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fa8792d5 21-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow stat parsers refactor and adding tests

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

af25eb9b 13-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Software mode for latency and flow stat statistics
Also supporting QinQ for flow stat

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

58d22eef 12-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

abs fix

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

2bca2294 27-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add ef posix_memalign function

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

9508e956 25-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

gcc macro cleanup

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

eae78d43 07-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

improve Stateful scheduler

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

0c458152 12-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

grat ARP

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0074ceee 06-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features phase 2 - ARP and ICMP self response

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

c420d1fd 01-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

refactor RX core

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

17833369 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

minor bugs

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

051a334b 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

reply to messages

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

537f5831 28-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - self code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

d4dc8114 22-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

merge issues

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

5472a293 23-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master'

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


bf83f301 15-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

client config ARP resolve working. Still missing IPv6 support.

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

c9ec3b81 07-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support multi dest and src addresses in pretest

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

11c21647 16-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' to rx_features phase 0.5

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

6e1919c3 13-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - pre-resolve stage

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

6d801943 11-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 stateless latency support

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

ab28fccc 09-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - added port attributes for IPv4 and DG

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

0337db2b 31-Oct-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft: RX software feature

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

2223955b 26-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Some small fixes

15499f72 05-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Implementation of Ipv6Header::getl4Proto + cleanup in Ipv6 files

567fe4bc 29-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add a way to dump packet as K12 format for debug

4f91be3f 29-Sep-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Add FE Instruction to fix TCP/UDP Payload checksum using hardware offload engine

5963a038 28-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

performance tweak - faster checksum

1e6b2bf6 27-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

/etc/trex_cfg.yaml allow MAC as string "12:34:56:78:9a:bc" etc.
dpdk_setup_ports: fix create config in case of VM & passthrough

32323865 05-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

ERF reader missing rewind

0d4c9932 05-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

dual mode : code review fixes

540da82e 04-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

dual mode - check for ERF only

04eae221 04-Sep-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

DUAL mode - phase #1

5bbf8a6d 03-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

push_remote with all packet times zero sends only one packet
fix for #trex-235

cc5cc563 06-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

NAT seq num randomization working version - Missing some functionality

5f846485 23-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

allow coredump for TRex with --alow-coredump
by default, huge pages will not be mapped to the core

0681152c 13-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add ef code, not connected yet

03d70c42 11-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

unit tests + simulator work

75ce59e5 08-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

PCAP refinement

8691f401 03-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

first remote PCAP push - draft

4eacb570 03-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

API classes (versions)

dd5fb4a7 28-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

fix valgrind faiulre. Read memory of too short packet

21fe2bef 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

more info for ports (API and TUI)

f0ab9eba 08-Feb-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Rx stat per flow. Low level working for xl710, and partly for i350.
added full clone (with CP VM) to stream

f6901ca1 15-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add support for dp mac replace mode-golden were changed

db6254e3 26-Jan-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

packet is now base64 encoded

62623efc 14-Jan-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Adding option to pass NAT info in TCP ACK of first SYN

85d536eb 05-Jan-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

random 9k works on 10gb nics

a1364603 28-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

maximum packet size support 9k - simulation

c181e882 29-Nov-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added ICMP latency packet modes

38dc2db8 08-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed all warnings
now compiles with -Wall -Werror

a78680a8 17-Sep-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Merge branch 'master' of csi-sceasr-b45:/auto/proj-pcube-b/apps/PL-b/tools/repo//trex-core

f885ac59 17-Sep-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix some pcap load issues

3b372bbe 16-Sep-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

enabled all warnings for the mock RPC server target

8b52a31e 24-Jun-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first version