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2c839ec5 30-Mar-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

check for service mode ports should be from among the acquired ports
any non acquired ports should be ignored

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ca4ceb64 13-Mar-2017 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_server: skip uninitialized/unsupported field_desc._offset

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

11c76dca 14-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL map() reset at start

Change-Id: I1515369763c8cccc4dc6bf537737b0d3e348d520
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

89465f0d 14-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL map() using flow stats: ignores network noise + avoid sending exponential number of packets from each consequential port.

Change-Id: Ib5bebd5b64c8c316307181ba50c53df1e46a3466
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

c8d1f318 13-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

stl console: add "readonly" flag to connect

Change-Id: Iee3fc72efaa55cdbc457340b855982146167a859
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

94a7c25c 09-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

typo in STL API help + update trex21 tests config

Change-Id: Ic15d639332ce4898010cb98c458ce4accffbef29
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

f48443a1 09-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

trex-370. Added --no-hw-flow-stat command line option

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

d8a541a2 08-Mar-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix for https://trex-tgn.cisco.com/youtrack/issue/trex-369

also added support for interactive debugging with IPython from the
(developer mode)

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

8914e325 07-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

scapy_service: typo

Change-Id: I195814433adfb842ed8773ea70add0bca65b6672
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

784209d6 07-Mar-2017 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_server: fix layer offset calculation(pkt.offset -> pkt._offset)

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

322ff95c 07-Mar-2017 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_server: add build_pkt_details test with offset & length verification

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

029cbdcf 06-Mar-2017 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_server: fix template tests

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

c5f368b5 07-Mar-2017 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

small fixes to TRexDataAnalysis and GAObjclass

Signed-off-by: itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

75e52f57 05-Mar-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

internal captures are not captured (RX core server feature)

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0bbb5c5f 05-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Update scapy server json file for Repeatable random

Change-Id: I148438bb03730ad10598f44857686e870c3ef99c
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

7c362a7c 05-Mar-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix STLVmFlowVarRepetableRandom typo instruction

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

4d3b3baf 04-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL TUI: reduce the requirement for number of lines as we use 2 columns now in general stats

Change-Id: Ifbb060032fcffa982b4ab789d91c8b178b0a9027
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

7c67ba72 05-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL console: sort streams in numerical order

Change-Id: I8691a20c14fb55a66145c64ee1a1a3971e140a76
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

f34d418d 26-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added 'pkt' console command to help with debugging single packets transmit

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

97144e55 22-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix for https://trex-tgn.cisco.com/youtrack/issue/trex-358

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

e37db293 21-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix streams show

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bf5ed38b 19-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI should skip any non-ascii chars

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

d9e19ba4 13-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TX feature - draft
Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

24ac472c 08-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL example of using IPv6 in automation

Change-Id: I976f38f491e5310ae708ff482f8cdf33df3c92d4
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

c02f3a19 07-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL API: change STLError representation

Change-Id: I1d4f4f5b11764f720713811c019802eeac3f5071
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

df1e9dba 06-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL API: ping_ip returns data + formatted string and status
Regression: add test for IPv6 ping and scan

Change-Id: Ic9d15f0b7ea44fcc11336b95c012ceaa04af9e2d
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

6b3fabf4 06-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

examples for functional tests

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a393247f 06-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added another functional test - PING

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bcea0262 06-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added example for functional tests using start_capture/stop_capture APIs

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

1570aea1 06-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL API scan6: If error at any port, raise error. If no error, return data per port.

Change-Id: I6592e890835fcbe16d35e6981de76c01999d6883
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

3b430b90 05-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

test breakage on csi-trex-06

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

cfcbe7a0 02-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fixed missing .so files due to ignored by .gitignore + fixed path

Change-Id: If014548f3d007f9eda6d54332ac04952ea91f751
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

781d71db 01-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

zmq os independent

Change-Id: Iaf5a782be4db26a979a7535454719e8e62b5969a
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

7c9861cd 02-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

remove code inserted by incorrect merge resolve

Change-Id: Ic2c4e8ce8cd5eed8bea230603838dd66f05ef4ea
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ae142588 30-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

console scan6: ipv6 column width adaptive to length of addresses

Change-Id: I08c7dd08487102bb09b337c20101a62469a38e7d
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

39000f46 29-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ipv6 scan & ping

Change-Id: I4f8112b4c942d149da5ea3f0ee01ac82d7fe32cc
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

79005906 02-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

replace yaml.load with yaml.safe_load in several places

Change-Id: I4ba8291acbb56ed3be58ad9bdfa1492892695458
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

693e822b 01-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added tests for capture
few tweaks

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bf3b055a 31-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

identation fix

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

78a3270e 29-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

documenation errors

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

519ea63d 29-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into capture

42664b05 29-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

code review - cont.

