Change-Id: Ia2a05165425ac68fa7839f9c8f402033b8274fcf
Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

7c3e0cc4 13-Jun-2016 Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

CSIT-158: Tap interface tests

Change-Id: I30a4562ea5fca9b839d854118243daa70378b0ae
Signed-off-by: Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

5d2ce55a 12-Jul-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

CSIT-49: HC Test: Policy - security groups

- add test suite for ACLs
- add keywords used in tests
- add resource file with variables used in ACL tests
- add methods and VAT templates for reading VPP ACL data

Change-Id: I98c78bfbce67309ae33ebb05c04640f5029bf4e2
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

80532e03 28-Jun-2016 Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

CSIT-183: Vpn baseline routed forwarding (VRF)

- Setup 2 VRF tables on each DUT
- Test traffic - each port accessible within one vrf
- Test traffic - ports inaccessible to different vrf

Change-Id: I34256a683039734608509a38857dbdcbdd15bcf9
Signed-off-by: Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

d87b98f6 21-Jun-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

CSIT-188 IPv4 Reverse Path Forwarding tests

Change-Id: I45ea3316c5a3ef23d08530b256558cba72ccde07
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

28e17b80 12-Jul-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

CSIT-53: HC Keywords: Policy - security groups

- add keywords to manipulate ACL data using Honeycomb REST API

Change-Id: Ia08faba216c5476113c0b3249de9c434eaa26a17
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

f7feaf78 28-Jun-2016 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

CSIT-34: VLAN tag rewrite translate tests with x-connects - IPv4

- VLAN tag rewrite translate-1-1
- VLAN tag rewrite translate-1-2
- VLAN tag rewrite translate-2-1
- VLAN tag rewrite translate-2-2

REMARK: Negative test cases will be tagged with SKIP_PATCH after merge.

Change-Id: I76045e1416fe1a72298ccc2090cd373fac09b468
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

021f8d10 06-Jul-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

CSIT-195: Update LISP test

- add new input parameters for LISP API
- change LISP json output

Change-Id: I36dbf44dc78f128963c7f665a01d2ecde4598c28
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

395e7f89 14-Jun-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

CSIT-32: Add Lightweight 4over6 test.

Add keywords for configure MAP domanins and rules.
Add testcase for check encapsulation IPv4 in IPv6.

Change-Id: I52f04a15d982ccba1d35ce9ade9d7f0ce8e7f286
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

f1c96d9f 04-Jul-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-191 Add API count option to ip_add_del_route

Add API count option to ip_add_del_route to be able to add more than 1

Change-Id: I3440579f960366a99f68ceeabea540f1a2ed4516
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

7d2ae8ca 10-Jun-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

CSIT-24 Proxy ARP test

Change-Id: Ia41af7e29dcb8c41d58c07134a385428ac1b285c
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

5aa03bac 24-Jun-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-180 Add VPP api trace dump after each TC

- Add VPP api trace dump after each TC

Change-Id: I7c8bc0ffbca620f6fdb48369014a2ca9ffa3b3e4
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

95253bdf 16-Jun-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Add tests for Honeycomb L2 FIB support


- add tests for Honeycomb L2 FIB support
- add keywords for Honeycomb L2 FIB support
- fix typos

Change-Id: I81292c10e26e7ad05725034c1db1db0a81d29283
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

628d2d69 26-May-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

Lisp enable/disable test

Test lisp enable/disable API.
Test disable lisp, re-enable it and check if everthing is still working.
Enable lisp before every lisp API test
Reformat source data

Change-Id: I7bace01535562814d85d7b5f6035436d583abf53
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

8e014c37 02-Jun-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

IACL MAC filtering tests

- CSIT-133 VPP drops packets based on MAC src addr.
- CSIT-134 VPP can drop packets based on src MAC + IPv6 UDP src+dst port.

