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22dc5563 24-May-2019 Jakub Horn <jhorn@cisco.com>

ISIS support for tap-inject

Change-Id: I856bbfbd55969f52d8f326855c51de8bd9e4ccaf
Signed-off-by: Jakub Horn <jhorn@cisco.com>

3a3b77f2 04-Oct-2018 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Fix build issue due to vpp's function parameters change

Change-Id: I00282bc235cffb672911454af8d7dc7ab04fd7a1
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

31a24b65 07-Aug-2018 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

Remove FIB_1.0 support and fix FIB_2.0 issue

Change-Id: I90e593993851a364b728034c13e8e69852b558c4
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

38f03b2d 02-Jul-2018 Tomasz Plaza <tomasz.plaza@grupawp.pl>

Note about selinux rules used by router plugin and log added about sendmsg error in netlink.

Change-Id: Id761357ae5842e66d3425ec5e949ac284dca98cf
Signed-off-by: Tomasz PÅ‚aza <tomasz.plaza@gmail.com>

9791ab9f 11-Apr-2018 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "Add support for MPLS labels in router plugin"

2ab698c9 15-Mar-2018 Chad Wang <imflinter@gmail.com>

Add support for MPLS labels in router plugin

1. Fixed more formatting issues. Added ASSERT.
2. Added MPLS features to support iproute2 command like
ip -f mpls route add <label> dev vpp0
ip route add <IP> encap mpls <LABELS> via <IP> dev vpp0
3. Modifications to compile with the latest VPP.

Change-Id: I5ed55ec3c6484beb1377496e9c763bb55da7ee26
Signed-off-by: Chad Wang <imflinter@gmail.com>

ce5ab876 15-Mar-2018 Chad Wang <imflinter@gmail.com>

Fixed two places in mapper.c to compile with the latest vpp.

Deleted the old code that was commented out.

Change-Id: Iff2637d9574662c7467931065857b9fcefc66124
Signed-off-by: Chad Wang <imflinter@gmail.com>

042a782c 07-Nov-2017 Michael Borokhovich <michaelbor@gmail.com>

Changing unix_file to clib_file in order to work with VPP 1801

Change-Id: Ie27f1884692802ae1b6a48ac25ef5aef25495c0a
Signed-off-by: Michael Borokhovich <michaelbor@gmail.com>

ea3a7716 31-Oct-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "Fix multicast packet reception."

0757a32b 18-Oct-2017 Michael Borokhovich <michaelbor@gmail.com>

Fix multicast packet reception.

This commit adds the entry to the mfib, making it possible to receive multicast packets.
Previously, multicast packets would not be received because the entry was added to the unicast fib and not mfib.

Change-Id: Id324805da3f214b3b68e9dba8b3967c615135765
Signed-off-by: Michael Borokhovich <michaelbor@gmail.com>

28ebdd1a 20-Oct-2017 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

Update README to note vcl-ldpreload has moved to the vpp project.

Change-Id: Ice7c773158a4e67b5060cb2767d3a0c32c721add
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

f3550c32 13-Oct-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "vpp-userdemo: Small changes to README/GUI"

20574915 10-Oct-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

LD_PRELOAD stub identified system calls

- stub identifed unimplemented system call
to return EOPNOTSUPP(95)

Change-Id: I4f4a78717059f224bc695a0d32d4f0417dc46bd4
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

e366e723 10-Oct-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "LD_PRELOAD epoll_wait implementation"

7e4ce408 10-Oct-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

netlink: Fix compilation issue in test/test.c

A new header file was missing.

Change-Id: Ic2c10d9577187dca7ea0729ebc95ba23a2c06e86
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

7e3b6d1e 10-Oct-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "[router] Remove call to vlib_buffer_chain_validate"

29a4b5c9 10-Oct-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "[router] Set VLIB_RX metadata to valid sw_if_index"

be6a7670 09-Oct-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

LD_PRELOAD epoll_wait implementation

- support vcom fd

Change-Id: I791e0983fb4b0ec574f4dff35e56adbfddc4f033
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

701b794f 09-Oct-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "LD_PRELOAD epoll_ctl implementation"

380b9852 09-Oct-2017 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Remove call to vlib_buffer_chain_validate

The vlib_buffer_chain_validate() function was removed from VPP.
To avoid referencing an undefined symbol, this commit removes the
function call.