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

efbe5633 29-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Python HLTAPI bug in TOS calculation

Change-Id: I6b65c8af479a3bd6a562e3fa1c95e3f766c95d7d
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

acf815db 26-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

code review - few cleanups

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

3689edf3 25-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

capture - personal code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

19df0634 24-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

code review cleanups - C++

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

904eacd9 22-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into capture

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


f5f92b06 22-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

few tweaks
Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

641fed03 19-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fine tune
Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

951b09ef 18-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

many capture modes in Python console

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

9f72a19a 16-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

capture module for console

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

83861b49 12-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Add help message for --no-scapy-server flag
Python API: fix arp resolve console message
Python API: retry ZMQ send/recv only for push_pcap
Console: portattr fix for readonly mode

Change-Id: I69587987deb4edfbe192ee422ce6aad74b1ecaf3
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ac2e93d4 11-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

capture - draft commit

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

b7fcb83a 11-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

scapy_server: add try-catch on determining self IP

Change-Id: Ibda7ba66a08385cfd8d73717e4c0fa257aa38436
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

10a1d2e3 19-Dec-2016 ichebyki <igrche@gmail.com>

Add support for predefined packet templates.

Change-Id: Ib2bdcbe6ea18933394527f06be001607344c75e4
Signed-off-by: Igor Chebykin <igrche@gmail.com>

3484a169 29-Dec-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Update docs with info about Field Engine and predefined templates.

Change-Id: Ia9480a21c982d2d245aef75908e248ecf0573053
Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

5257dbb8 04-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft - unreviewed

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

f11d01a0 04-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

console: move show_intro into try-finally to ensure release of ports

Change-Id: Icfe30379a24560cf0807edd239d3eb07d81a492f
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

69f6ba4c 03-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL Console: fix crash in case of no supported speeds reported by DPDK
Regression: update stl performance kiwi benchmark (was my typo)

Change-Id: I0ea615d2511ea0339665e8fa5c8621eec9ebcb1e
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

04ecbc54 03-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Stateless API: increase delay in remove rx filters to 100ms in case of virtual NICs.
Regression: increase delay in remove rx filters in trex07 to 100ms in test_all_profiles test.

Change-Id: Ia7dda25c94aeadcaae0b16023f6ea2957a99906f
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

8c7f606d 25-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

regression breakage

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

7c25e201 25-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Update STL API version to 3.0

Change-Id: Ib00cdc8f960522e54414cfda5ae7778887a9d0ec
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

5f825e20 25-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bug: ICMP ping did not ping the correct address

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

34cb66c9 24-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

refactor layer config on prot attributes
added guard against unconfigured MAC when going up with empty config

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

1f405257 21-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX services - general API to allow addition of new features
see trex_stl_lib/rx_services/trex_stl_rx_service_api.py

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fff19c8c 21-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

watchdog disable for time capability

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bf7c614d 20-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor error checks refinements

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

72d31265 20-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

trex-190 - Shutting down server and restarting with different config - console out of sync

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a28c880c 20-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

scapy_server fix Python3 issue

Change-Id: I39c0590673fd481fd6cf01ea6c0657a586c3e0a8
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

57412083 19-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'payload_gen_total_size_ether_chksum' of git://github.com/kisel/trex-core into field_engine

4d816185 06-Dec-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Add check for cache_size parameter input.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

8e21b6ae 02-Dec-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Added a workaround for Ether.fields

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

2adc4447 30-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Add field engine instructions templates metadata.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

3b576aaf 30-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Added autocompletion support for offset parameter.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

720a1fa8 29-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Update _existed_flow_var_names. Now it returns all Flow var names.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

adba1571 29-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Add more VM insructions.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

7a5f76d1 29-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Support autocompletion for VM instruction parameters.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

55f1e444 29-Nov-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Fix minor bugs in VM instructions.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

bd63922f 08-Oct-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Update field engine defs. Generation vm instrucions from updated model.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

9218477a 05-Oct-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Add instrucitons meta. Delete split_by_field field engine global parameter.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

82a9911f 30-Sep-2016 Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

Added initial implementation of Field Engine support.

Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Ogai <vyacheslav.ogai@gmail.com>

5cfeb192 18-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

changes from code review

Change-Id: I628608643d902bd6310b04b8036fc5f1fcc42309
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cc4bd93b 12-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

1) limit number of streams per port to 20k
2) fix showing error in TUI
3) represensation of STLError: show only errors if error, limit by 10 entries

Change-Id: Ib8de9222e7fc09dd67275283857d0d7e9cb5988c
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ac3784a3 12-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL API: fix split batch to chunks - don't stop at chunk with error, return all the result, not just error in case of error.

