History log of /trex/src/main_dpdk.cpp
Revision Date Author Comments
# fa606839 27-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Supporting more flows in stateless flow stats, according to NIC type, and running mode

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# fa8792d5 21-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow stat parsers refactor and adding tests

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# c8560f23 21-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

removed usage of redundant TREX_DRV_FLOW_CTRL_CHG flag

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0d3f6dff 16-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fixes for v2.21 --software mode issues

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# a933bd1a 16-Mar-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

early support mlx4 driver for connectX-3

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# af25eb9b 13-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Software mode for latency and flow stat statistics
Also supporting QinQ for flow stat

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# dbff547f 13-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

i40e fix of workaround of stuck counters + regression test

Change-Id: I251cb8d346461ccfa4eee8abfda113410160a602
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# f48443a1 09-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

trex-370. Added --no-hw-flow-stat command line option

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 88089080 05-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attributes. - second try

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 5927d1dd 07-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Revert "Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attributes."

This reverts commit cebf5a44b5f28a03b245e43013cc27671a980206.

# 6e3418f5 07-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

* fix net_ixgbe_vf driver xstats not putting id
* add trex21 regression config (IXGBE VF)

Change-Id: I9a9f0a0d0ba7a8f5a724cda94185f1be0490915a
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# cebf5a44 05-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attributes.

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# dc905a7d 01-Mar-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

STF publisher: ensure latest results are sent by CPP + get latest dump via Python API

Change-Id: I1836c0366785246acbcd8d238400440f5f3970f5
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 0e80bd4f 27-Feb-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Introduce capability flags in each driver, to reduce the use of get_vm_one_queue_enable

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 2ba80c6a 27-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Print error in case of Mellanox and different order of PCI.

Change-Id: I0ece7fe6bd0c93befd72d489c0c7b35900abe335
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 4c1281d0 27-Feb-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-362

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# bed055d3 23-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix: trex-359 has_crc per driver function is obsolete - needs to be removed

Signe-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# d4519561 22-Feb-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Dumping interface info was broken in v2.18

Change-Id: Icec84cb2912d6e179c5aac536825a04b47bebb2b
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 74a55c27 20-Feb-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Small reorder in drivers inheritance + fix to e1000 CRC issue (trex-354)
Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 2b64a559 19-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix for:

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# af52e17f 15-Feb-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

VLAN keyword in platform config file will now make all traffic be sent over vlan

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# b22e3ed1 16-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

tx_capture - code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 17d58dba 15-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TX packet capture - zero impact on fast path
(using wrapper when service mode is active)

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# d9e19ba4 13-Feb-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TX feature - draft
Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 5d2b2709 07-Feb-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add --mlx5-so option to load mlx5 share object

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# c5ffd2ec 07-Feb-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 is shared lib

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 8957b863 05-Feb-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Changes to our files to make dpdk1702 work

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 39000f46 29-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

ipv6 scan & ping

Change-Id: I4f8112b4c942d149da5ea3f0ee01ac82d7fe32cc
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 2155c64b 19-Jan-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fixed support for i40evf + Refactor of VM drivers

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 41585253 24-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

revert the default RT test flag

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# f844ce61 23-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 030c1244 23-Jan-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-333

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# aee39c9d 23-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

enable TRex to run with --rt : real time priority for DP and RX cores

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 83861b49 12-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Add help message for --no-scapy-server flag
Python API: fix arp resolve console message
Python API: retry ZMQ send/recv only for push_pcap
Console: portattr fix for readonly mode

Change-Id: I69587987deb4edfbe192ee422ce6aad74b1ecaf3
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# e532c2a1 08-Jan-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support for ixgbevf and i40evf

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 6f23ea20 07-Jan-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix sign of filter return value

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 0f54b830 08-Jan-2017 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 driver name was changed

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 5257dbb8 04-Jan-2017 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft - unreviewed

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 9fb4cf6f 02-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add warning about lack of read permissions for user "nobody" to run scapy server.
add flag to disable scapy server run.