Change-Id: I57d041bc5f3311946679128e556ceef8c4d55264
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

244693d4 12-Jun-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

CSIT-163: Add show vpp version verbose

- Add output of vpp version verbose

Change-Id: Ia74b97be4636d55b115246d495a5d6eea0a94bb7
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

e8c787b6 06-Jun-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Add Tests for Honeycomb VxLAN GPE support


- add tests for Honeycomb VxLAN GPE support
- add keywords needed for tests

Change-Id: I460ecd30835bb95140958b20946b1d41ac6d9abc
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

6000b2ab 10-May-2016 Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

4 Vhosts setup test


Change-Id: I0d6fc522f3214d1b4887e65d5639a323efdf7dd7
Signed-off-by: Zdeno Olsovsky <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

559a2b90 18-May-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

iACL TCP/UDP tests

- IPv4 CSIT-92
- IPv6 CSIT-107

Change-Id: Ia93e96f624ce73ef08b89d4b22334a67ebb69e13
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

ad0966f6 20-May-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

Add test VPP sends DHCP REQUEST after OFFER


Change-Id: I9b92920f8ce324c447cb44ed4cd8d7f8c9c9ed88
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

deb6fdb6 04-May-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

CSIT-125: Add test for lisp remote static mapping

Test Lisp functionality and rename lisp file
Testing this topology:
- IPv4 lisp topology
- IPv6 lisp topology
- IPv4 over IPv6
- IPv6 over IPv4

Change-Id: Ie3439ca802f1c8ae82a1dfcfdebe579f9dc47089
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

99011c1d 27-May-2016 Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

Sample test suite for vpp sample plugin (macswap)


Change-Id: I4774ddf3a2f67c322fe27e5f9d366f508156e70f
Signed-off-by: Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

8d664120 17-May-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

Add DHCP Client libs and VPP sends DHCPv4 Discover test


Change-Id: I4b6fc5d974ebe500d6c6bc74c14e1db7b3d10c3a
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

5db24a98 19-May-2016 Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

Capture VPP stats for Long and Short tests

- remove warmup for short runs
- clear and collect stats for short run
- run short test with no failure for long test with NDR/PDR rate

Change-Id: I1b8879c3b891165072822207d0781687d8159336
Signed-off-by: Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

1e7afbe3 13-May-2016 selias <samelias@cisco.com>

Add Honeycomb TAP interface test


- add test suite for TAP interface management through Honeycomb
- add keywords required for TAP interface tests
- move Honeycomb suite setup and teardown to new __init__ file
- cleanup unused imports in Honeycomb test case files
- modify "...should be empty" keywords to allow more reuse

Change-Id: Ie3dc9069678b60c359f69c5a216e452e856a0107
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>

95bf11e6 16-May-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Tests for vhost-user interface configuration


- add tests for vhost-user interface manipulation:
- create, modify, delete
- add negative tests:
- wrong interface type
- wrong configuration

Change-Id: I09239ef099a6f9672895f9540762e5044123f7ec
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

180d1793 12-May-2016 Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

T-REX stl traffic send improvement for async calls

- show runtime statistics with running traffic
- T-REX driver async. driver

Change-Id: Ie5eb7021f610fb58383b033dda5b1b867f7d3d2c
Signed-off-by: Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

06f37e7b 28-Apr-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

CSIT-18: Add GRE tunnel libraries and tests.

Change-Id: I91ccd65a26ea1782611bccc3badd91e64366a162
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

7df894ce 08-Apr-2016 Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

CSIT-65: Add new test for LISP API

Test set and unset this API:

Change-Id: I9c701fc421d4106147891a7e75e5d68885b9ba59
Signed-off-by: Andrej Kozemcak <akozemca@cisco.com>

981bc57e 13-May-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Add possibility to create a VxLAN interface.