Change-Id: I53f911a7d7b3d6121b8a4a0768b259af20730686
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

50a852c1 09-Oct-2017 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Set VLIB_RX metadata to valid sw_if_index

In normal cases, some multicast frames from the control plane are
dropped by VPP before being sent. We were not setting the VLIB_RX
interface to a valid sw_if_index, causing a segmentation fault
when updating counters in the process_drop node.

Change-Id: I950158b6c36c9056ee024d2524099db03bffbf35
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

1431306b 08-Oct-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

LD_PRELOAD epoll_ctl implementation

- close()

- amend 1
- removed stubs for vppcom_session_epoll_create and ctl
- add trace for epoll_create, epoll_ctl and epoll_wait

Change-Id: I0822f2212d56319f41236473bf547cf118fb18e0
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

bea87a67 06-Oct-2017 Steven <sluong@cisco.com>

LDPRELOAD: readv writev v2

Move the vector iteration down to vcom_socket

Change-Id: I5bb8d0d34a18ea15daf7a385443e046cb64313a1
Signed-off-by: Steven <sluong@cisco.com>

eedb87c1 05-Oct-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

LD_PRELOAD - fix multiple define


Change-Id: Ifb8a5fb722bffd80b53d7b8bab5cb360634c8cf5
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

98cd49a6 05-Oct-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "LDPRELOAD: Implement readv and writev"

574e4afc 05-Oct-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "VCL_LDPRELOAD epoll implementation"

dc217c26 04-Oct-2017 Steven <sluong@cisco.com>

LDPRELOAD: Implement readv and writev

Iteratively call vcom_read for readv and vcom_write for writev
system call.

Change-Id: I1d5795165e22c84b3303dde3273ce0cfa76abb4a
Signed-off-by: Steven <sluong@cisco.com>

34956cc3 04-Oct-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

VCL_LDPRELOAD epoll implementation

-epoll_create implementation

Change-Id: If05b5f44e48455f5a6f7a8096c1d020e7f3cd9cc
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

529ec1b1 27-Sep-2017 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

Fix name of VCL LD_PRELOAD lib dir env var.

Change-Id: I86a3ffc6c119eb9979580e8d48979dce5d5ce72d
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

4cf3180c 30-Aug-2017 Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

Update vcl-preload instructions

Change-Id: I2aab07d379a804b5b007db31abf0838b5b0798f4
Signed-off-by: Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

11cc5a98 28-Aug-2017 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "t commit -s Removed unnecessary includes"

e6ec9add 17-Aug-2017 Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

Add generated files to .gitignore & fix build

- Fix build references when VPP_DIR is specified for configure.

Change-Id: I7274305764f9985fce3e5596fd522154248ccbe5
Signed-off-by: Dave Wallace <dwallacelf@gmail.com>

a7221052 21-Aug-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

t commit -s
Removed unnecessary includes

Change-Id: Ib51701e9c0f57968961526de27e08d4b3c5d65f5
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

e1b749ab 11-Aug-2017 shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>


A LD_PRELOAD library built on top of VCL library

- initial creation.
- User can LD_PRELOAD any application that uses POSIX socket
API and yet reap the benifits of VPP transport.