Change-Id: I65ccfb24ed4a5461fe2a13d8be0f07fad8a50bae
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 8e73c6bc 01-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

crash in case of stateless and link down

Change-Id: I3c9902808e4e3c3174ad5ed5fa81bc70f1840f86
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 7b8fd5a8 25-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Max number of ports: 16

Change-Id: I93e2efe542578b0745d2f40adb2bcf35ffdff31b
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 5b7974b8 26-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add --active-flows option to scale the active flows

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# f5350dfb 25-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Disable watchdog for 5 seconds at Mellanox link up/down command

Change-Id: If19c9c0d3e5d684e6157ab5c71a927e2e89b8211
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# dc66a3a8 25-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add a way to change tw configuration

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# c25e1862 25-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Allow running x710 in --VM mode

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 34cb66c9 24-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

refactor layer config on prot attributes
added guard against unconfigured MAC when going up with empty config

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 262d781d 24-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

disable mbug optimization in case of stateful repeat flow, this option should be done in Stateless

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# ee1eb4de 22-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Allow up to 10 hops TTL reduction in X710 and 82599 stateful

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# d9934626 21-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

UDP NAT --learn mode 1,3 support - doc + regression tests

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# abc0cb87 20-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

trex-312 ARP resolution does not work from console at virtual NICs

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# de2af4eb 20-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Check OS version for Mellanox NICs; More detailed args error prints; 40G and Mellanox driver classes inherit from Base, not 10G.

Change-Id: I55f7833078ca9d7bfcda211ad165a656ce5014c5
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 00c9ca3b 16-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

revert of 1602ab2067f1752b0c72c2cd1335d210260b3b04
need to find another solution

Change-Id: Ia2b90ac58af4fc8417b1e2a7ba6815a68d614dfa
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 1602ab20 15-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

issue: trex-295
attach the interfaces one by one in our order instead of init all and reorder.

Change-Id: I3bbab970c5e2847b6a6250ec515d8003738c5d97
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 603bd7a4 13-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

startup issues with L2/L3

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 0fdd81a9 13-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Major refactor - L2 / L3 modes for ports

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# dc546861 13-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

In stateful, print latency stats only if given -l != 0

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 523b9dc5 13-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix trex-257 - Could not count p:... printed to screen with IPv6 streams

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0c458152 12-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

grat ARP

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 6c31c053 12-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added VIC tests + VIC small fix + fail tests if latency packets fail

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 29695101 11-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 add RSS improve RX drop MPPS

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# fd9485d6 11-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Cisco VIC card - support for receive all mode, and work around for IPv6 issues

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0f604284 08-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Add prints about link down for stateless

Change-Id: I1c32ab854ff2bbaaacb32e9aececfd67afba887b
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# bf52ccc3 06-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix to Mellanox recevie all mode

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0074ceee 06-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features phase 2 - ARP and ICMP self response

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# f0416b93 06-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Add receive all mode to Mellanox cord

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 10e549c8 04-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

valgrind cleanup and suppresion

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 9464519d 01-Dec-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

take care of extra Ethernet FCS bytes handed to software in e1000

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 227c1ff4 28-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Make RX core in VM read packets directly instead of getting message from TX core

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 75bd6c8f 28-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added TX queue

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 452e9d47 01-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

bug found by valgrind
also an issue with 40G deleting no exisiting rules with recv_all

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# c420d1fd 01-Dec-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

refactor RX core

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 051a334b 30-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

reply to messages

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 2ded6e3d 30-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support receive all mode for 82599 10G card

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# f143a31a 28-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

VIC DPDK input counter add +4 bytes - reduce it

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 42d71595 28-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add VIC reg files

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 3f11d1c5 28-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

check VIC FW support using FILTER_INFO, remove patch from enic driver

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 25be508c 28-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

self code review

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 4c8363ea 27-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

make -l work with client config

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# d6423d0e 23-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Allow non resolve state for stateless to startup

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 4a2d56b6 20-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Client config ARP support - code review changes

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# fb823791 20-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Seperating ClientCfgDirBase/Ext and ClientCfgBase/Ext to save memory

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# bf83f301 15-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

client config ARP resolve working. Still missing IPv6 support.

