History log of /vpp/extras/vom/vom/qos_types.hpp
Revision Date Author Comments
# 83832e7c 31-Jul-2019 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

qos: Store function

Type: feature

store: write a QoS value into the buffer meta-data
record: Extract a QoS value from a packet header and store it.
mark: Make a change to the content of a packet header by writing a stored
QoS value

Change-Id: I07d1e87dd1ca90d40ac1ae1774fee1b272cab83f
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

# c17c1873 23-Jul-2019 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

vom: QoS support

Type: feature

Change-Id: If517d10c318fc17fdbd797fac8d974d9851f6442
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>