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H A Dapplication_interface.c95 parse_uri (char *uri, session_endpoint_cfg_t * sep) argument
H A Dapplication_interface.h107 char *uri; member in union:_vnet_bind_args_t::__anon17
126 char *uri; member in union:_vnet_unlisten_args_t::__anon18
139 char *uri; member in union:_vnet_connect_args::__anon19
326 u8 uri[56]; member in struct:session_listen_uri_msg_
410 u8 uri[56]; member in struct:session_connect_uri_msg_
H A Dhttp_static_test.c47 u8 *uri = 0; local
H A Dhttp_static.h197 u8 *uri; member in struct:__anon7
H A Dstatic_server.c1336 http_static_server_enable_api(u32 fifo_size, u32 cache_limit, u32 prealloc_fifos, u32 private_segment_size, u8 * www_root, u8 * uri) argument
H A Dproxy.c29 char uri[128]; member in struct:__anon9
H A Dhttp_server.c82 u8 *uri; member in struct:__anon8
H A Dvpp_echo.c1100 u8 *uri = 0; local
H A Dvpp_echo_common.h284 u8 *uri; /* The URI we're playing with */ member in struct:__anon6

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