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# c9ec3b81 07-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support multi dest and src addresses in pretest

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 558ce764 15-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - another refinement

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 6e1919c3 13-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - pre-resolve stage

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 9d9f3dd8 13-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

enic verify fw version

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# c8a7c2aa 13-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5/enic support enable flow stats in software

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# e7177219 13-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

enic move to TOS=LSB

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 8d0a50a3 11-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

VIC basic filter support

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 21ebf559 10-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

change proto from uint16_t to uint8_t

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 1ec8425e 10-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 ipv6 filters works

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 54305984 10-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

No debug for DPDK in case of release

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# a86a0711 08-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 stats from hardware

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 855e5984 08-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

WIP mlx5 remove filters

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 8e9aa6d8 08-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

mlx5 WIP Stateful work -- all traffic goes to RX_QUEUE=0

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# ab28fccc 09-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX features - added port attributes for IPv4 and DG

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# a842c1ff 09-Nov-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix issue when --vlan option appearing before -i option

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 234779fd 03-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

moved RX filter feature to port attr

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 5d52395c 03-Nov-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

start in case of linkdown - trex-192 only for XL710/X710

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# 7eeb57c4 31-Oct-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some refactor to RX core to allow multiple features

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 0337db2b 31-Oct-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft: RX software feature

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# 5ab7411f 02-Nov-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Trex threads - pin DPDK master thread to the master core
also, some names to the threads to make things clear
and a script to show them

Signed-off-by: imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

# dcc8af37 31-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

minor fixes

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 599f4ecd 30-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Increased number of ARP retries at start to 10

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# ba0095c5 28-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

rebase merge typo

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 111bd366 28-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

move port_attr from driver class to physical port class + small fixes according to code review

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 815de471 23-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

disable fc change if not supported

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 2dab6b6d 22-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

dpdk_setup_ports.py: fix add of help in case of "t-rex-64 --help"
dpdk_setup_ports.py: fix warning of TRex is already running if different NICs are being used
singleton_daemon.py: fix error socket in use immediately after check if in use
trex-console: fix crash in case of "tui --help"
trex-console: try-catch commands instead of crashing
add async notification on port status/atttibutes change
add port xstats support
add description of interfaces
main_dpdk.cpp: fix --client_cfg not working with Python API

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 00bfc58e 13-Oct-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

new port attr commands: flow control, link status, led status
add user friendly description to ports
add xstats
enable start with link down at stateless. in CPP status will update itself upon link up, in Python need to restart client at this phase.

Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 5088a5b4 25-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Remove useless print in server stateless mode

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 1738989b 18-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Help message fixes + removing unused command line options

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# bd6dc8e4 06-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

put back --vlan option for stateless 82599

# 0ef4795c 06-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix to set_rcv_all off on xl710

# d62aeaa7 05-Oct-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix issue with set_rcv_all in 1G

# efb88737 27-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Code review fixes

# 2223955b 26-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Some small fixes

# a42bf7bc 25-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Periodically send gratuitous ARP in stateful

# af781231 22-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Send grat ARP, and resolve gateway addresses

# 5497c271 28-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpp arg parser changes argv, on second iteration data might be not valid => copy the argv before each call.

# 58f1ee52 07-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

APIs and functions in preparation for receive all mode. XL710/i350 mode toggling work.

# 2261b233 08-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix issue of reading RX queue from DP core even when we are not in VM mode

# 2ee9ac46 22-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

interactive creation of config, finish returning DPDK interfaces to Linux command.

# 08def8d3 18-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

TRex argument --dump-interfaces <list of PCI> (by default will take interfaces from /etc/trex_cfg.yaml if exists, if does not exists, will show all DPDK interfaces)
get interface speed from DPDK instead of using constants per driver
add script to generate config file /etc/trex_cfg.yaml: sudo ./dpdk_setup_ports.py -c <list of PCI>
show table of interfaces in sudo ./dpdk_setup_ports.py -t

# b8353aa9 18-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

CPU util. measurements fix (more accurate and steady)
see #trex-246

# 5f530a21 15-Aug-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add another ko

# ba7b5dff 10-Aug-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

core mask - first phase

# ce1de344 14-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Exit if x710 firmware version is too old

# b5c09779 11-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

IPv6 Latency/flow stats on x710 - supporting all packet types

# 44b5db37 08-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

change default to not run rte_eth_dev_stop/close

# 2067ee3d 08-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Adding --no-close option

# 7cecfd8a 08-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

IPv6 x710 flow stats work. Still not supported: Flow stats for UDP/TCP IPv6 packets with extension header.