Change-Id: I50162301054500585ecfffcdaad78992cfda9b0e
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

e4c8e44b 11-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add min_ipg to push_pcaps

Change-Id: I353f8903c40963517fd2fed721cc0671d9f6dc4b
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

f51c210a 19-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

verify L2/L3 configuration cannot be done under traffic
also ping and arp

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

87aef533 18-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix trex-310 get_active_pgids() does not work

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

774bf2a3 14-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

documenation for neighboring protocols

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ac1c2d18 13-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into rx_phase_2

603bd7a4 13-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

startup issues with L2/L3

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0fdd81a9 13-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Major refactor - L2 / L3 modes for ports

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0c458152 12-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

grat ARP

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

af9f439b 10-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

IP src configuriation invalidates ARP resolution

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

266ac2d8 11-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL API: fix split batch to chunks - one packet not being sent

Change-Id: Id2e96f2fe6a6c1bb0438198675a61f3c73d53072
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

20bb3657 11-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

few tweaks

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

392ca5ba 10-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Stateless API: send batches by chunks

Change-Id: If551b474c4b6be58dfc3ed19e5c14a4ccd387afd
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

85a7f31e 09-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Limit ZMQ RPC requests to 999999 bytes at CPP side. TODO: split requests at Python to smaller chunks.

Change-Id: Ieaf477d2ed8264e30a8275a75d597fdc8858da79
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

0074ceee 06-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features phase 2 - ARP and ICMP self response

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a77b3749 06-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

breakage to flow ctrl - fixed

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

c2e0fc65 04-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

test breakage due to incorrect speed calculation

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

c420d1fd 01-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

refactor RX core

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

e5ee9a83 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

doc breakage

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

17833369 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor bugs

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

b8127701 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

merging with latest master

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


5b4fcd55 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

API change get_info -> get_formatted_info

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

051a334b 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

reply to messages

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

3f11d1c5 28-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

check VIC FW support using FILTER_INFO, remove patch from enic driver

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

00a99f80 28-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add update example

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

25be508c 28-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

self code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

d0c838e0 24-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

self code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

d4dc8114 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

merge issues

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fc35e10d 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - removed 'none' and used Json::nullValue

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

75585e21 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - few tweaks

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

6c18d6a2 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - added timestamp to RX packets

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

c14a5889 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - added PING (echo ICMP) feature

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

b75910ef 18-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_service: take into account Ether.chksum when building payload with total_size

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

11c21647 16-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' to rx_features phase 0.5

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

e46e3f59 16-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - ARP resolve

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a21e1f0b 15-Nov-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL push remote pcap: don't check that path exists at client side

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

558ce764 15-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - another refinement

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

552626cf 15-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

b65b65e7 14-Nov-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL push dual port split fixes

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

deb1ce15 14-Nov-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix STL push pcap: start from zero (or explicit delay)

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

6e1919c3 13-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - pre-resolve stage

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ab28fccc 09-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - added port attributes for IPv4 and DG

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

d09b1239 08-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX queue - ARP request working

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

879150e9 08-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_service payload gen: allow template_code without size property

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

27f7cc1e 08-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

fixup template_code payload generation

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

f9a0c5e2 07-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - queueing

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

66058614 03-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_service: payload generator upper limit and null check

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

e85ea756 06-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a1ade6fd 06-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - RX sniffer

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

3e48c0b5 01-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy server python 3 compatibility fixes(file and pseudo-random generator)

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

7fc45ee2 01-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

add access to scapy.all from eval, tests to IPOptions, TCPOptions

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

cdbdece3 01-Nov-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_service: support total_bytes for BYTES payload generator

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

5002eeed 31-Oct-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

scapy_service: support {vtype: BYTES, generate: ascii/bytes/template/template code }

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

15734de2 31-Oct-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

add protocol definition json for scapy server

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

234779fd 03-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

moved RX filter feature to port attr

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0337db2b 31-Oct-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft: RX software feature

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

6bfe49e3 30-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

syntax sugar on GA + fill ActionNumber with dummy value

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

f5817145 30-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add ifdef guard to .h file
remove UUID from TUI
STF Python API: show newlines instead of "\n\n\n" in Exception message
STF Python API: remove "During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:" in Python3.3+
dpdk_nic_bind.py: ensure needed PATH exists for lspci etc.
t-rex-64: remove "stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device"
t-rex-64: remove "cat: write error: Broken pipe"

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

eea163a2 30-Oct-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

added action name to differ between same tests on different times

Signed-off-by: itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

099d06f1 30-Oct-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

Added goldenMin and GoldenMax metrics for Google Analytics regression testing report

Signed-off-by: itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

8839acd6 30-Oct-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

Updated Google Analytics Manager for regression

Signed-off-by: itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

111bd366 28-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

move port_attr from driver class to physical port class + small fixes according to code review

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

1016c3d4 25-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

console: rearrange lines at "stats --ps"
in case of start traffic with link down, return error with link state