- addressed review comments
- fix bug in vcom_select
rv was always zero.
- updated README.md with instructions to use socket_test.sh script

Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

new file: vcl-ldpreload/LICENSE
new file: vcl-ldpreload/MAINTAINERS
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/Makefile.am
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/configure.ac
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload.am
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/TODO
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom.c
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom.h
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom_glibc_socket.h
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom_socket.c
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom_socket.h
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom_socket_wrapper.c
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/libvcl-ldpreload/vcom_socket_wrapper.h
new file: vcl-ldpreload/src/vcl-ldpreload.mk
new file: vcl-ldpreload/test/README.md

Change-Id: I0db70bc4c3b3bac35451afa432c20dc04cb9699c
Signed-off-by: shrinivasan ganapathy <shrinivasanganapathy@gmail.com>

e6f61ec6 25-Jul-2017 Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

Initial creation of LD_PRELOAD for VPP Communications Library (VCL)

Change-Id: I5f8b0aa50535c4fcf78de44128a5e87258b3ae4b
Signed-off-by: Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

16456df2 02-May-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "vpp-bootstrap: VPP 17.04 Support"

17fdb321 04-Apr-2017 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-bootstrap: VPP 17.04 Support

* Adding support for VPP17.04
* Disabling DPDK to reduce mem footprint to 1G
* Fixing AWS for Xenial

Change-Id: I70f4ac0e70b80fd9b50d08f88a0987c089503ff2
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

9ee7b8c0 25-Apr-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

librtnl: Add compilation instructions to README.md

Change-Id: Ia7c7224e4561f238933c6d8b170b3e46b8675e8f
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

69ca60e8 25-Apr-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

librtnl: Add out-of-tree compilation

See README.md changes for the new way to compile the plugin/library.

Change-Id: I54ac5b9e7558ec8bb07430dc4a6f8e24d69cebbd
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

3b7e3000 05-Apr-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "FIx compile issue for netlink and router plugin"

ffd58251 28-Mar-2017 Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>

FIx compile issue for netlink and router plugin

Change-Id: I8a6f069af4acce97fd0ee262c217af645afd476d
Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com>
Signed-off-by: Dave Barach <dave@barachs.net>

d9f6186f 31-Mar-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "vpp-userdemo: updated to use stable repo"

4eb8e0b1 30-Mar-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "vpp-bootstrap:"

d5dd5a01 30-Mar-2017 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: updated to use stable repo

Minor update to use the stable repository.

Change-Id: I1c08225f7e98f9d11b6443908afa68f63b380ffb
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

eae889b3 04-Dec-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>


* Updated to VPP 17.01
* Updated README.md
* Reduced image requirements to 2 cores & 2048 megs of ram.
* Fixed VPP Binary on host to have more modest resource requirements.
* XConnect the Containers automagically in VPP on the host.
* Added support for python `pip` packages, updated scapy to 2.3.x for
VXLAN support.
* Using the VPP Binaries from 17.01 stable, instead of head.
* Added gdb package to ctwo, so `make debug` will work.
* Renamed veth backend interfaces on the host to `veth-c[one,two]`.

Change-Id: Ie1a86989733c1eb18041e20a4d268a308ffaebb3
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

a54fc6bd 28-Mar-2017 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "vpp-userdemo: updated to VPP 17.01"

84e35ad1 28-Mar-2017 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: updated to VPP 17.01

Updated the vpp-userdemo to support VPP 17.01, plus
a number of other bug fixes.

Change-Id: I79aebebdeaa4ad20690351f820e2efb5e62fdbee
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

f71b5f99 20-Dec-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

vhost-test: Add MoonGen lua script for perf profiling

mg.lua is a MoonGen script dedicated to forwarding rate
and drop rate measurement.
It is sort of clever at finding which points to plot in
order to discover interesting behaviors.

Change-Id: I40c9ce4da27f3c13c27a8b3214c96298683c2658
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

ba114e80 15-Dec-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

vhost-test: Feature addition to the vhost testing script

This patch adds:
- Support for custom virtio queue size.
Patching qemu is required when a size other than 256.
- Add/Del more vhost interfaces (limited to 1 VM though)
- Start/Stop the VM at runtime

Change-Id: Ie8410fd8dd9a7d22a7278dae4a898e66c7d3be5a
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

9e859fae 15-Dec-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

vhost-test: Add .gitignore file

Git ignores:
- tmp directory (temporary configuration)
- vmroot directory (mount point for the vm file system)
- conf.sh (user configuration file)

Change-Id: I8fe15f6428975b686e26c523954780d30189b58f
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

58fda365 15-Nov-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-bootstrap: initial commit

vpp-bootstrap is a vagrant based tool to automatically bootstrap a
vpp development environment. The tool is designed to be as data-driven
and extensible.

