History log of /one/tests/data_plane/vpp_lite_topo/test_driver/basic_no_odl.sh
Revision Date Author Comments
# 3db341de 19-Sep-2017 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Add neighbor discovery test

Change-Id: I88aa86ba917a43903b04aec44427ad0cc20439b3
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# a4039775 02-Feb-2017 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Add negative mapping test

Change-Id: Ica2a26210003e8ef07e0a57fa55ea144c942700c
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# f0f06877 12-Jan-2017 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Add 4o6 and 6o4 *no_odl* tests

Change-Id: Idf755540e2914efc85e016f2f81b156ac19543bd
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# ae57efc8 28-Sep-2016 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Add adjacency test

* add 4o4 and 6o6 LISP adjacency tests
* rename basic_topo file to 2_node_topo

Change-Id: Iea386b10948437f5b6ee3c5539deb22bc923f88e
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# bf231ba7 07-Sep-2016 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Introduce an option for testing binary API

This patch introduces an option for choosing a configuration method in
tests. Supported methods are VAT and vpp's debug CLI.

* Added new aprameter to run.sh to define method (--cfg-method [vat|cli]).
Defaults to vat.
* When running a test separately the method can be set as follows:
$ sudo CFG_METHOD=cli ./tests/<test_case>.sh
Again, it defaults to 'vat' if not provided.
* Increased readability in test driver scripts when checking test
* When debugging you can stop test execution by running the test with WAIT=1:
$ sudo WAIT=1 tests/<test_case>.sh

Change-Id: If851139cff072ba2e3b3594a3345763d360f3b59
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# f73cae4c 10-Aug-2016 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Fix wrong ipv6 address length

Change-Id: I2df0796d5950dcba7071e23bb496d6bdded0806c
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# 8912471c 01-Aug-2016 Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

Fix vpp_lite tests that use remote mapping CLI

Change-Id: I5b39bcfb58f7d580e76093075dae6c607e8ac34a
Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

# 51b44223 25-Jul-2016 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

VPP lite test improvements

* check if tests run with sudo
* check if ODL is running
* add 'wait' option to each test
* increase wait time for RTR tests (timing issue)

Change-Id: I1df01b43adc322635508fc4e2ad3e90759bb087c
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

# 12defda1 06-Jul-2016 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

Refactor basic LISP tests

Change-Id: Ibc11d4d82006ea11580d3b3e269f81709eedb53a
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>