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aa55a926 08-May-2020 Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>

gtpu: fix coverity issue

Fix coverity issue #210194 in gtpu-decap

Type: fix

Signed-off-by: Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>
Change-Id: I5b172c8494527e7117c4e7e7083a8473165aa40f

ed63a0ff 01-Mar-2020 Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>

gtpu: RX offload for IPv6 payload supporting

this patch adds the offloading capability for the IPv4 GTPU
tunnel which the next-node is assigned as IPv6

Type: feature

Signed-off-by: Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>
Change-Id: Ie39cd43058d36514656351dc6e906a19d5de89c0

2f156312 03-May-2020 Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

tests: vpp_interface remove deprecated packed properties

The api no longer requires packed ip addresses.

Type: test

Change-Id: If67365d86b7c3189f871a58234e99f9c8f875371
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

91fd910d 03-Apr-2020 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

geneve: Fix the byte swapping for the VNI

Type: fix

- swipe away the vomit indent left last time.
- add tests for VNIs > 16bit

Change-Id: I2d1f591bfb9d7a18996c38969365a509168d4193
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

e759bb54 08-Apr-2020 Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

udp: cleanup input node

Type: refactor

Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>
Change-Id: Ida9daefc20a161b36d6f36c56267123c7f2efc01

dd73bd32 05-Mar-2020 Nick Zavaritsky <nick.zavaritsky@emnify.com>

gtpu: encap-vrf-id in show gtpu tunnels command

Show encap-vrf-id instead of fib-idx. When a tunnel is created, you
specify encap-vrf-id, hence it makes sense for the show command to
present it the same way. Fib index, on the other hand, is the internal
artifact of how IP tables are managed; showing it isn't helpful.

Type: improvement
Change-Id: I8d1713d6727dd8685d6c10c07f421c18edafa6e0
Signed-off-by: Nick Zavaritsky <nick.zavaritsky@emnify.com>

27518c2f 27-Feb-2020 Nick Zavaritsky <nick.zavaritsky@emnify.com>

geneve gtpu vxlan vxlan-gpe: VRF-aware bypass node

Bypass node MUST NOT intercept a packet if destination IP doesn’t match
a local address. However IP address interpretation depends on the VRF,
hence bypass node must take that into account.

This patch also factors-out common VTEP management and checking code.

Type: improvement
Signed-off-by: Nick Zavaritsky <nick.zavaritsky@emnify.com>
Change-Id: I5665d94882bbf45d15f8da140c7ada528ec7fa94

ffd15463 18-Feb-2020 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

misc: fix coverity warnings

Type: fix
Ticket: VPP-1837

Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>
Change-Id: I402b1b06db736b2a7a242ce70ffd409c7c0a4fc2

47d41ad6 17-Feb-2020 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

misc: fix coverity warnings

Add an ALWAYS_ASSERT (...) macro, to (a) shut up coverity, and (b)
check the indicated condition in production images.

As in:
p = hash_get(...);
ALWAYS_ASSERT(p) /* was ASSERT(p) */
elt = pool_elt_at_index(pool, p[0]);

This may not be the best way to handle a specific case, but failure to
check return values at all followed by e.g. a pointer dereference
isn't ok.

Type: fix
Ticket: VPP-1837
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>
Change-Id: Ia97c641cefcfb7ea7d77ea5a55ed4afea0345acb

00fdf53c 16-Feb-2020 Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>

gtpu: offload RX flow

ip4 gtpu cli/api (using flow infra) to create flows and enable them on
different hardware (currently tested with ice)

to offload a gtpu tunnel onto hw:
set flow-offload gtpu hw TwentyFiveGigabitEthernet3/0/0 rx gtpu_tunnel0

to remove offload:
set flow-offload gtpu hw TwentyFiveGigabitEthernet3/0/0 rx gtpu_tunnel0 del

TODO:ipv6 handling

Type: feature
Signed-off-by: Chenmin Sun <chenmin.sun@intel.com>
Change-Id: I8e356feeb0b16cfeadc1bbbe92f773aa2916e715

7c9fe920 10-Jan-2020 John DeNisco <jdenisco@cisco.com>

docs: Edit FEATURE.yaml files so they can be published

Type: docs
Signed-off-by: John DeNisco <jdenisco@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I7280e5c5ad10a66c0787a5282291a2ef000bff5f

94501c49 03-Jan-2020 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

lb: add FEATURE file for lb/pppoe/gtpu/vxlan-gpe/pppoe

Type: docs

Change-Id: Ia3949954423eb7691c02e99444767a9f01a14adf
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

623b4f85 18-Dec-2019 Shawn Ji <xiaji@tethrnet.com>

vxlan: reuse inner packet flow hash for tunnel outer header load balance

Type: fix

Several tunnels encapsulation use udp as outer header and udp src port
is set by inner header flow hash, such as gtpu, geneve, vxlan, vxlan-gbd
Since flow hash of inner header is already been calculated, keeping it
to vnet_buffere[b]->ip.flow_hash should save load-balance node work to
select ECMP uplinks.

