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H A Dbnxt_filter.h61 uint8_t tunnel_type; member in struct:bnxt_filter_info
H A Dhsi_struct_def_dpdk.h5297 uint8_t tunnel_type; member in struct:hwrm_cfa_l2_filter_alloc_input
H A Dixgbe_fdir.c930 u32 tunnel_type = 0; local
H A Drte_eth_ctrl.h308 enum rte_eth_tunnel_type tunnel_type; /**< Tunnel Type. */ member in struct:rte_eth_tunnel_filter_conf
520 enum rte_eth_fdir_tunnel_type tunnel_type; /**< Tunnel type to match. */ member in struct:rte_eth_tunnel_flow
H A Di40e_type.h919 u32 tunnel_type:3; member in struct:i40e_rx_ptype_decoded
H A Dcmdline.c7002 cmdline_fixed_string_t tunnel_type; member in struct:cmd_tunnel_filter_result
8388 cmdline_fixed_string_t tunnel_type; member in struct:cmd_flow_director_result
9074 cmdline_fixed_string_t tunnel_type; member in struct:cmd_flow_director_mask_result
H A Dixgbe_type.h3472 __be16 tunnel_type; member in struct:ixgbe_atr_input::__anon62

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