# 407db26e 03-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

revert typo

# 66c49a9d 02-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

IPv6 XL710 stateless support and stateful --rx-check

# c0b0c840 20-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

ipv6 flow stat i350

# 810dd7d0 20-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

ipv6 flow stat on vm working

# 31597431 03-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

set default stateful duration 1 hour, forbid duration in stateless
add "add_profile"stateless Python API command
fix trex_perf.py

# 88b9d2dd 02-Aug-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Remove call to rte_eth_dev_stop. See trex-237 for details

# 692f5b96 01-Aug-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

DPDK ports order change to be compliant with our /etc/trex_cfg.yaml

# 72ff70e2 27-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

removed was_stopped

# 344e3045 27-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for graceful shutdown

# 3c106ce7 16-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

dpdk0716 move: changes to our files

# 659ba260 15-Jul-2016 Martin Weiser <martin.weiser@allegro-packets.com>

add option to use DPDK tx checksum offloading to generate packets with correct IP, TCP and UDP checksums

# 1b6c970a 13-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Better error handling in case of unsupported driver

# 7b9d1088 11-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

NAT seq num randomization fully working

# cc5cc563 06-Jul-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

NAT seq num randomization working version - Missing some functionality

# c19193cf 08-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix multicast being counted as ierror

# f374d4fd 06-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

increase server<->client API version from 1.2 to 1.3
various fixes

# 17e8c035 05-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

original delay was 10 miliseconds not 10 seconds, new default will cover it.

# c9ae2ba8 05-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

few more places to add wait_before_traffic argument

# c9a62eba 05-Jul-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add TRex -w argument (wait between nics init and sending traffic)

# 483dfb7c 03-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

slowpath features bit to avoid multiple IFs

# c6c4a430 03-Jul-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

client config - cosmetics and gtest back on

# d7c33685 30-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

client config - refactor #2

# 4242bc5e 29-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

client configuration: refactoring

# 1dfd42ce 29-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added enhanced parsing for the YAML wrapper module

# f03fa158 27-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

draft #3 of client config

# 7772d089 29-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

flow stat/latency error counters code + documentation

# 7bf6055d 27-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Make all latency tests work on Virtual machines

# 3c693c4d 27-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-218 & trex-219

# 8635fce7 26-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fx trex-216 - Crash on VM setups when running latency flows

# 83170bb3 23-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix latency stats issues of fast stop/start, and starting from different cores

# 5f846485 23-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

allow coredump for TRex with --alow-coredump
by default, huge pages will not be mapped to the core

# 7b13e5e5 20-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

minor remove sim help

# 88486da4 20-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fix: --no-watchdog did not work

# 35efdda8 19-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Add 4 bytes for each packet rx/tx bytes in flow stats, to artificially count ethernet CRC

# 3ca8be80 19-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

WATCHDOG - refactor due to trex-211

# d49f3784 20-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

better support for latency with field engine + some order with mbuf functions

# 9b4c1354 16-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

XL710/X710 include 4 byte CRC for port stats

# 73fdde4e 14-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix typo

# e56edd67 13-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

disable WD due to crash trex-210

# ca8b613f 07-Jun-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix wd issue, in some cases it can't exit with CTRL-C

# 56b55266 05-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpu utilization: replace using static with resize vector.

# e0ca7a22 04-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpu utilization: don't return vectors, only change passed arguments.

# 300ec241 02-Jun-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

cpu utilization per thread + mbufs per socket + add in tui

# 8feef53b 02-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

WATCHDOG - disable monitors when done to avoid crash when joining on
other threads

# 3c4a29e1 01-Jun-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

watchdog phase 2

# 92b58ef2 01-Jun-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support for per flow latency with vm

# 62f58acc 31-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Send latency packets on dedicated TX queue

# 84fc182f 31-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add rpc command get_cpu_util_full to cpp

# d279c8c1 23-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

replace t-rex to TRex
regression: instead of checking map and reconnecting for eact STL test, do in only for those with disconnect
(+revert of commit 0f8e6065f467703b1461e87c3912f8d4bd616807)

# 131be7a0 23-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fixes to latency code + tests

# 614582c8 16-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

fix mbuf ref count issue in vm cache mode

# 03d70c42 11-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

unit tests + simulator work

# cb13e662 08-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Latency stat python API work

# 89d643b9 05-May-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Regression tests working. Still missing python API to parse latency json

# a53f6be0 24-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Working version. temporary send_node that duplicates the mbuf data

# d3b66fdd 11-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

payload tx stat work

# 3a0c1c83 10-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

cpu% without tsc

# c4e6748c 09-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

PCAP remote code review fixes

# db9145d2 08-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added duration to remote push

# 75ce59e5 08-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

PCAP refinement

# 8691f401 03-May-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

first remote PCAP push - draft

# 8b4df272 08-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add cache to CP

# dbe44f64 03-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-204 by Wenxian with minor changes

# 719054b1 03-May-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

Fix bug on mac replacement by Wenxian

# 737d9294 03-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


# 7007bf04 03-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

bp_sim: correct description of supported stateful layers
main_dpdk: send bw_per_core with json, return back precision of low values
jsonrpcserver: disable logging
regression: use bw_per_core from cpp calculation
correct test name for GA

# 3f03ff05 01-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

undo precision changes

# fcd61b1c 01-May-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


# 101c7b8b 28-Apr-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

increase accuracy of low values in json report (0.03 etc.)

