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H A Dfm10k_common.c376 u64 tx_bytes = 0; local
H A Dfm10k_type.h495 struct fm10k_hw_stat tx_bytes; member in struct:fm10k_hw_stats_q
H A Drte_eth_af_packet.c95 volatile unsigned long tx_bytes; member in struct:pkt_tx_queue
H A Drte_eth_szedata2.c84 volatile uint64_t tx_bytes; member in struct:szedata2_tx_queue
H A Drte_eth_bond_pmd.c662 uint64_t tx_bytes; local
H A Dadapter.h256 u64 tx_bytes; /* # of ethernet bytes */ member in struct:sge_eth_tx_stats
H A Dt4fw_interface.h1416 __be64 tx_bytes; member in struct:fw_port_stats_cmd::fw_port_stats::fw_port_stats_all
H A Di40e_type.h1362 u64 tx_bytes; /* gotc */ member in struct:i40e_eth_stats

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