History log of /vpp/src/plugins/avf/avf_api.c
Revision Date Author Comments
# 74af6f08 25-Sep-2019 Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

avf: remote api boilerplate

Type: refactor
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Iafa1c0d0c1195f88b1a55f0341459c3278c3b2e6
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

# 3940de36 23-Jul-2019 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

api: binary api cleanup

Multiple API message handlers call vnet_get_sup_hw_interface(...)
without checking the inbound sw_if_index. This can cause a
pool_elt_at_index ASSERT in a debug image, and major disorder in a
production image.

Given that a number of places are coded as follows, add an
"api_visible_or_null" variant of vnet_get_sup_hw_interface, which
returns NULL given an invalid sw_if_index, or a hidden sw interface:

- hw = vnet_get_sup_hw_interface (vnm, sw_if_index);
+ hw = vnet_get_sup_hw_interface_api_visible_or_null (vnm, sw_if_index);
if (hw == NULL || memif_device_class.index != hw->dev_class_index)
return clib_error_return (0, "not a memif interface");

Rename two existing xxx_safe functions -> xxx_or_null to make it
obvious what they return.

Type: fix

Change-Id: I29996e8d0768fd9e0c5495bd91ff8bedcf2c5697
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# b7b92993 17-Oct-2018 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

c11 safe string handling support

Change-Id: Ied34720ca5a6e6e717eea4e86003e854031b6eab
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# 149d0e28 27-Aug-2018 Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

avf: RSS support

Change-Id: I59b8f08789f0704d6768258348e938da67e5b15b
Signed-off-by: Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

# 4e6014fc 24-Jul-2018 Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

avf: api fix

avf_create_reply returns software index for the new interface

Change-Id: I8a6b1a1985b072efafa24eb258b1f2cb1bea1110
Signed-off-by: Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

# 6c9b9644 25-Jun-2018 Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

avf: binary API and configurable RX/TX queue size

Change-Id: Ibd3a8d28d8f1df2bc14c42e48498f6ac26081192
Signed-off-by: Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>