Change-Id: I0e4e2b27178f4fcc5785e221d6d1f3e8747d0d59
Signed-off-by: Shawn Ji <xiaji@tethrnet.com>

75c72369 18-Dec-2019 Miklos Tirpak <miklos.tirpak@gmail.com>

gtpu: Track the dst FIB entry instead of RR sourcing that

RR sourcing the destination FIB entry limits the number of tunnels
to 255 for a particular destination. This change removes this limit.

Type: fix

The patch is based on 1f50bf8fc57ebf78f9056185a342493be460a847
that introduced the FIB entry tracking but did not update
the gtpu plugin.

Signed-off-by: Miklos Tirpak <miklos.tirpak@gmail.com>
Change-Id: I8a4a87382a6eb5120e2bb65b9bc3c446bbfdbd3b

5fb2278c 07-Nov-2019 Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

vxlan geneve gtpu: fix short help

Type: fix

Change-Id: Id53eb6ed15f270d747b9831a7b585cbafe515dd2
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

5d4b8912 13-Dec-2019 snaramre <snaramre@cisco.com>

tests: changes for scapy 2.4.3 migration

Type: fix
Change-Id: I7e041b666dabd90df23a920a1f1d99db4c10ddfe
Signed-off-by: snaramre <snaramre@cisco.com>

55636cb6 08-Dec-2019 Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

gtpu: use explicit types in api

Type: fix
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>
Change-Id: I16fcbd5e63526dbf062a3032701479324fe2a4f5

318fbfe8 25-Oct-2019 Benoît Ganne <bganne@cisco.com>

gtpu: check packet has enough data for gtpu header

Type: fix

Change-Id: I604e4dd2b29962bfcd8e950a0074637dab53c79e
Signed-off-by: Benoît Ganne <bganne@cisco.com>

ead1e536 31-Oct-2019 Renato Botelho do Couto <renato@netgate.com>

misc: Fix python scripts shebang line

Type: fix

Since CentOS 8, RPM build script doesn't accept '#!/usr/bin/env python'
as a valid shebang line. It requires scripts to explicitly chose
between python2 or python3.

Change all to use python3 as suggested by Paul Vinciguerra.

Depends-On: https://gerrit.fd.io/r/23170

Signed-off-by: Renato Botelho do Couto <renato@netgate.com>
Change-Id: Ie72af9f60fd0609e07f05b70f8d96e738b2754d1

bd0a00a4 22-Oct-2019 Miklos Tirpak <miklos.tirpak@gmail.com>

gtpu: msg id fix in send_gtpu_tunnel_details api

Type: fix

_vl_msg_id must start at msg_id_base.

Signed-off-by: Miklos Tirpak <miklos.tirpak@gmail.com>
Change-Id: Id3f05683c873fcac47667a9736e45e85849b740c

49228efc 27-Sep-2019 Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

gtpu: remove api boilerplate

Type: refactor
Change-Id: I08d200fbec805af3109e738eee32c3ecfd61c7cc
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

a43c93f8 22-Aug-2019 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

tests: move plugin tests to src/plugins/*/test

- Relocate plugin tests for 'make test' into
src/plugins/*/test so that plugin test cases
are co-located with the plugin source code.

Type: refactor

Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>
Change-Id: I503e6a43528e14981799b735fa65674155713f67
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

fcdade1f 22-Jul-2019 Zhiyong Yang <zhiyong.yang@intel.com>

gtpu: fix missing trace issue

Type: fix

Change-Id: I1e1c39452edd94712455d102a6faad58bc7f66ff
Signed-off-by: Zhiyong Yang <zhiyong.yang@intel.com>

21a43846 09-Jul-2019 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

vat: unload unused vat plugins

If the corresponding vpp plugin is absent, return a non-zero
clib_error_t * from vat_plugin_register ("xxx plugin not loaded"). The
vat plugin calls dlclose on the vat plugin, and it disappears.

