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7d7259ab 25-Jul-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>


Change-Id: I0d3c925ea4a6896a0df98db6ddaf4238e6291bf1
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

fe757aee 27-Jun-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Add New Skylake topology files

Change-Id: I6109729ee303806f69bba365c93b4de67b9a8c32
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

22ba8a3e 18-Apr-2018 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: Topology schema after adding architecture

Change-Id: Ia6fd4fc1168a7171bbe480aac3c6c942375b1623
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

c8790d06 18-Apr-2016 Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

Extend host topology with NIC type filtering

Changes to allow filtering based on NIC model.
Switched xconnect perf test to use filtered topology.

Change-Id: Id526f47dc28f92bf26d070e54819ad29bccc0440
Signed-off-by: Miroslav Miklus <mmiklus@cisco.com>

0dfdd32f 15-Apr-2016 Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

Topology schema

- fix Honeycomb part of the topology schema
- add topology file checking using pykwalify before tests are started

Change-Id: I907d41b66f5660a2ab4de8857312e9277052bae6
Signed-off-by: Tibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>

a1383e56 21-Mar-2016 selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

Setup and check honeycomb on all DUTs

- methods implementing HTTP requests (PUT,GET,POST,DELETE)
- methods for parsing HTTP responses
- methods for honeycomb setup on DUT
- updated constants.py
- keywords for honeycomb setup and communication
- simple honeycomb sanity test (not enabled for jenkins job runs)

Change-Id: I589f0ca56cc01072b92fe9363aed16a4098aee40
Signed-off-by: selias <samuel.elias@pantheon.tech>

e6cb3709 12-Feb-2016 Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

Last bulk update of CSIT.

Change-Id: I815e4d54e74a49fd19a9927554ce5c37a2719f7e
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

33499c81 11-Jan-2016 Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>

New version of RF tests.

Change-Id: I241a2b7a7706e65f71cfd4a62e2a40f053fc5d07
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kobza <skobza@cisco.com>