* An Ubuntu environment featuring one or more containers connected
via a Linux bridge is created.
* New containers can be easily created, packages install and configured
via a provisioning scripts.
* Networking, auth credentials and hostnames are automatically configured
to enable using tools like ssh and scp without password and ip addresses.
* Support for vagrant-proxy and vagrant-aws provisioning.
* Two containers are initially provided:-
* The first container provides network test tools such as scapy
are automatically installed
* In the second container VPP-lite is automatically git cloned, built
and installed.

Change-Id: Id484431f7dde8fdc9ff25ad198ff3cec55ba112c
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

51e00de1 21-Nov-2016 Padraig Connolly <padraig.connolly@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: Small changes to README/GUI

Changes to README:
*README flow changed (i.e intro first, setup next, then running)
*Changed CLI command help (tutorials directory needed to run demo)

Changes to GUI:
*Added fd.io colors to GUI interface
*Added more relevent icons to each tutorial
*Capitalized tutorial file names (Looks better on GUI)

Change-Id: Ib6c1347e24687d489f3b0be3808aefb4bbb622f2
Signed-off-by: Padraig Connolly <padraig.connolly@intel.com>

08e0618f 04-Nov-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Adding CPU jitter elimination tricks

Change-Id: I70bc1f5cff21ecbba734fa44cd2d94a1e5be8e9a
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

e0d34a1f 28-Oct-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

vhost-test: Initial commit with first draft

This is a first version for what intends
to become some reference scripts to test vpp and vhost performances.
The goal of this effort is to:
- Give testers a reference script that they can run on their own
- Give user a reference configuration that they should try to

Change-Id: I810565a9000e79ea908c390a5527e7ccd9e05351
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

55fd743f 25-Oct-2016 Gabriel Ganne <gabriel.ganne@qosmos.com>

flowtable - initial commit

Adds vpp patches for:
- the flowtable plugin
- a port-mirroring plugin to work with the flowtable
- test scripts

Change-Id: I61d988342921b994cf1a6c0b784fa7e75ca07276
Signed-off-by: Gabriel Ganne <gabriel.ganne@qosmos.com>

fbaa56c3 05-Oct-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[netlink] support new vpp fib

Change-Id: Iceaceee96dddeb9e09aa1cfc178ec7fbc00f72c3
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

dfae7756 21-Sep-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] IPv6 support and refactoring.

This change adds support for IPv6 while refactoring most of the
original plugin code in the following ways.

- Adhere to vpp style guidelines.

- Split the netlink, node, and tap processing into separate
files named with a "tap_inject" prefix which more accurately
represents the functionality.

- Implement our own tap management and rx/tx. This is to reduce
the overhead of passing packets in and out of vnet tap
devices, in favor of directly reading/writing from the tap.

- Change how nodes work. Now we have neighbor, rx, and tx nodes.
The neighbor node sends ARP replies and ICMP6 neighbor
advertisements to the arp-input and icmp6-neighbor-solicitation
nodes, respectively, before also injecting the packet to the
host, making it possible for both vpp and the host network stack
to resolve the next hop. The tx node injects packets into the
host by writing to the tap. The rx node reads packets from the
tap and sends them on its associated data plane interface.

- Simplify the CLI. Instead of creating taps specifically for
a given interface we create a tap for all of the Ethernet
interfaces with the "enable tap-inject" CLI command. The
interfaces are named with a "vpp" prefix, i.e. "vpp0". Also
add a "disable tap-inject" option.

