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H A Dos_time.cpp45 int rate = sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK); local
H A Dsa-kern-abi.h59 __u8 rate; member in struct:ibv_kern_path_rec
H A Dsa.h59 uint8_t rate; member in struct:ibv_sa_path_rec
75 uint8_t rate; member in struct:ibv_sa_mcmember_rec
114 uint8_t rate; /* rate selector-7:6 rate-5:0 */ member in struct:ibv_path_record
H A Dtrex_rpc_cmd_stream.cpp179 const Json::Value &rate = parse_object(mode ,"rate", result); local
187 TrexRpcCmdAddStream::parse_rate(const Json::Value &rate, std::unique_ptr<TrexStream> &stream, Json::Value &result) { argument
H A Dfm10k_pf.c796 STATIC s32 fm10k_iov_configure_tc_pf(struct fm10k_hw *hw, u16 vf_idx, int rate) argument
H A Dfm10k_type.h669 int rate; /* Tx BW cap as defined by OS */ member in struct:fm10k_vf_info
H A Decore_hsi.h5189 uint16_t rate /* Vnic/Protocol rate i member in struct:rate_shaping_counter
5191 uint16_t rate /* Vnic/Protocol rate in units of Mega-bits/sec */; member in struct:rate_shaping_counter

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