- add a keyword which adds a new VxLAN interface
- change InterfaceUtil.vxlan_dump to be able to return info about all VxLAN

Change-Id: I8ad3dc1d414924e74ea1ecea1f316ca5c648e2d0
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

10f3b07a 20-Apr-2016 pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Performance IPv6 library and short/long test cases

- Create IPv6 test cases for long/short/singlethread/multithread performance testing
- Create robot KWs for IPv6 performance testing
- Add T-Rex IPv6 profile

Change-Id: I306d5c894d9b9287bf91929764aeb1c7083d802c
Signed-off-by: pmikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

452fabf5 03-May-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

Add iACL IPv4/IPv6 tests.

- IPv4: CSIT-15
- IPv6: CSIT-16

Change-Id: I6e66aa853dfaebf1388f1191dbb63f5216820325
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

395ed474 18-Apr-2016 Zdeno <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

CSIT-9: COP Whitelist/blacklist

- Included are also IPv6 tests

Change-Id: I89ae6c38cdc6742a597c0dc24ed1c033c1b5d155
Signed-off-by: Zdeno <zolsovsk@cisco.com>

f32168ef 02-May-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Interface VxLAN test


- add test: Honeycomb modifies interface configuration - VxLAN
- add keywords used in these tests to set and verify configuration
- add method and vat template for dumping an interface's configured VxLAN
- fixed requirements.txt

Change-Id: I6d6c360a4d478a0e40eecf7c0235969e7c06f7a9
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: C.J. Collier <cjcollier@linuxfoundation.org>

c478afc5 28-Apr-2016 selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

Add Honeycomb interface management tests (ipv4, ipv6, ethernet, routing)

- add test cases for managing ipv4, ipv6, ethernet and routing
configuration on VPP interface
- add keywords used in these tests to set and verify configuration
- add method and vat template for dumping an interface's
configured IP addresses
- add method for converting between ipv4 netmasks and
network prefixes
- clean up documentation of older Honeycomb keywords

Note: Test cases are tagged with a placeholder tag to allow manual
test runs locally. It should be replaced with the appropriate
environment tags once Honeycomb service is deployed on virl.

Change-Id: I99ce1e72c8550f520f8c35ef4a93eaebb530db78
Signed-off-by: selias <samelias@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

2e6b88e7 05-May-2016 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Add "show error" output into vpp stats

- Add "show error" debug output into VPP show stats as verbose
subcommand is not parsed correctly in output of vpp_api_test

Change-Id: I924c54bb86375e43770fd449b8d6aaa7a3413bcb
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

4152fc66 28-Apr-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Add vpp_create_loopback

Change-Id: If934d7ec28f86b070a0cafa0ee56d0bcf4e2ac6d
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

d407c074 04-Apr-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

Add qinq through xconnect tests.

Change-Id: Ia20f5959dab41290bf60490ead830f0e37ecff0d
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

3e75fd82 14-Apr-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Add IPsec utilities python library


Change-Id: I9513f14a9920bfbdaf34c5cc5d4619d16a383ca2
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

a3b8b5de 13-Apr-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Honeycomb API keywords

- add keywords to get, put post and delete configuration data using Honeycomb
- add keywords to get operational data using Honeycomb REST API

Change-Id: If75221777e0e83a809c834addf82e95bbd540e21
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

6d9fe9bb 11-Mar-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

VXLAN test with dot1q tagging.

Change-Id: I3dbd12983736e338d757c580570d91680aedd83f
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

3121b691 06-Apr-2016 Tibor <tifrank@cisco.com>

Honeycomb setup and utils

- re-implement HTTPCodes as IntEnum rather then dictionary
- add methods to manipulate data using honeycomb - get, set, delete
- change the name of url file from vpp_version.url to oper_vpp_version.url
- improve checking of startup and shutdown state of honeycomb
- PEP8 fixes
- add docstrings in all modules and classes
- move logging to the lowest possible level
- improve logging in exceptions
- add method exec_command_sudo_log to resources.libraries.python.ssh module

Change-Id: I54e0c6b45313e3a3c11bafa475488ae2b1e605c2
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

e300d155 06-Apr-2016 selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

Add keywords for Honeycomb tests

-add interface dump and bridge-domain dump to Vat command templates
-add low level keywords to implement vat dump commands

The resulting data dumps will be used in Honeycomb testing,
to verify data retrieved through Honeycomb API.