- Provide ability to enable at configuration time with the
tap-inject { enable } stanza.

Change-Id: I6b56da606e2da1d793ce6aca222fe4eb5a4e070d
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

961580e4 16-Sep-2016 Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

Addressed format

Change-Id: I319a828b2357c2d450a429e34079afea68d7d7a1
Signed-off-by: Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

417c664e 15-Sep-2016 Aristeidis Iliopoulos <ailiopou@cisco.com>

Added GUI for tutorials that runs entirely inside the VM
-fixed issue with webserver not spinning up properly

Change-Id: I3724f1640ba2b84b7d84fab29febbbd047120812
Signed-off-by: Aristeidis Iliopoulos <ailiopou@cisco.com>

764d4be7 08-Aug-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: Convert namespaces to full containers.

Changes to convert namespaces to full containers as follows:-

* c1 -> cone, c2 -> ctwo
* Containers are accessible via lxc-console and ssh overlinux bridge.
* vpp is installed and configure in the container.
* Bridging, routing and tracing demo's work as before.

Change-Id: I4e957600e1e487355e55d2570c430f2ad21cafd6
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

19a9467a 05-Sep-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: adding debug option

Adding -d debug option to capture vpp-userdemo output to log file.
This will aid debug down the line.

Change-Id: Iaad69ad8890cafb9b748e3629447d9e6061a91f6
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

eeecc73b 29-Aug-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "[router] Support UDP protocol."

ad1ea9ba 27-Aug-2016 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "vppsb: set up gitreview for the vppsb"

2d5ec5e0 27-Aug-2016 Keith Burns <alagalah@gmail.com>

Merge "vpp-userdemo: fixing bridging license"

592a7399 18-Aug-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Support UDP protocol.

Register an IP protocol handler for UDP. When a UDP packet
arrives on a tapped interface configured for UDP, the packet
is injected on the input device's respective tap.

commit f560a490c already adds support for directing multicast
packets to the tap device.

Change-Id: I2a28a123d9bf1470f87986e66f34e76a99e63f48
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

c4da7ab6 04-Aug-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Handle initial tap link state.

When an interface is tapped, the tap inherits the link state of the
underlying device.

Also, the hw vector was being resized in the time between getting
the interface and when the hw_address was referenced, leading to
a segmentation fault. Resolve the issue by saving the mac
address contents on the stack before passing to other functions.

Change-Id: I4b5b31e438159a83ddfea808882503775b1fcd1a
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

adff8bfb 10-Aug-2016 Mohsin KAZMI <sykazmi@cisco.com>

turbotap: A plugin for turbo tap interfaces

This patch implements a plugin for tap interfaces using
socket API. It has advantage of reduced context switching
over traditional tap interfaces using "sendmmsg" or
"recvmmsg" system calls to send/receive multiple packets
using single system call.

Change-Id: I5b98e403692ac47d119c03174a21fbd9ff24de82
Signed-off-by: Mohsin KAZMI <sykazmi@cisco.com>

5d7ae6ad 08-Aug-2016 Elza Mathew <elza.mathew@intel.com>

[router] Link state events

This patch introduces a method to listen to link state events.
The method invokes callback functions to set the interface

Change-Id: I284bc5dd92a38c91f093d6709fb43b6b5ae57c56
Signed-off-by: Elza Mathew <elza.mathew@intel.com>

a994f24e 08-Aug-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vppsb: set up gitreview for the vppsb

Adding .gitreview so that gitreview works for the vppsb.

Change-Id: Ic0e3931701557a2604d94cb63ee5a33a6646aa39
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

f008f82b 08-Aug-2016 Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

vpp-userdemo: fixing bridging license

The bridging file was using a 'C' style license, not a bash style license.

Change-Id: Ieacfda56ca8cb44f417ffbbc035dd16bdee9ed03
Signed-off-by: Ray Kinsella <ray.kinsella@intel.com>

bee3dc86 07-Aug-2016 Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

Adding subproject: vpp-userdemo

Change-Id: I79eb30c7a4130d1cf12277a68bb417b5778e9f9c
Signed-off-by: Keith Burns (alagalah) <alagalah@gmail.com>

f560a490 03-Aug-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Support igmp and ospf multicast.

