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H A Dngx_inet.h100 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon35
H A Dngx_resolver.h88 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon59
114 in_addr_t *addrs; member in union:__anon60::__anon61
209 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:ngx_resolver_ctx_s
H A Dngx_resolver.c592 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; local
1916 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; local
3009 ngx_addr_t *addrs; local
4247 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; local
H A Dngx_mail.c388 ngx_mail_in_addr_t *addrs; local
H A Dngx_mail.h76 void *addrs; member in struct:__anon350
84 ngx_array_t addrs; /* array of ngx_mail_conf_addr_t */ member in struct:__anon351
H A Dngx_stream.c560 ngx_stream_in_addr_t *addrs; local
H A Dngx_stream_upstream.h54 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon467
107 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon469
H A Dngx_stream.h94 void *addrs; member in struct:__anon407
103 ngx_array_t addrs; /* array of ngx_stream_conf_addr_t */ member in struct:__anon408
H A Dngx_http.c1787 ngx_http_in_addr_t *addrs; local
H A Dngx_http_core_module.h261 void *addrs; member in struct:__anon281
269 ngx_array_t addrs; /* array of ngx_http_conf_addr_t */ member in struct:__anon282
H A Dngx_http_upstream.h94 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon323
299 ngx_resolver_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon328
H A Dngx_event_openssl_stapling.c24 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:__anon90
54 ngx_addr_t *addrs; member in struct:ngx_ssl_ocsp_ctx_s

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