History log of /vpp/src/vnet/pg/input.c
Revision Date Author Comments
# 0cf52823 09-Jun-2020 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

gso: fix the udp checksum in test

Type: fix

Change-Id: I7005e4763e73f3679c40f94bdab26d439cd23188
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 698eb87a 21-May-2020 Vladimir Isaev <visaev@netgate.com>

vxlan: Fixed checksum caclculation offset

VXLAN uses csum_offload for IPv6 packets.

But without gso node we have csum calculated only for inner
This patch adds support for outer header csum calculation.
Checksum for inner packet should be calculated before
interface-output node (for example in vxlan node).

Type: fix

Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>
Signed-off-by: Vladimir Isaev <visaev@netgate.com>
Change-Id: Ica68429ede4426293769207cd83c791ebe72fe56

# 08eb2bb2 15-Apr-2020 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

pg: set vnet buffer flags in pg streams

See .../extras/pg/checksum_offload.pg for a nontrivial example, which
deliberately sets bogus ip and udp checksums in the generated packets,
then fixes the mess with (software emulated) hardware checksum

Validated via "pcap dispatch trace on max 1000 buffer-trace pg-input 100".
Packets stuffed into loop1-output have the configured bogus ip and udp
checksums. vnet_calc_checksums_inline(...) fixes the checksums, which
are correct when packets visit loop1-tx.

The packet generator is a dumb robot in this regard. If you ask for a
ridiculous flag combination - example: ip4 and ip6 - your mileage may

Type: feature

Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>
Change-Id: I6d9e790f373bcd9e445a89113ca8e4c8f9aa9419

# 157a4ab4 06-Dec-2019 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

gso: fix the tap/virtio driver for header offset

Type: fix

Change-Id: Ied34466907fa8ad44f997c600dbf481be4d22027
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 72e7312a 22-Oct-2019 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

gso: add protocol header parser

Type: feature

Change-Id: I7c6be2b96d19f82be237f6159944f3164ea512d0
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 87d7bac5 27-Sep-2019 Christian E. Hopps <chopps@chopps.org>

misc: add "maxframe" and "rate" to packet-generator cli.

Allow for setting the maximum number of generated packets to be included
in the frame passed to next nodes. This is very important for testing
code which may be susceptible to multi-frame vs single-frame bugs (e.g.,
code that is doing re-ordering where packets may be buffered between

- remove redundant packet "rate" option.
- reduce n_max_frame to u32 as that's what pulled from the CLI.

Type: feature
Signed-off-by: Christian E. Hopps <chopps@chopps.org>
Change-Id: Ie362bbb110b2cf01d9f65c559bbe9101e17b7fdc
Signed-off-by: Christian Hopps <chopps@labn.net>

# 7ca5aaac 24-Sep-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

vlib: add flag to explicitelly mark nodes which can init per-node packet trace

Type: feature

Change-Id: I913f08383ee1c24d610c3d2aac07cef402570e2c
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 14bea1bb 29-Jul-2019 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

gso: fix l3 and l4 header offset in case of tagged interface

previously, PG and virtio interfaces calculate wrong l3 and l4
header offset. This patch fixes this issue.

Type: fix
Ticket: VPP-1739

Change-Id: I5ba978e464babeb65e0711e1027320d46b3b9932
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 7dfcf7f1 14-Aug-2019 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

gso: remove the ip checksum flag in case of ipv6

Type: fix
Ticket: VPP-1727

Change-Id: Icfee35c5ab5e1c65079d1ca7bb514162319113e5
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 22e9cfd7 23-Jul-2019 Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

pg: add GSO support

Type: feature

Change-Id: I72676495a85fbecc946aa266a75234cce70c3a5e
Signed-off-by: Mohsin Kazmi <sykazmi@cisco.com>

# 58b2eb1a 15-Jul-2019 Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>

vlib: convert frame_index into real pointers

The fast path almost always has to deal with the real
pointers. Deriving the frame pointer from a frame_index requires a
load of the 32bit frame_index from memory, another 64bit load of the
heap base pointer and some calculations.

