History log of /csit/tests/vpp/perf/nfv_density/vm_vhost/chain_dot1qip4vxlan/2n-10ge2p1x710-dot1qip4vxlan-l2bd-2ch-1ach-4vh-2vm2t-testpmd-reconf.robot
Revision Date Author Comments
# 14a71b74 21-Feb-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Improve pf layer

+ Merge single/double link
+ Introduce _pf{n}[0] variables so we can access physical function
same way as virtual function
+ Cleanup code by moving complex logic to python
+ Prepare code for multiple vf functions

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Ic2e74a38bfa146441357de8f0916aeb638941c49

# 6daa2d79 28-Feb-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Make RXQs/TXQs configurable

Change-Id: Ib30bc4697fcba93a6723ee492a59a0523425f623
Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

# 50ca8535 25-Feb-2020 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

FIX: check if t-rex is running at test setup of all perf tests

Change-Id: I9af632035a1415666b2470c62a41d1b6acbf33c8
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

# 97dbe2fe 28-Jan-2020 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

FIX: dot1qip4vxlan tests

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Ieb6e6010108987f99f55730149e3e4b7f1a7fc21

# f31b70ee 17-Jan-2020 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

FIX: nfv_density

- use correct osi_layer=L2 (so L2 spoofing check is switched off
in case of avf driver)
- add pci address information to eth interface in topology file
- nfv_density chain_ipsec tests work only with DPDK
in current implementation

Change-Id: I233c6e5634a14581960c7459b87f11fcee8365bd
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

# e916ab4d 02-Jan-2020 Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

Support suite tags in autogen

+ Include a script to add suite tags to many suites at once.
+ Add suite tags also to device tests (not covered by autogen).

Change-Id: I514ee6178e22999b43460028fe2696738b012f04
Signed-off-by: Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

# b55e324d 03-Jan-2020 Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

Autogen: Generate also NIC drivers.

+ Disallowed -avf- (or -rdma-) as "template" suites.
+ GBP suite switched to DPDK driver in repo.
+ Each NIC has its own list of supported drivers, in Constants.
+ Updated tag expressions for daily jobs:
+ Feature, ipsec, memif, scale, srv6, tunnels, vhost and vts
are tested only with vfio-pci.
+ Other (base, dot1q, dot1ad) tested with all drivers.
+ Setup actions currently depend on driver, generated.
- The performance_rdma action is trivial for now.
- Several tests fail, to be fixed later, e.g. by performance_rdma.
+ Reconf tests are also supported.
+ Added DRV_VFIO_PCI tags missing, mainly in density tests.
- Vhost suites (density, reconf) are failing, but suites look good.
- TCP suites do not support NIC drivers yet.
- DPDK obviously not supported.
+ Use Python 3 in regenerate scripts.
+ Fix typos binded => bound.
+ File open modes set either u"rt" or u"wt" everywhere.
+ Remove a trailing space in an environment variable name.

Change-Id: I290470675dc5c9e88b2eaa5ab6285ecd9ed7827a
Signed-off-by: Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

# d68951ac 12-Nov-2019 Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

Python3: resources and libraries

Change-Id: I1392c06b1d64f62b141d24c0d42a8e36913b15e2
Signed-off-by: Jan Gelety <jgelety@cisco.com>

# ac89ba8a 21-Oct-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Introduce pre-initialize driver layer

+ This will help unify driver base differences between TCs.
+ Decrease amount of logic needed for suite generator.

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I1e84ba361dc1e829f0612c58a61096e2633ce0c5

# fcc77752 18-Oct-2019 Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>

Tests: Introduce driver layer

+ Small bugfixes in various suites

Signed-off-by: Peter Mikus <pmikus@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I051af0a6da7340fe3f617400370c3846ca5241ab

# ff820e3d 23-Aug-2019 Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>

Introduce reconfig suites, for dot1q+ip4+vxlan

Ticket: CSIT-1551

+ Config copied from other suites.
+ Layer keywords prepared for additional chains.
+ Renamed "create" argument to "vlan_per_chain".
+ TrafficGenerator result extraction improvements.
+ Also unified TG type and subtype checking.
+ Throughput estimated as PDR for zero PLR.
+ Actual Qemu start is skipped.
+ Parse xstats instead of stats in trex stop scipt.
- Because stats are unconditionally cleared on each script connect.
+ Remember start values to get better ReceiveMeasurementResult at stop.
+ Expose loss count and time as appropriate test message.
+ Autogen support.
+ Multiple chain amounts and core densities.
- Only 1 additional chain.
+ Proper TAGs. Documented.
+ Clarified min framesize tags are for TG-DUT.
+ Added a TODO concerning overhead values.
+ Added 118B tag.
+ Robot performance keywords improvements.
+ Added missing return value documentation.
+ Frame size as required test variable, not an explicit argument.
+ MLRsearch keyword to store result (not into test message).
- TODO: De-duplicate: main keyword to measure, minor to set test message.
- But implementation uses the fact default arguments are different.
+ Keywords for starting and stopping background traffic.
- No checks whether start-stop pair is complete.
+ Multiple minor indentation and logging improvements.
- Missing / TODOs:
- Support also vlan_per_chain=True?
- Support dot1q without vxlan?
- Support also deletion?
- How to package config steps so -reconf can be generated from -ndrpdr?

Change-Id: If0270697f9ffa837c34ef802917220a53f156703
Signed-off-by: Vratko Polak <vrpolak@cisco.com>