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H A Dindentation.h19 inline ostream& operator << (ostream& out, const Indentation& indent) { argument
30 inline ostream& operator << (ostream& out, const IndentTo& indent) { argument
H A Dscanscalar.h26 int indent; // what level of indentation should be eaten and ignored? member in struct:YAML::ScanScalarParams
H A Dscanner.cpp285 IndentMarker& indent = *pIndent; local
315 const IndentMarker& indent local
339 const IndentMarker& indent = *; local
351 const IndentMarker& indent = *; local
H A Demitterutils.cpp255 bool WriteLiteralString(ostream& out, const std::string& str, int indent) argument
H A Demitter.cpp152 Emitter& Emitter::SetLocalIndent(const _Indent& indent) argument
H A Demitterstate.h189 int indent; member in struct:YAML::EmitterState::Group
H A Demitter.h177 inline Emitter& operator << (Emitter& emitter, _Indent indent) { argument
H A Djsoncpp.cpp4448 void StyledWriter::indent() { indentString_ += std::string(indentSize_, ' '); } function in class:Json::StyledWriter
4666 void StyledStreamWriter::indent() { indentString_ += indentation_; } function in class:Json::StyledStreamWriter
4946 void BuiltStyledStreamWriter::indent() { indentString function in class:Json::BuiltStyledStreamWriter

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