Lets store the full pointer instead and do a single 64bit load only.

This helps avoiding problems when the heap is grown and frames are
allocated below vm->heap_aligned_base.

Type: refactor
Change-Id: Ifa6e6e984aafe1e2755bff80f0a4dfcddee3623c
Signed-off-by: Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com>
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# 1671d3be 26-Jun-2019 Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

pg: format_pg_input_trace - reorder fields

00:00:00:814640: pg-input
stream pcap0-sw_if_index-1, 42 bytes, 1 sw_if_index

is changed to:

00:00:00:814640: pg-input
stream pcap0-sw_if_index-1, 42 bytes, sw_if_index 1

Type: style

Change-Id: I9bb32494c9c1d08bc7588f088ed67a60ed3236dd
Signed-off-by: Paul Vinciguerra <pvinci@vinciconsulting.com>

# 7d31ab2a 08-May-2019 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

add mactime plugin unit / code coverage tests

The unit and code coverage tests are boring. The rest of the patch
involves test and packet-generator infra cleanups.

Teach the "make test-xxx" family of targets to set the api test plugin
path correctly, to make "binary-api <api-message-name> <args>" debug
CLI commands work correctly in the "make test"
environment. Unfortunately involves both the top-level and test

Add a minor pg cli feature, a CLI to manually set

Consider the case where one configures an interface with both a
device-input and an output feature. To test the output feature using
the pg, it's necessary to inject packets into the interface output
node with both b->sw_if_index[VLIB_TX] and b->sw_if_index[VLIB_RX] set
correctly. For example:

packet-generator new {
name tx
limit 15
size 128-128
interface local0 # rx: device input feature not configured on local0
tx-interface loop0 # tx: output node requires b->sw_if_index[VLIB_TX]
node loop0-output
data {
hex 0x01005e7ffffa000dead0000008000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f0102030405

Fix a longstanding bug in the packet generator stream setup. Remove
kludges which set b->sw_if_index[VLIB_TX] to ~0 [in multiple places]
instead of using the stream value s->sw_if_index[VLIB_TX], and setting
THAT datum correctly.

Change-Id: I1097a18e8db73661ded6b822c1d718f7e5cf36ed
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# 296988d3 21-Feb-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Add no-append flag to vlib_frame_t

Change-Id: I01c4f5755d579282773ac227b0bc24f8ddbb2bd1
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 65cbcfe8 20-Feb-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

pg: fix tracing when device-input feature arc is used

Change-Id: I82240b43d3a5f3f33ac9ab2de106b3ec0ea31780
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 2768cdc0 20-Feb-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

pg: fix crash when multiple streams are enqueuing to the same next

Only with debug image and when next node is not ethernet-input...

Change-Id: Iaa404b5d35d5c04996ff48cd16877858092b78d7
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 8934a045 09-Feb-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

buffers: fix typo

Change-Id: I4e836244409c98739a13092ee252542a2c5fe259
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 5de3fec5 06-Feb-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

buffers: make buffer data size configurable from startup config


buffers {
default data-size 1536

Change-Id: I5b4436850ca18025c9fdcfc7ed648c2c2732d660
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 64d557cd 18-Jan-2019 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Add vlib_buffer_copy_indices inline function

This reverts commit 1e59f9ddbdda14591967e1d66eab8623f9ba58e4.

