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# b5a575b0 01-Nov-2019 Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

docs: clean up make docs job

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Change-Id: I9b5e5137eb4c1e89f6e8d7a278cd11a0fd496471
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

# 59fa121f 22-May-2019 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

L3 cross connect

- all packets input on interface X are load-balanced over the set of
paths provided.

Change-Id: Ic27cb88c4cd5d6d3462570632daff7a43d5a652d
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>