Depending on the plugin configuration, this can reduce the vpp virtual
size by several gigabytes.

Added a VAT_PLUGIN(<plugin-name>) macro to vat_helper_macros, clean up
boilerplate vat_plugin_register() implementations. Fixed a number of
non-standard vat_plugin_register methods.

Type: refactor

Change-Id: Iac908e5af7d5497c78d6aa9c3c51cdae08374045
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

097fa66b 01-May-2018 Neale Ranns <neale.ranns@cisco.com>

fib: fib api updates

Enhance the route add/del APIs to take a set of paths rather than just one.
Most unicast routing protocols calcualte all the available paths in one
run of the algorithm so updating all the paths at once is beneficial for the client.
two knobs control the behaviour:
is_multipath - if set the the set of paths passed will be added to those
that already exist, otherwise the set will replace them.
is_add - add or remove the set

is_add=0, is_multipath=1 and an empty set, results in deleting the route.

It is also considerably faster to add multiple paths at once, than one at a time:

vat# ip_add_del_route count 100000 multipath via
100000 routes in .572240 secs, 174751.80 routes/sec
vat# ip_add_del_route count 100000 multipath via
100000 routes in .528383 secs, 189256.54 routes/sec
vat# ip_add_del_route count 100000 multipath via
100000 routes in .757131 secs, 132077.52 routes/sec
vat# ip_add_del_route count 100000 multipath via
100000 routes in .878317 secs, 113854.12 routes/sec

vat# ip_route_add_del count 100000 multipath via via via via
100000 routes in .900212 secs, 111084.93 routes/sec

Change-Id: I416b93f7684745099c1adb0b33edac58c9339c1a
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <neale.ranns@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

e8964fef 22-May-2019 Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

gtpu: don't register udp ports unless a tunnel is created

Change-Id: I2945c2a2062ee5eda78f783c55cf16c2d60f959c
Signed-off-by: Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia@cisco.com>

1d1985de 23-Apr-2019 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

plugins: clean up plugin descriptions

- Make plugin descriptions more consistent
so the output of "show plugin" can be
used in the wiki.

Change-Id: I4c6feb11e7dcc5a4cf0848eed37f1d3b035c7dda
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

0333121d 26-Feb-2019 Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

gtpu: migrate old MULTIARCH macros to VLIB_NODE_FN

Change-Id: Id6e82910f8d991e355d3f26222eea4ac3ab091b1
Signed-off-by: Filip Tehlar <ftehlar@cisco.com>

178cf493 13-Nov-2018 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

Remove c-11 memcpy checks from perf-critical code

Change-Id: Id4f37f5d4a03160572954a416efa1ef9b3d79ad1
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

b7b92993 17-Oct-2018 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

c11 safe string handling support

Change-Id: Ied34720ca5a6e6e717eea4e86003e854031b6eab
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

b474380f 05-Sep-2018 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

L2 BD: introduce a BD interface on which to send UU packets

Change-Id: I21ad6b04c19c8735d057174b1f260a59f2812241
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

bdc0e6b7 22-Sep-2018 Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

Trivial: Clean up some typos.

Change-Id: I085615fde1f966490f30ed5d32017b8b088cfd59
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

f8520159 27-Aug-2018 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

cmake: Fix plugins .h includes

Change-Id: I90600d000afb02e8969f3c01bcf9e4b5c10a7d39
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

c0ccefdd 25-Aug-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

cmake: handle api_test_plugins in add_vpp_plugin macro

Change-Id: I76a1711af0a920cce66e6dfb07d019ba505d55b7
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

74449b8b 25-Aug-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

cmake: improve add_vpp_plugin macro

Change-Id: Iffd5c45ab242a919592a1f686f7f880936b68a1a
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

612dd6a9 29-Jul-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

CMake as an alternative to autotools (experimental)

Change-Id: Ibc59323e849810531dd0963e85493efad3b86857
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

7d98a12f 19-Jul-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Remove unused argument to vlib_feature_next

Change-Id: Ieb8b53977fc8484c19780941e232ee072b667de3
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

e73b6b7b 17-Jul-2018 Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

Fix IPv6 csum calculation in GTP-U encapsulation

The length field is included in the checksum. Therefor, we need
to update it before calculating the checksum.