# 9433af9c 17-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added timestamp to trex-global and changed sprintf to snprintf

# e0720b15 14-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support for flow stat for vlan packets on 82599 card using --vlan option

# eb899d68 13-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix to trex-199 Fdir counters stuck to 2^32

# 2c00ae27 12-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Temporary fix for trex-199 (xl170 counters stuck at 4G)

# 5a26a099 12-Apr-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

events API and RX core util.

# f7d55aa3 11-Apr-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

remove old fdir code

# 392f47fb 10-Apr-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-197

# 9e59c6af 07-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Do not send RX bytes in json if HW type does not support it

# 106f14c2 07-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix for issue of RX bytes per flow not 0 on xl710

# c70b71af 03-Apr-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Enabled flow stats for all interface types + needed corrections

# 3cc8f7e9 29-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

better error message for core_mask_sanity

# 24e4863c 28-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Remove RX stats from 1G/10G/VM

# 4e5179ce 27-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

fix for trex-193. Statefull with -l option never exit

# 4099c61a 24-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added flow parser for 82599 10G card. Added exceptions for flow stat

# ec963b31 24-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Temporarely removed flow stat support from 1G, 10G and VM

# f2488b02 24-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Revert "Added flow parser for 82599 10G card. Added exceptions for flow stat"

This reverts commit 6c569e6bbf05d940a23028b5d61a13ce4fa2a489.

# 6c569e6b 24-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added flow parser for 82599 10G card. Added exceptions for flow stat

# 05a61d70 23-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix for flow stats - making functions virtual

# 9c03844b 22-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

10G and VM work

# 1e93f5b1 17-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added CP to RX messages

# dd050751 15-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

RX bytes reporting working

# 582d3f74 15-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

1g pkt flow stat working

# 3c2f0346 10-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RX stats #2

# 8b0bb76f 09-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>


# 5f85bbd0 09-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Flow stat fix for issue of counting more than 1 stream

# cc8c0e22 08-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Additions and fixes to per flow stats

# 8ea0aeb8 08-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

fix to rx stats crash when adding 2 streams and stopping

# ccfb88c9 07-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added get_active_pgids

# b5cf4165 05-Mar-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

improve init speed of 1gb ports (12 ports init time reduced from 55 secs to 15)

# 2760d0ee 03-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Small flow stat fix

# e33e37ef 03-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

changing "latency" to "rx" + rx core options logic fix
indentation fix, whitespace cleanup

# 59a3b58d 02-Mar-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

TX barrier

# 8714436f 01-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

tx stats per stream

# 584cc849 29-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

stdint.h on Fedora dist. requires explicit defines for
format macros and limit macros - updated the WAF makefiles

# 0fd006c2 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

on Fedora 18, inttypes.h requires explicit define

/* The ISO C99 standard specifies that these macros must only be
defined if explicitly requested. */
if !defined __cplusplus || defined __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS

# 21fe2bef 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

more info for ports (API and TUI)

# c218fe23 28-Feb-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

m_max_ports->12, base on RaminNietzsche fix. set defult DPDK error to 4

# 5f17c48a 28-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

support for mac addr query

# 42274c19 28-Feb-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix for up to 12 ports, fix error in case port_limit higher than number of interfaces

# aaef3f95 25-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

port attributes - promiscuous and etc.

