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H A Dvirtio_ring.h89 struct vring_avail *avail; member in struct:vring
H A Dnetmap.h198 uint32_t avail; /* number of usable slots */ member in struct:netmap_ring
H A Dvirtio-net.h49 struct vring_avail *avail; /* Virtqueue available ring. */ member in struct:vhost_virtqueue
H A Dfm10k_pf.h115 __le32 avail; member in struct:fm10k_global_table_data
H A Dfm10k_type.h636 u32 avail; member in struct:fm10k_swapi_table_info
H A Dvmxnet3_rxtx.c92 uint32_t avail = 0; local
123 uint32_t avail = 0; local
382 uint32_t first2fill, avail, dw2; local
H A Dvhost.h93 struct vring_avail *avail; member in struct:vhost_virtqueue
H A Dadapter.h114 unsigned int avail; /* # of available Rx buffers */ member in struct:sge_fl
H A Dsge.c494 unsigned int avail = reclaimable(q); local
H A Dnfp_net.c1720 int avail; local

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