Change-Id: Id23234efb80ea3747a0f8a5c7bf8621748d27635
Signed-off-by: Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

d6dfd002 17-Jul-2018 Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

Fix GTP-U length header field in encoding

The length in the GTPU header does not specify the length of the
payload. It does specify the number of bytes following the fixed
part (the first 8 bytes) of the GTPU header (see 3GPP TS 29.060,
Sect. 9.3.1).

Change-Id: I8ce73df015e1cf1f38d306666962c0058756111c
Signed-off-by: Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

96cc67dd 17-Jul-2018 Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

Fix GTP-U header in 4x IPv4 vector encapsulation

The fourth GTP-U packet had a wrong reference, leading to data

Change-Id: Id82f87368183d5e8b7047133c5ea799f2a9cb43c
Signed-off-by: Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

eb987d3a 03-May-2018 Dave Barach <dbarach@cisco.com>

Harmonize vec/pool_get_aligned object sizes and alignment requests

Object sizes must evenly divide alignment requests, or vice
versa. Otherwise, only the first object will be aligned as

Three choices: add CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK(align_me) at
the end of structures, manually pad to an even divisor or multiple of
the alignment request, or use plain vectors/pools.

static assert for enforcement.

Change-Id: I41aa6ff1a58267301d32aaf4b9cd24678ac1c147
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dbarach@cisco.com>

735f8793 01-Feb-2018 Jon Loeliger <jdl@netgate.com>

FIB: Consolidate several copies of fib_ip_proto() into one.

Rather than having multiple copies of the same function
scattered around, promote the function into the FIB
PROTOCOL definitions in fib_types.h.

Change-Id: I11c4d85931167d3a5f3dc1278afecc8845b23cd7
Signed-off-by: Jon Loeliger <jdl@netgate.com>

e5453d0f 24-Jan-2018 John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

Improve tunnel interface creation performance

Modify interface creation to allow creation of tunnel interfaces
without dedicated per tunnel output and tx nodes which are not
used for most tunnel types. Also changed interface-output node
function vnet_per_buffer_interface_output() so it does not rely
on hw_if_index as the next node index which is not flexible nor
efficient for large scale tunnel interfaces.

The improvenemts are done for VXLAN, VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE and GTPU
tunnels. GRE tunnel is still using per tunnel output nodes which
will be changed in a separate patch with other GRE enhencements.

Change-Id: I4123c01c0d2ead814417a867adb8c8a407e4df55
Signed-off-by: John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

9d420871 12-Oct-2017 Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

VPPAPIGEN: vppapigen replacement in Python PLY.

This is a version of the VPP API generator in Python PLY. It supports
the existing language, and has a plugin architecture for generators.
Currently C and JSON are supported.

- vl_api_version to option version = "major.minor.patch"
- enum support
- Added error checking and reporting
- import support (removed the C pre-processor)
- services (tying request/reply together)

option version = "1.0.0";

enum colours {
BLUE = 50,
define foo {
vl_api_colours_t colours;

service {
rpc foo returns foo_reply;
rpc foo_dump returns stream foo_details;
rpc want_stats returns want_stats_reply
events ip4_counters, ip6_counters;

Future planned features:
- unions
- bool, text
- array support (including length)
- proto3 output plugin
- Refactor C/C++ generator as a plugin
- Refactor Java generator as a plugin

Change-Id: Ifa289966c790e1b1a8e2938a91e69331e3a58bdf
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

4478d8ed 12-Jan-2018 John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

Improve "show xxx tunnel" and "show int addr" output

Improve "show xxx tunnel" output functions format_xxx_tunnel() for
GRE, VXLAN, VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE and GTPU tunnels to make their output
more consistent and provide better information.
Improved the output of "show int addr" to make its info more
consistent with tunnels and provide fib-index info.

Change-Id: Icd4b5b85a5bec417f8ee19afea336c770ad3b4c5
Signed-off-by: John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

6c4dae27 09-Jan-2018 Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

api: remove transport specific code from handlers

This does not update api client code. In other words, if the client
assumes the transport is shmem based, this patch does not change that.
Furthermore, code that checks queue size, for tail dropping, is not

Done for the following apis:
- acl
- gtpu
- memif
- nat
- pppoe
- bfd
- bier
- tapv2
- vhost user
- dhcp
- flow
- geneve
- ip
- punt
- ipsec/ipsec-gre
- l2
- l2tp
- lisp-cp/one-cp
- lisp-gpe
- map
- mpls
- policer
- session
- span
- udp
- tap
- vxlan/vxlan-gpe
- interface
- api/api.c
- oam_api.c
- stats.c