When requested, inject IGMP and OSPF packets with a multicast
address of to the respective tap.

Change-Id: I2763e3df1929d12bd7b5a68bca51f83febc63b28
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

c24cbfab 02-Aug-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Correctly handle per-interface protocols

Previously, if one interface were configured to inject a protocol,
then all interfaces would inject the protocol. In other words, if
iface 1 were configured for arp,icmp4 and iface 2 were configured
for arp,icmp4,tcp, then iface 1 would erroneously inject tcp.

This commit fixes the above behavior such that each packet is
compared with the protocols enabled for the interface before

Change-Id: I20477a24019f3e0209b863aca25c1253ba45d7f4
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

593607aa 30-Jun-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge changes from topic 'cleanup'

* changes:
[router] Remove note about build failure.
[router] Support tcp injection on tapped interfaces.
[router] Combine node functions.

3c93dba7 29-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Remove note about build failure.

The build issue has been fixed in the netlink repo. Remove
the note from the README as it is no longer relevant.

Change-Id: I3d9fe59f443b926fb83dce16655d86d88ea06be4
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

eadba30e 29-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Support tcp injection on tapped interfaces.

Enabled with 'tap inject arp,icmp4,tcp from ... as ...'

Change-Id: Ibc1670a8d4b9b3c4369ced9e42df85f496f4129c
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

c2a7f2f7 29-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[router] Combine node functions.

Handle arp, icmp4, and classified packets in a single node
function instead of three nearly identical ones.

Change-Id: Id3752bbf2b4f5b1f9d8f98315d330dcf2124c829
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

f7b47573 29-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

[Netlink] Fix testrtnl_plugin dependency on librtnl.

Link against the libtool file, not the library itself. Without
this change, the following error is produced when building the

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lrtnl
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:465: recipe for target 'testrtnl_plugin.la' failed

Change-Id: I60c7c33baa3958c26749e4507e9d5bebb65a3519
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

41d2e788 29-Jun-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

[Netlink] Namespace name formatting bugfix and reduced verbosity

Change-Id: Idf7d9cff0bf5b4e8c9eea8a38a61c75ee9d3da1c
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

110b0982 20-Jun-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Merge "netlink: re-define DBL_MAX to be smaller than usual."

061c542d 17-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

router: initial commit

Change-Id: Ief5544e58f002e8d33b72dd87295c29f93345d37
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

6a9d37df 17-Jun-2016 Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

netlink: re-define DBL_MAX to be smaller than usual.

Without this modification I see a timing wheel assertion

Change-Id: I20435b36e06d8978771809857cd1a1121f785bc0
Signed-off-by: Jeff Shaw <jeffrey.b.shaw@intel.com>

9f07da4a 19-May-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

[Netlink] Bugfix - Use indexes rather than pointers

Change-Id: I76d3400b4d62e871def81420203407761c8d5c7f
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

83ddb4c4 19-May-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

[Netlink] Add format function to get namespace path

Change-Id: I5a3e955696ea4b1b866f6217c375cfce8d722681
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

577cb66a 19-May-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

[Netlink] Fix Makefile.am test plugin dependency to librtnl

Change-Id: I59b393888246e8b37f815ffda6259977f9c03c7b
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

4c047107 11-May-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Initial commit for the netlink effort

Change-Id: Ie804a9855f20e12f44fe040d15efb710941dee9f
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

51f92d57 11-May-2016 Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

Initial commit with README.md

Change-Id: I74e55293ce7fb9888a9473eb5a3a2f06bd2a97e5
Signed-off-by: Pierre Pfister <ppfister@cisco.com>

4c181197 09-May-2016 C.J. Collier <cjcollier@linuxfoundation.org>

Initial empty repository