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

528f62bb 25-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

console "stats --ps" move link status to another line

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

6cd8432f 25-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

stl port attr event: show exactly what was changed

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

42e01ddf 23-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

2dab6b6d 22-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

dpdk_setup_ports.py: fix add of help in case of "t-rex-64 --help"
dpdk_setup_ports.py: fix warning of TRex is already running if different NICs are being used
singleton_daemon.py: fix error socket in use immediately after check if in use
trex-console: fix crash in case of "tui --help"
trex-console: try-catch commands instead of crashing
add async notification on port status/atttibutes change
add port xstats support
add description of interfaces
main_dpdk.cpp: fix --client_cfg not working with Python API

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

00bfc58e 13-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

new port attr commands: flow control, link status, led status
add user friendly description to ports
add xstats
enable start with link down at stateless. in CPP status will update itself upon link up, in Python need to restart client at this phase.

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

6cf5aa41 27-Oct-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix scapy_service ARP issue and add more layers in the service

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

395543f0 25-Oct-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge from master

7235003e 24-Oct-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added performance test (starting with trex09)

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a60f1f0a 20-Oct-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

preserve abstract model structure, calculate values and show structure changes

4b49ef2f 18-Oct-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

add unit tests for scapy service

Signed-off-by: Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

83f32a72 17-Oct-2016 Anton Kiselev <anton.kisel@gmail.com>

update scapy_service for gui usage.

- build_pkt, reconstruct_pkt and corresponding data structures changed
in order to support nested protocols and correct field ordering
- binary packet editing capabilities with reconstruct_pkt
- added read_pcap, write_pcap for working with pcap files
- added get_definitions for retrieving scapy_service definitions for GUI
- added get_payload_classes for retrieving available payload classes
- python2, python3 support
squash-merge of kisel / 196d638

5591bec0 29-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix parsing tunables, add support for separate -t in console, add benchmark profile

ecd18a7e 29-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add hw_cs Python API doc

4f91be3f 29-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Add FE Instruction to fix TCP/UDP Payload checksum using hardware offload engine

2c57dd92 29-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


aba3a632 29-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


13abd76b 29-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


eef16038 28-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

trex-console: add print of Python error in case of error loading profile in TUI

457c257e 28-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

stl api - importing profile: use given directory as first path, not last

f6d11f9e 25-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

merge issues with rand limit

d94e6a00 25-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

split multicore - all tests pass

2cf44419 21-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Splitter - padding for non circular VMs

0f1d226c 14-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft: new split algorithm

9df89870 13-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix random_limit max value

b424cd3d 13-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add repetable_random example profile

3cec1bfb 13-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add python test

d510a8b0 13-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add min/max to repeatable random inst

138686f3 13-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

dpdk Python scripts small fixes
ensure log dir exists for trex daemon
regression: add trex24 setup
Sphinx docs remove "capture" tag for compatibility with 1.2 version

dbe6b188 07-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for DUAL mode on small PCAPs

0d4c9932 05-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

dual mode : code review fixes

e67bfa5d 05-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

dual mode - refinement

540da82e 04-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

dual mode - check for ERF only

04eae221 04-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

DUAL mode - phase #1

13a81619 04-Sep-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

scapy service: added version handler, added packet reconstruct from binary, added support for building packet from dictionary, added support for scapy field enhancement. scapy_zmq_server: fixed some path issues, changed minor argument parsing

1975220b 31-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

generation of native code: fix imports

4f463f55 24-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

added logging mechanism with --log argument

a1efad8d 24-Aug-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add example for pin cores

8634fdc5 23-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi example: add example command of removing all streams from port

5f9c0e65 21-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

supported_methods now returns all functions when invoked with parameter 'all'

added simple console to interact with server

added verbosity feature

b47e7f70 18-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

fixed issues with path to include VXLAN and MPLS

b64ee396 18-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'scapy_server'

6796bb99 18-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

skiping python3 tests

minor changes to protocol_struct function


minor changes in exception handling

d455190c 18-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

previous commit was missing a file change

b8353aa9 18-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

CPU util. measurements fix (more accurate and steady)
see #trex-246

3e20a563 16-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

regression failure due to previous commit

c5a9a3c7 16-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

simulator breakage fix

7dbdcb10 15-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

personal code review tweaks

46b8104b 15-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

fixed an issue in exception handling

2c575880 15-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

added cases for testing: GRE, VXML, DNS, IPv6
changed test functions to include only the testted object and created other functions as testing engines.

added api class.
added documentry for api class
changed method functions to include underscore

25aa665b 15-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI screen buffer

ba7b5dff 10-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

core mask - first phase

72171290 11-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1)removed unnecessary files from repository
2)fixed bug in checking update of data-base

