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H A Deal_hugepage_info.c73 int num_buffers, fd, error; local
H A Deal_memory.c92 int error; local
H A Dvnic_rq.c121 void vnic_rq_error_out(struct vnic_rq *rq, unsigned int error) argument
H A Dvnic_wq.c148 void vnic_wq_error_out(struct vnic_wq *wq, unsigned int error) argument
H A Dvnic_devcmd.h690 u32 error; /* error code (see ERR_*) for first ERR */ member in struct:vnic_devcmd_notify
997 u8 error; /* same error codes as original */ member in struct:devcmd2_result
H A Dcontigmem.c105 int error = 0; local
143 int i, error = 0; local
H A Drte_eth_xenvirt.c135 int error; local
H A Dvirtio_rxtx.c448 int error, nbufs; local
620 int error; local
756 int error; local
868 int error; local
1036 int error; local
H A Dkcompat.c1065 int error; local
H A Di40e_fdir.c977 uint32_t error; local
H A Dixgbe_x550.c1128 u32 command, error; local
1174 u32 command, error; local
H A Dvmxnet3_defs.h573 __le32 error; member in struct:Vmxnet3_QueueStatus
H A Digb_ethdev.c745 int error = 0; local
H A Decore_hsi.h2264 uint32_t error; member in struct:lldp_local_mib
5546 uint8_t error /* error on the mesasage */; member in struct:event_ring_msg

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