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H A Diterator.cpp70 const Node& Iterator::first() const function in class:YAML::Iterator
H A Dregeximpl.h150 int first = -1; local
H A Demitterutils.cpp68 bool GetNextCodePointAndAdvance(int& codePoint, std::string::const_iterator& first, std::string::const_iterator last) { argument
H A Dtime_histogram.cpp201 bool first=true; local
H A Dh_timer.cpp81 CHTimerWheelLink * first; local
H A Dflow_stat_parser.h83 inline bool IsNatInfoPkt(bool &first) { argument
153 inline bool IsNatInfoPkt(bool &first) { argument
H A Dh_timer.h233 CHTimerWheelLink * first = m_active_bucket->m_next; local
H A Dstateful_rx_core.cpp451 bool first; local
H A Dbp_sim.cpp4663 bool first = true, second = true; local
H A Drte_eth_bond_api.c334 uint16_t first; local
H A Drte_xen_lib.c367 int first = 1; local
H A Dtrex_streams_compiler.cpp967 bool event_compare (const TrexStreamsGraphObj::rate_event_st &first, const TrexStreamsGraphObj::rate_event_st &second) { argument
H A Dweb-2.0.css
H A Dbeamer.css
H A Dspectests.cpp168 std::string first, second; member in struct:Test::Spec::Pair
H A Dtest_enum.py213 first = 'bippity' variable in class:TestEnum.setUp.test_members_is_ordereddict_if_ordered.Ordered
227 first = 1 variable in class:TestEnum.setUp.test_members_is_always_ordered.AlwaysOrdered
1434 first = (1, 'for the money') variable in class:TestEnum.test_tuple_subclass.SomeTuple
H A Digb_ethdev.c5109 int first, length; local
5133 int first, length; local
H A Dixgbe_ethdev.c7120 int first, length; local
7140 int first, length; local
H A Digb_main.c5099 igb_tso(struct igb_ring *tx_ring, struct igb_tx_buffer *first, u8 *hdr_len) argument
5171 igb_tx_csum(struct igb_ring *tx_ring, struct igb_tx_buffer *first) argument
5290 igb_tx_map(struct igb_ring *tx_ring, struct igb_tx_buffer *first, const u8 hdr_len) argument
5457 struct igb_tx_buffer *first; local
H A Dkcompat.h1236 struct hlist_node *first; member in struct:hlist_head
1261 struct hlist_node *first = h->first; local
H A Dgtest-all.cc2853 inline bool IsUtf16SurrogatePair(wchar_t first, wchar_ argument
2859 CreateCodePointFromUtf16SurrogatePair(wchar_t first, wchar_t second) argument
H A Dkcompat.h1173 struct hlist_node *first; member in struct:hlist_head
1198 struct hlist_node *first = h->first; local

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