Change-Id: I0e33ecefb2bdab0295698c0add948068a5a83345
Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

e86a8edd 05-Jan-2018 Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

api: refactor vlibmemory

- separate client/server code for both memory and socket apis
- separate memory api code from generic vlib api code
- move unix_shared_memory_fifo to svm and rename to svm_fifo_t
- overall declutter

Change-Id: I90cdd98ff74d0787d58825b914b0f1eafcfa4dc2
Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

e6bfeab1 04-Jan-2018 John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

Unify and cleanup usage of hash_set/unset_mem by various tunnels

Move the functions hash_set_key_copy() and hash_unset_key_free()
which are dupilicated in various tunnel support code modules to
hash.h as hash_set_mem_alloc() and hash_unset_mem_free() to be
used by all.

Change-Id: I40723cabe29072ab7feb1804c221f28606d8e4fe
Signed-off-by: John Lo <loj@cisco.com>

77eb3a93 03-Nov-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Set up P2P flag to gtpu interface

Change-Id: Id01a363bf2b574376651de7bc8f3f7b2bb58c615
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

71612d61 24-Oct-2017 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

Add extern to *_main global variable declarations in header files.

- Global variables declared in header files without
the use of the 'extern' keword will result in multiple
instances of the variable to be created by the compiler
-- one for each different source file in which the
the header file is included. This results in wasted
memory allocated in the BSS segments as well as
potentially introducing bugs in the application.

Change-Id: I6ef1790b60a0bd9dd3994f8510723decf258b0cc
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

0d056e5e 28-Sep-2017 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

vppapigen: support per-file (major,minor,patch) version stamps

Add one of these statements to foo.api:

vl_api_version 1.2.3

to generate a version tuple stanza in foo.api.h:

/****** Version tuple *****/

vl_api_version_tuple(foo, 1, 2, 3)

Change-Id: Ic514439e4677999daa8463a94f948f76b132ff15
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>
Signed-off-by: Ole Troan <ot@cisco.com>

59b2565c 10-Sep-2017 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

Repair vlib API socket server

- Teach vpp_api_test to send/receive API messages over sockets
- Add memfd-based shared memory
- Add api messages to create memfd-based shared memory segments
- vpp_api_test supports both socket and shared memory segment connections
- vpp_api_test pivot from socket to shared memory API messaging
- add socket client support to libvlibclient.so
- dead client reaper sends ping messages, container-friendly
- dead client reaper falls back to kill (<pid>, 0) live checking
if e.g. a python app goes silent for tens of seconds
- handle ping messages in python client support code
- teach show api ring about pairwise shared-memory segments
- fix ip probing of already resolved destinations (VPP-998)

We'll need this work to implement proper host-stack client isolation

Change-Id: Ic23b65f75c854d0393d9a2e9d6b122a9551be769
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>

c847368b 24-Aug-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Use Quad-loop to improve gtpu-encap performance

Change-Id: I440fae09e77502392af5cde45dd9c532afa5d976
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

da78f957 24-May-2017 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

L2 over MPLS

[support for VPWS/VPLS]
- switch to using dpo_proto_t rather than fib_protocol_t in fib_paths so that we can describe L2 paths
- VLIB nodes to handle pop/push of MPLS labels to L2

Change-Id: Id050d06a11fd2c9c1c81ce5a0654e6c5ae6afa6e
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

a825c8bf 03-Aug-2017 jerryian <gu.jian1@zte.com.cn>

gtpu bypass function doesn't work (VPP-924)

Change-Id: I80183f7d984ed6ed2e3405d1bb65fe761a29bc81
Signed-off-by: jerryian <gu.jian1@zte.com.cn>

213b5aae 13-Jul-2017 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

vnet_buffer_t flags cleanup

Change-Id: I123eccea98abafeb31f25d2a162501e2eded60d4
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

ccd4a658 31-May-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Add l3 routing for GTP-U decap

Change-Id: Ic3c8cd58cb2b02622299cf74c9efcabd2ef2b513
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

e60959a2 19-May-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Fix GTP-U Coverity issues

Change-Id: I982e0dfb96c371672aa636aa7e40f06a84e2bb69
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

ef486b15 12-Apr-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Add GTP-U plugin. VPP-694

Basic GTP-U feature

Change-Id: I31226f890a92c5303ac06e112ed7820cae52d9bd
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>