Change-Id: Iae1d372b887e170d28cac2fe4c61325ee5a5894a
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 3c8e1468 05-Jan-2019 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

pktgen: support mixed multi/single chunk pcap replay

Change-Id: I3d387b5e2b17f89ed688ea6cfee3fb6d782fe326
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# 671e60e6 30-Dec-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

buffers: remove unused code

Change-Id: If2bbfbc52994f5de0879763e0b7a7864498debb6
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 650223c0 14-Nov-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

ethernet-input optimizations

Change-Id: I4ec7750ef58363bd8966a16a2baeec6db18b7e9e
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 178cf493 13-Nov-2018 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

Remove c-11 memcpy checks from perf-critical code

Change-Id: Id4f37f5d4a03160572954a416efa1ef9b3d79ad1
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# 4d56e059 19-Jul-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Cleanup of handoff code

- removed handoff-dispatch node
- removed some unused buffer metadata fields
- enqueue to thread logic moved to inline function

Change-Id: I7361e1d88f8cce74cd4fcec90d172eade1855cbd
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 78c56890 16-May-2018 Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

Packet generator: preserve pcap file timestamps

Set vnet_buffer2(b0)->pg_replay_timestamp, for use when desired.

Fix a memory leak in pg_stream_free(...), which wasn't freeing the
replay packet templates.

Change-Id: I01822a9e91a52de4774d2b95cf0c2ee254a915e9
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

# aa682a39 26-Apr-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

A bit of buffer metadata reshuffling to accommodate flow_id

Change-Id: I2794384557c6272fe217269b14a9db09eda19220
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# ef2e5845 07-Mar-2018 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

packet-generator: use default free list

Change-Id: I2a34546f9b32edc9bfb86b5492dde34aaef49ccc
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# bd846cdc 21-Nov-2017 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

dpdk: add l2_hdr_offset and l3_hdr_offset in vlib_buffer_t

Change-Id: I0a6d1257e391c3b6f7da6498bd5f7d4c545d17e9
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# d3c008d1 02-Oct-2017 Christophe Fontaine <christophe.fontaine@enea.com>

[aarch64] Fixes CLI crashes on dpaa2 platform.

- always use 'va_args' as pointer in all format_* functions
- u32 for all 'indent' params as it's declaration was inconsistent

Change-Id: Ic5799309a6b104c9b50fec309cba789c8da99e79
Signed-off-by: Christophe Fontaine <christophe.fontaine@enea.com>

# 04a7f05e 10-Jul-2017 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

vlib: store buffer memory information in the buffer_main

Currently, buffer index is calculated as a offset to the physmem
region shifted by log2_cacheline size.

When DPDK is used we "hack" physmem data with information taken from
dpdk mempool. This makes physmem code not usable with DPDK.

This change makes buffer memory start and size independent of physmem
basically allowing physmem to be used when DPDK plugin is loaded.

Change-Id: Ieb399d398f147583b9baab467152a352d58c9c31
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 586afd76 05-Apr-2017 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Use thread local storage for thread index

This patch deprecates stack-based thread identification,
Also removes requirement that thread stacks are adjacent.

Finally, possibly annoying for some folks, it renames
all occurences of cpu_index and cpu_number with thread
index. Using word "cpu" is misleading here as thread can
be migrated ti different CPU, and also it is not related
to linux cpu index.

Change-Id: I68cdaf661e701d2336fc953dcb9978d10a70f7c1
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 3466c302 16-Feb-2017 Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

DHCP Multiple Servers (VPP-602, VPP-605)

Multiple DHCP (4 and/or 6) servers can be added and removed through multiple calls to the 'set dhcp server' API.
All 4/6/ discover/solicit messages will then be replicated to all servers in the list. The expectation is that the servers/system is configured in such a way that this is viable.
If VSS information is providied for the clinet VRF which also has multiple servers configured, then the same VSS information is sent to each server. Likewise the source address of packets sent to from VPP to each server is the same.

Change-Id: I3287cb084c84b3f612b78bc69cfcb5b9c1f8934d
Signed-off-by: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>

# c3a814be 28-Feb-2017 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

dpdk: be a plugin

Change-Id: I238258cdeb77035adc5e88903d824593d0a1da90
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

# 7cd468a3 19-Dec-2016 Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>

Reorganize source tree to use single autotools instance

Change-Id: I7b51f88292e057c6443b12224486f2d0c9f8ae23
Signed-off-by: Damjan Marion <damarion@cisco.com>