661d27af 10-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

move 'main' function to bottom of file

b3dc958c 10-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1) fixed "main function": mechanism for running this script as a stand-alone program and running it from another python script

2) added closure of sockets and context explicitly (counting on python garbage-collector caused errors)

3) added support for 'remote shutdown' feature. now the server can be shut-down using 'shut_down' method as RPC from client

cb24f0f0 09-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

changed file name from scapy_server to scapy_service
changed file for scapy_zmq_server

changed functionality for scapy_server, added support for port with -s flag.
scapy_service now functions as a service for the server wrapper

384a2f8e 07-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

random tests are now provided with seed

20691575 04-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

server was made as an object with execute function

28b09fb2 04-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1) made a class Scapy_server encapsulating scapy_wrapper and scapy_service
2) fixed some exception handling

93012046 04-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1) added build_pkt when calculating offsets

36f1db88 04-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1) changed class name to 'scapy_service'
2) changed returned values to be dictionaries instead of arrays

775616cd 03-Aug-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add -m bpsl1

0f863b48 03-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

31597431 03-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

set default stateful duration 1 hour, forbid duration in stateless
add "add_profile"stateless Python API command
fix trex_perf.py

35ab1e17 02-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

async compressed - https://trex-tgn.cisco.com/youtrack/issue/trex-232

b8b5ad76 03-Aug-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

1) changed location. from examples to services
2) added wrapper scapy server class

511854b7 01-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Python3 support for Stateful daemon
Python 3.5 support in ZMQ
Verify ZMQ health in Stateful daemon
Add get_trex_config() command to Stateful daemon
Strip debug info on Python ZMQ .so files

c1867ec4 31-Jul-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

fixed error handling in get_all_pkt_offsets, added return of error code tuple as same as build_pkt

893d0fee 31-Jul-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into scapy_server

abf32907 31-Jul-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

scapy_server for GUI+test

344e3045 27-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for graceful shutdown

90c64917 26-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some more TUI fixes

e3b43560 25-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TRex console - add support for L1 BPS

4e40d705 24-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI - stdout close/reopen issues

a913ed85 25-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI tweaks

6d028fcd 21-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

faster TUI: no flickers and more...
1. made stdout full buffered (no in-middle print)
2. added TAB for filenames auto-complete

f374d4fd 06-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

increase server<->client API version from 1.2 to 1.3
various fixes

198a5ae7 06-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI: crash when history is empty

1ccf48c7 06-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI mode (--tui) locked on legend

ea4e4160 06-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI - added left, right, end , del keys
also history is updated when leaving TUI

51db963a 05-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

various fixes

e8296c89 05-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI phase 500 !

85182928 05-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI with console - awesome !

0aa97153 05-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI integrated with console

c5d7c2ee 05-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

profile console command was broken on Python 3

54da2d81 03-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into cpu_per_core

7f58dadb 03-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into cpu_per_core

7772d089 29-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow stat/latency error counters code + documentation

f672c6c1 22-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

FLOW_STATS: removed line_util fields

e43c2856 23-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

minor update for the stats doc

f2320939 23-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into cpu_per_core


24c22cf2 23-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

get_stats documentation

92498594 22-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STL Python API stats - add histogram key if it's absent

9a1356bc 21-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

FLOW_STATS: extract start_stream from the compiler to start_traffic

3bf54917 21-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

profile fixes

0422016a 20-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bug: multiplier can be string or unicode

35efdda8 19-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Add 4 bytes for each packet rx/tx bytes in flow stats, to artificially count ethernet CRC

fb2b0153 08-Jun-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

commented out line 301

cbbc8ec4 08-Jun-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

added description to regression manager

5969e234 08-Jun-2016 itraviv <itraviv@cisco.com>

updated google analytics API

07d5732a 09-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

typo (GitHub pull request #14)

1eed7e59 06-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

MBUF utilization: add size of RAM (MB) the MBUFs take

b646f5c0 05-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

remove STLSim from pcap example, remove search of BP-sim path

5216c6a2 05-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpu utilization Python get_stats replace "force" flag with "use_1sec_cache", default False.

6d514430 05-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' into cpu_per_core

300ec241 02-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpu utilization per thread + mbufs per socket + add in tui

f26d353e 02-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow latency json changes

958d3c25 30-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

async util. monitor
i40 FDIR delay issue

d944dab5 29-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

If not total_min, make it StatNotAvailable

8face98e 29-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

f2abf803 29-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Handle latency min when there are no samples

dad5f591 29-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

merge fix for double barrier

285e051d 28-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix for bug trex-210:
double barrier is required to make sure sync with the server

c2ef5048 29-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

revert hltapi change

1df2f7b5 29-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix for broken latency example

b0b3908b 28-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

master_daemon & other daemons updates

9849050d 23-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

tui: add histogram

9f266bd7 22-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added min latency calc in Python

