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H A Derror.c149 _clib_error_return (clib_error_t * errors, argument
182 clib_error_free_vector (clib_error_t * errors) argument
193 clib_error_t *errors = va_arg (*va, clib_error_t *); local
220 _clib_error_report (clib_error_t * errors) argument
H A Dinput.c276 clib_error_t *errors[4]; local
H A Ddrop.c165 u32 errors[VLIB_FRAME_SIZE], *error, *from, n_left; local
H A Dnode.h470 vlib_error_t *errors; /**< Vector of errors for this node. */ member in struct:vlib_node_runtime_t
H A Dudp_input.c84 u32 errors, *first_buffer; local
H A Ddpdk.h220 clib_error_t *errors; member in struct:__anon6
H A Dip4_forward.c2659 u64 errors = 0; local
H A Dtcp_types.h378 tcp_errors_t errors; /**< Soft connection errors */ member in struct:_tcp_connection
H A Dtcp_input.c1506 u32 thread_index = vm->thread_index, errors = 0; local
1815 u32 n_left_from, *from, *first_buffer, errors local
2128 u32 thread_index = vm->thread_index, errors = 0, *first_buffer; local
H A Dsession.c701 int i, errors = 0; local
732 int i, errors = 0; local

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