History log of /trex/src/platform_cfg.cpp
Revision Date Author Comments
# 9218827e 22-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Error in case of vlan out of range in config file

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0d3f6dff 16-Mar-2017 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Fixes for v2.21 --software mode issues

Signed-off-by: Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

# 0ab32112 01-Jan-2017 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>


Change-Id: Ibf02ca9bb5e2f2a6e6c0a498dc8ce889069acb56
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# 7b8fd5a8 25-Dec-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

Max number of ports: 16

Change-Id: I93e2efe542578b0745d2f40adb2bcf35ffdff31b
Signed-off-by: Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

# dc66a3a8 25-Dec-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

add a way to change tw configuration

Signed-off-by: Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

# a42bf7bc 25-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Periodically send gratuitous ARP in stateful

# af781231 22-Sep-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

pre test: Send grat ARP, and resolve gateway addresses

# 1e6b2bf6 27-Sep-2016 Yaroslav Brustinov <ybrustin@cisco.com>

/etc/trex_cfg.yaml allow MAC as string "12:34:56:78:9a:bc" etc.
dpdk_setup_ports: fix create config in case of VM & passthrough

# 392f47fb 10-Apr-2016 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-197

# 22bed39a 09-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Support for rx_thread_id instead of latency_thread_id
Some white space/indentation cleanup

# 3f35b734 04-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

Temporary putting back latency_thread_id instead of rx_thread_id in cfg

# e33e37ef 03-Mar-2016 Ido Barnea <ibarnea@cisco.com>

changing "latency" to "rx" + rx core options logic fix
indentation fix, whitespace cleanup

# a1364603 28-Dec-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

maximum packet size support 9k - simulation

# a48cd647 01-Dec-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

1. fixed ZMQ message limitation
2. added some scale yamls for IMIX (300 streams, 1000 streams)
3. return objects are always complex objects (not strings) - for backward compatability
4. some minor adjustments to ZMQ socket timeouts

# 45b71cff 12-Nov-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

refactor stream object

# 38dc2db8 08-Nov-2015 imarom <imarom@cisco.com>

fixed all warnings
now compiles with -Wall -Werror

# d4828d68 25-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first version

# cf5dc18e 18-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

another small fix for trex-130

# ba997350 18-Oct-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

fix trex-130 issue

# 8b52a31e 24-Jun-2015 Hanoh Haim <hhaim@cisco.com>

first version