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H A Drte_vdev.h63 rte_vdev_remove_t *remove; /**< Virtual device remove function. */ member in struct:rte_vdev_driver
H A Drte_pci.h204 pci_remove_t *remove; /**< Device Remove function. */ member in struct:rte_pci_driver
H A Dmain.h65 volatile uint8_t remove; member in struct:vhost_dev
H A Dmain.h88 volatile uint8_t remove; member in struct:vhost_dev
H A Deal_vfio.c561 struct vfio_iommu_spapr_tce_remove remove = { local
H A Dvirtio-net.h72 volatile uint8_t remove; /* Device is marked for removal from the data core. */ member in struct:virtio_net
H A Dsocket.c259 vhost_user_read_cb(int connfd, void *dat, int *remove) argument
H A Dqede_if.h132 void (*remove)(struct ecore_dev *edev); member in struct:qed_common_ops
H A Dixgbe_ethdev.h164 uint64_t remove; member in struct:ixgbe_hw_fdir_info
H A Drte_eth_ctrl.h743 uint64_t remove; /**< Number of removed filters. */ member in struct:rte_eth_fdir_stats
H A Decore_sp.c33 ecore_exe_queue_init(struct bnx2x_softc *sc __rte_unused, struct ecore_exe_queue_obj *o, int exe_len, union ecore_qable_obj *owner, exe_q_validate validate, exe_q_remove remove, exe_q_optimize optimize, exe_q_execute exec, exe_q_get get) argument
H A Decore_sp.h614 exe_q_remove remove; member in struct:ecore_exe_queue_obj
H A Dcmdline.c4462 cmdline_fixed_string_t remove; member in struct:cmd_remove_bonding_slave_result

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