57185f8b 20-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

TUI: add tx and rx packets at latency panel

f3431c37 19-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


4f647e52 19-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add example of using Native STL or HLTAPI via JSONRPC calls

13418259 19-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

enhance stats to support JSON

de259d86 19-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Enlarged ZMQ timeout

95a9c388 18-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow latency python examples

0968caf0 18-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix python doc string error

3eb2d133 18-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

tui fixes

cc2abc13 18-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Change to latency python + small fixes

52bc62a3 18-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

amplifying a port's bandwidth does not affect latency streams

e72b12ea 17-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

moved jitter into latency in python

3e024d8b 16-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add latency panel to TUI

cb13e662 08-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Latency stat python API work

89d643b9 05-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Regression tests working. Still missing python API to parse latency json

8b1d07ff 17-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

flush TX queue before sending done message to CP

6dac5c0b 17-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

timeout fix - two bugs in two lines of code :-( ... now it should be ok

f98c5842 16-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix timeout issue due to race with async response from server

ddd6c17a 11-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

CPU calculation is different now, in flavor to be higher than real, update the values

2d37b9f9 10-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

merge from master

63bf6aba 10-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

PCAP API - added packet hook
example is much simpler now

6daea438 10-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

wait_on_traffic might get stuck if the async thread unexpectedly crashed
or exited

dc622bd3 10-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

ba731d02 10-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: use flow_stats only for ipv4 packets, add flag to disable flow_stats, add argument for custom flow_stat id for use in profiles.

38369dfc 09-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

clear_stats must first call an async barrier
otherwise we might clean unsycned stats and it will be useless
next time the client gets an async update

1142e8c4 09-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added force option to local PCAP - for > 1MB files

f2b38a3d 09-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

small fix for TUI (shows CPU util. in round up float)

db9145d2 08-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added duration to remote push

75ce59e5 08-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

PCAP refinement

8691f401 03-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

first remote PCAP push - draft

8b4df272 08-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add cache to CP

7007bf04 03-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

bp_sim: correct description of supported stateful layers
main_dpdk: send bw_per_core with json, return back precision of low values
jsonrpcserver: disable logging
regression: use bw_per_core from cpp calculation
correct test name for GA

c227a2ff 02-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

two fixes:
1. history traversal with lock when adding stats objects
2. sync with ports only when you acquire the port, reset does not sync
with the streams

a9af3198 02-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Python circular object reference - fix

39aedd8e 29-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

GA fix for python3

e831a539 29-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: add GA

f0d4ff5c 19-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor fix to TUI with no ports

f9b624fd 19-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge git://github.com/danklein10/trex-core into danklein10-master
also adding some tweaks to the TUI


e6d1ca8b 18-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

portattr console command fix

b12cc7fd 18-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor fix

7e599394 18-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for reacquire command
also better sync with the server about ownership of ports

1fa7b64c 18-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

simple intro while connecting to the server

882bc200 17-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI might crash - do not include unicode chars if stdout encoding is not
also, some fixes for the TUI port screen

f91190c7 15-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

python3 further fixes

13b8238b 14-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

b577ba68 14-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: add --python2 and --python3 to run_regression, if nothing provided, use python2.
hltapi: fix bug of not reducing 4 bytes from produced packets because of fcs.
doc: add trex_client package stl/stf example of running examples :)

8decca77 14-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

by default TUI shows all ports - can be switched to owned by pressing

94ce0dcd 14-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed partial ports console

9a9c5016 14-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

quick fix for console
partial ports still not work well

501fb3b4 14-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: python3 support

0b39ec30 13-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for partial port acquire on console
--readonly, -a [ports], -f

87bac1ab 12-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added checks for warnings on examples

5a26a099 12-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

events API and RX core util.

3117eab2 11-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: modify and remove traffic fixes

af49c70a 10-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi stream stats, port tx/rx graphs at console

4aab694d 10-Apr-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge trex-197 bug fix

3c9c5ad0 10-Apr-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix pkt size and speed in example stl_bi_dir_flow

9823cf0a 10-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

multicore tests new goldens (because of phase)

c48c89a9 10-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

multicore scheduling

1d62dfca 04-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

activate client tests on all setups with restrictions

330cf8f7 09-Apr-2016 Dan Klein <danklein10@gmail.com>

basic modifications for TRex tui to support toggle filtering on ports

4eacb570 03-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

API classes (versions)

aa3f6639 01-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


8be43de7 31-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

make the stl console to work at client package/from stl directory itself

cf6092b4 31-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

fff0f8ef 31-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

stateless examples: don't fail on result problems, only check python functionality
stateful add --warmup flag for 30 seconds 9k imix run before other tests.