# f0ab9eba 08-Feb-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Rx stat per flow. Low level working for xl710, and partly for i350.
added full clone (with CP VM) to stream

# 252b8ab3 24-Feb-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

virtual NICs does not add 4 bytes of CRC

# d126c3bc 21-Feb-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

return 10G instead of 40G on x710 cards

# 2d27d1df 24-Jan-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

82599 report input errors on drop queue- remove the MPC in this case

# 9932ff8d 18-Jan-2016 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

async publish now

# 88da2ed7 19-Jan-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fix issue of --learn-mode ignored if --learn-verify was set before it in command line

# 62623efc 14-Jan-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Adding option to pass NAT info in TCP ACK of first SYN

# f1c78acf 10-Jan-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

add alloc_error, queue_full, queue_drop stats report via ZMQ
update kiwi02 and trex08 benchmarks
add common "scripts_dir" variable for usage in tests
configure router with proper MTU in jumbo test
add --local flag for not connecting to remote server (useful for functional tests)

# 7e37a0aa 07-Jan-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

basic enic support- still has issues

# 429c0e40 07-Jan-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added --send-debug-pkt
Moved code from main_dpdk.cpp to new files.

# 6711f241 05-Jan-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

9k packet size does not work for VMXNET3

# fecdb3ea 04-Jan-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fixing 40G stuck input queue issue

# 9e16960d 28-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

trim packet size command works

# a1364603 28-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

maximum packet size support 9k - simulation

# 2c8ce163 28-Dec-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Better error message when user gives too big -c arg

# b19ca363 27-Dec-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

No flow control disabling for 40G.
Add DPDK version to help string.

# 0cd5b927 16-Dec-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Full support dpdk 22.

# 509648b8 09-Dec-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Adding dpdk 2.2 instead of dpdk 1.8 and making changes to make compilation work.
40G and 10G filters do not work yet.

# 3534ca50 24-Dec-2015 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

fix display of huge positive number of drops (due to casting from negative to unsinged)

# 419a25e9 15-Dec-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

VM: connected control plane to DP

# 1a0e24fa 14-Dec-2015 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

publish rx_check counters via ZMQ even with iom=0

# 301341dd 13-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add git sha to version

# 6506ccf2 07-Dec-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Make ICMP filter for 40G work

# c4e0ae9a 01-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

vm compiler v0

# c181e882 29-Nov-2015 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Added ICMP latency packet modes

# 2e51cea3 30-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

vm mode works - first test

# 92dea378 25-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added events log

# 045d0f8f 24-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added support for percentage on start
also added info about the correct interface driver and speed
from DPDK layer

# 2ae2e4e8 19-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

full async DP stop support

# 8b33a58a 19-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

support debug logs in case of dpdk debug image

# a7317d45 18-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

async events (DP to CP)

# 95ad2382 19-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

minor typo fix

# 07e6795a 17-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

checkpoint before merge

# 3b8eb91e 16-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

clean termination - stateless and stateful - fix pure virtual function error

# 67bcc46b 09-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

DPDK target is now built with -Wall -Werror
(with few expections)
on both Fedora 18 and Ubunutu

# c411e0ab 05-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix normal trex

# 30b87959 04-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some fields were missing from the ZMQ publisher

# c0a49eef 03-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

now support multiple interfaces / ports

# 1586ab13 02-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

status is back online + ZMQ async stats

# ee2c7f45 01-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

stateless cores starts on IDLE - and starts the scheduler only when
traffic is being transmitted
if the traffic stops completely on the core - back to IDLE state

# 9a820782 29-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

Hanoch's review comments #1 : fixed performancei issue
with the stateless node

# 3978adce 29-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some bug fixes:

1. added a active bit to all the active nodes - when a stop arrives
it invalidates them for next time

2. some small flag issues in the stateless port

# b77fef12 26-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

RPC control plane now integarted with DPDK

# 587f9768 26-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

stateless dp works with static packet

# 44d26623 25-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add stateless io object

# 29550cab 25-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

cp works now. no DP, no RPC integration

# d4828d68 25-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first version

# 6c7880b9 11-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

DP cores now inject a single packet as a dummy to see stats

# 3b827c95 11-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

some DP base files

# d7af282d 08-Oct-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

first integration with DPDK layer

# a17963de 02-Oct-2015 root <root@crdc-asr1k-trex.cisco.com>

fix a build error

# 569ca4f3 08-Sep-2015 Wenxian Li <wenxianl@cisco.com>

tuple generator phase 3.1, support random, support per template client/server generator, Dynamic sellection of client type

Signed-off-by: Wenxian Li <wenxianl@cisco.com>

# 7b14c711 10-Aug-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

minor : fix version id

# a4766207 10-Aug-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

added support for C++ 2011
this includes refactoring the flags and adding for c++ the flag std=c++0x

# 52ada6a5 06-Jul-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

update build scripts

# 8b52a31e 24-Jun-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first version