Change-Id: I2a913eaf23aa13d7223576220681821007672812
Signed-off-by: selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

a1383e56 21-Mar-2016 selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

Setup and check honeycomb on all DUTs

- methods implementing HTTP requests (PUT,GET,POST,DELETE)
- methods for parsing HTTP responses
- methods for honeycomb setup on DUT
- updated constants.py
- keywords for honeycomb setup and communication
- simple honeycomb sanity test (not enabled for jenkins job runs)

Change-Id: I589f0ca56cc01072b92fe9363aed16a4098aee40
Signed-off-by: selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

8bb274ab 09-Mar-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Add Vhost-user interfaces library

Change-Id: I295e67b4a5622b1fff4fbe5d4a7e5753f3c4af57
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

da8aebf2 23-Feb-2016 Juraj Sloboda <jsloboda@cisco.com>

Modify sweep ping test cases

- Write separate sweep ping test cases for jumbo frames
- Compute sweep ping end size from reported MTU on DUT interface
- Set MTU on TG according to MTU on DUT interface
- Log VPP packet traces on IPv4 and IPv6 tests failure
- Remove VM_ENV tag from sweep ping test cases for jumbo frames

Change-Id: I47aa7977bcff9c4366c67578aef542924a1d055b
Signed-off-by: Juraj Sloboda <jsloboda@cisco.com>

8120dcdc 01-Mar-2016 selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

change interface up calls to explicit keywords

Remove implicit "set interface state" calls from ipv4 and ipv6 test keywords.
Use robot keyword instead.

Change-Id: I535a7a967910e77dded39eb167fb9c164187566e
Signed-off-by: selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

1254d80a 22-Feb-2016 Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

Add VXLAN test

Change-Id: Id1d37fda2697fbfb7aa7a79318f8316b80e96963
Signed-off-by: Matej Klotton <mklotton@cisco.com>

afe018f5 24-Feb-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

vpp_ra_supress_link_layer run VAT tempalte

Change-Id: I7385650a1c9502b430c9f8022f8c298be52deba8
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

fb2d2d5d 19-Feb-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Removed unused BD vat templates

Change-Id: Id9e219e508239eab9f2f1245b6ae8eef5d0a1ff3
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

f3685734 19-Feb-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Removed link-up/link-down from if state setup

Change-Id: Ic30102159dc53c2dfc8827bb3a78d040cc336166
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

71b27a08 18-Feb-2016 Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

Update l2_xconnect test to use NodePath

Change-Id: I9951a7e9a36dbc78c44f6bd868b4f6531ecb3349
Signed-off-by: Patrik Hrnciar <phrnciar@cisco.com>

3936756a 16-Feb-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Bridge Domain tests update

Change-Id: I4ad1566fd23746c0a85d7abce2bbffd085ee397c
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

00fe1de4 16-Feb-2016 Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

VppCounters: DBG CLI: show commands

show commands usefull for further debugging of FAILED tests

Change-Id: I225a2e251e2ee7a1037255dd39a833d7ca1c94ed
Signed-off-by: Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

ff426722 12-Feb-2016 Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

Changed route add resolve-attempts to 10

Change-Id: Id12b0a287c69f91447b99a01e7bcd32f602f18d2
Signed-off-by: Matus Fabian <matfabia@cisco.com>

e6cb3709 12-Feb-2016 Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

Last bulk update of CSIT.

Change-Id: I815e4d54e74a49fd19a9927554ce5c37a2719f7e
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

b92a827b 11-Feb-2016 Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

Update of latest tests.

Change-Id: Ifb04651ff4a3c1ba9aaa725eb9a309278ebc1140
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

33499c81 11-Jan-2016 Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

New version of RF tests.

Change-Id: I241a2b7a7706e65f71cfd4a62e2a40f053fc5d07
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>