7e1049ae 31-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix david regression issues

a6f72a19 31-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge David4 branch

a627a1d4 31-Mar-2016 DavidBlock <dablock@cisco.com>

David edits of trex-core api material

300ca9bc 31-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

new test only on loopback non virtual

32b6b284 30-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

STL tests (API)

fc462042 29-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats wait_on_traffic

d4791e05 29-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats two stage API (stop and remove RX filters)

b91c216d 30-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add to run_functional_tests --python2 and --python3 flags
make stateful tree similar to stl : stf/trex_stf_lib and stf/examples
change trex_client package: add profiles, use full stl dir.
stl examples: now use stl_path.STL_PROFILES_PATH variable
regression: add higher timeout to rsync.

e99febc0 29-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Python 3 crash for portattr

78ec5b86 29-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI fixup - removed unicodes, and encode as utf-8 for python 2.7

e482f78c 29-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TUI fixup

0a42bff0 24-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add imix_bidir example

59f00264 24-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

gather stateful client to stf folder, create trex_client package

709eda3b 23-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

moving us to python 3 by default (console)

552aaf48 23-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

console now supports python3

2bcbca45 23-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

python 3 - regression

89a2be82 23-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

yes...again Python3....

5e727474 23-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Python 3 - another drop (package fixups)

64dd1f33 22-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

console push was broken

738da2c0 21-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

python 3 - examples working

c59a02f8 21-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

python 3 support - phase 2

f72c6df9 21-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

python 3 support for package - phase 1

7e7cc8a3 20-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

python 3 - rearrange

94ec2f0c 20-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ZMQ CEL5.9 / 32 bit / 64 bit with python 2 / python 3

e7814e9b 17-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge pyATS support

8c321b54 17-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add pyATS help

6af21336 17-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix integer checks, now they include "long"

11425470 17-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

'port_id' paramter for profiles

aa334e0e 16-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

tunables show on the console

7d0f9e5e 16-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

tunables for console

7d7cb50d 16-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

traceback should not inlcude our code

f803e5b2 16-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

FIX: direction for profile

9de93958 15-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

building native code: remove checksum fields

5817a450 14-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add profile doc

22f33006 14-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

merge cleanup

d82201e2 14-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

some cleanup for API doc

22e06f3c 13-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: stl speedup (fix)

d935f8e4 13-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

removed some prints and a fix for error handling on add_streams

33386099 13-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add more API sample

17e720ee 13-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

add_streams now returns the correct stream IDs which were allocated by the port

cb4fc438 13-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats API/TUI refinement

4c702651 13-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hlt add traffic_control: action=poll, reset, sync_run, clear_stats. add wait_on_traffic. fix cleanup_session to remove streams

b2732e9d 11-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ZMQ 32 bit for CEL 5.9

71433c48 10-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

merge doc

2be2f7e9 10-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

basic doc for python client API

f24d22eb 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

stress test for RX on stl_flow_stats.py

54fb838e 10-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first Stateless API doc

9d739f26 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

a minor fix

6229c603 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

yet another RX stats fixup

38847508 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor fix

3c2f0346 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats #2

8b0bb76f 09-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


094411ef 08-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

BW for RX stats

60fbd456 08-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats - major refactor

7991c519 10-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

stl map: send initial streams to calm down switches, send x3 traffic to filter noises

3f747bcf 09-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: stl updates

344df461 08-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

afefddfa 08-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

regression: add stateless support (WIP); Scapy builder: fix remove MACs from binary, do not build by default;

ccfb88c9 07-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added get_active_pgids

ea61eabf 07-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

changed STLRxStats to STLFlowStats

ca3f7e0f 07-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

changed rx stats to flow stats everywhere

5fb4729f 06-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

functional tests - not fast enough - now 9 seconds...

7143d71c 06-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

1. blazing fast regression
2. API checks for Python version

0f1b82cf 05-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add --native argument to simulator

2a3171f7 04-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add manual padding to 60 bytes with zeros

a842b4cf 04-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ignore python3 cache, generated code files
add option to export Profile (and thus stream too) to Python code
add for each profile in functional tests generating it to Python code and comparing to same pcap result
add loading Prifile via add_streams()
fix IMIX rates in HLTAPI used with line % and bps
Scapy packet builder: fixes to load of pcap/yaml - use MAC from pcap (with flag), remove FCS (with flag), support for VM with offsets by name

f749b435 03-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats example "stl_rx_stream.py"

13cfb2c4 03-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats API

0a10805a 03-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge Console merge

951a5033 03-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

console help looks better now

6d69e95c 03-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

XTERM might not be present on the machine
so TUI -x might give exception - fix it

26873712 02-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

port mapping - hardening

59a3b58d 02-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TX barrier

42c621b9 01-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add stream name

4dc464d0 01-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge --pkt support to stl-sim

0af59f17 01-Mar-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add --pkt to stl-sim

37c4d043 29-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix expected pcap number of packets; add simple example of HLT

53169abe 29-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: fix decrement exceeding maximal add_value range, add several useful functions, add mac profile

b8591161 29-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

yet another limitation of 8 ports

e7118220 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

random var crash when range is full uint32_t or full uint64_t

a9c35eac 28-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: remove default for l3_protocol and l4_protocol, add several profiles

21fe2bef 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

more info for ports (API and TUI)

5f17c48a 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for mac addr query

f23c253b 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added port_info API
IPG for load PCAP cannot be less than 1 usec

58b8669c 25-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: fix MAC given with aabb.ccdd.eeff format, fix add_value is more than half of variable size, add 2 Wentong's profiles

03248093 25-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

accident - fixed problems from previous commit

aaef3f95 25-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

port attributes - promiscuous and etc.

42afa885 24-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi : add dst_mac vm; vlan mask variable now can be shared; add 2 more profiles; add consistent_random argument for same random sequence each time

4ae35508 24-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add seed per stream

5a844c9d 24-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge GARP example

3eb4f868 24-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

VM bug youtrack: trex-187
and rx stats

f0ab9eba 08-Feb-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Rx stat per flow. Low level working for xl710, and partly for i350.
added full clone (with CP VM) to stream

275a53b9 23-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

301d6ca6 23-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: add line rate and bps support

0e70a929 23-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

sync streams and some other bugs

5eca0227 23-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge mask instruction add_value field

5a951d94 23-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add to mask instruction add_value field

ee916906 23-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi: optimization to utilize similar variables for several fields, fix incorrect size from l3_length, add profiles

a420b4c4 23-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


eb899885 22-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some mods to the rate

d1360da9 21-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

rate is now backward compatiable to API

bc7f0b85 21-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

rate per stream

a88db688 18-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

deepcopy for stream per port history

8fd2c69a 21-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hlt: support ipv4 step number or ip

6182075a 21-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

typo in step and min/max_value; support old-type classes in validate_type; assert positive values in python; hlt fix vlan vm + test for it;

4145ff0f 20-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hlt updates: split by cores, direction

77531f87 18-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge new mask instruction

2c9504ac 18-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi update: vlans (one or nested), ipv6, "imix" moved to stream builder

3931530b 18-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add python profile for new write_mask command

a5788f0e 17-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

stl_pcap.py example - how to transmit a pcap

d9b8bb0b 17-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

timeout connection error message was broken

47c86583 16-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

step instruction support

8f6067d8 16-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

help was broken in the simulator
also some more bugs

229618c0 15-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ws_main - add exp folder, scapy - add ipv6 verify/conversion to str buffer, hltapi - add ipv6, vlan.

1e98c58d 15-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add scapy layer for default mac

6389df58 15-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

streams command was broken

ec369cd7 15-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

many bugs uncovered by the PCAP injection:
1. NamedTuple constructor
2. Scappy
3. zlib for server

1f60016f 14-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

minor fix

2312f48f 11-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

19ef256b 11-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

run_functional_tests not requires unit_tests/functional_tests, can be set to custom test, path from scripts or from regression. added hlt profile test.

c480bd24 11-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Integrate python split_by_field

06dbed66 11-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

support split by var

e9392617 11-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

YAML support for simulator

96e96afa 11-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed 'streams' command that was broken because of my big commit

86361ba9 11-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Integrate more tests
and examples

04a440fc 11-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

support relative path from profile - inspect stack for that

268c7f12 11-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

push support

a66529ec 10-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

hltapi did not commit

9adfbada 10-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

validate_type for easier type checks, hltapi move to trex_stl_lib

177b4863 11-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

simulator bug and some YAMLs legacy field

c585d631 10-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed two bugs:
1. deque race between two threads in the stats
2. max stream ID + 1 for port

18d20a3b 10-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge functional tests

0f03cc46 10-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

update hltapi + functional regression + remove old packet_builder tests

786fafdb 10-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge another test

6c3a6dd6 10-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

multi burst example

a69c4dd8 10-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

back to 'count' - as the DOC states

f8d4d5a8 10-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

number_of_bursts field was missing

cd4cf991 10-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for pcap/cap files (console, simulation and API)

6413382f 10-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

simulator didn't work in package mode

44fad7ad 10-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix the new profiles

ede68c66 09-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'refactor'

c07bd86f 09-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor fixes

0aa48dc7 09-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

path checkup for lib

a94f1cdd 09-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

YAML profiles fixup

e8ba50a8 09-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

YAML loader

7e2be1dd 08-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed examples to new model

6107c1ca 08-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

huge refactor - again

f5a5e50b 08-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

stream ID allocation

5be5c499 08-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

packet builder support raw/pcap file

995267db 08-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

first refactor