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H A Drte_mempool_gntalloc.c54 void *va; member in struct:_gntarr
62 void *va; member in struct:_mempool_gntalloc_info
88 char *va, *orig_va, *uv; /* uv: from which, the pages could be freed */ local
H A Drte_xen_lib.c105 get_phys_map(void *va, phys_addr_t pa[], uint32_t pg_num, uint32_t pg_sz) argument
150 void *va; local
247 gntfree(void *va, size_t sz, uint64_t start_index) argument
H A Drte_eth_xenvirt.c381 void *va = NULL; local
H A Dkni_dev.h122 void *va[MBUF_BURST_SZ]; member in struct:kni_dev
H A Dkni_net.c68 void *va; local
85 va2pa(void *va, struct rte_kni_mbuf *m) argument
H A Dkni_vhost.c150 struct rte_kni_mbuf *va; local
282 struct rte_kni_mbuf *va[RX_BURST_SZ]; local
253 kni_vhost_enqueue(struct kni_dev *kni, struct kni_vhost_queue *q, struct sk_buff *skb, struct rte_kni_mbuf *va) argument
265 kni_vhost_enqueue_burst(struct kni_dev *kni, struct kni_vhost_queue *q, struct sk_buff **skb, struct rte_kni_mbuf **va) argument
H A Di40e_osdep.h182 void *va; member in struct:i40e_dma_mem
193 void *va; member in struct:i40e_virt_mem
H A Deal_memory.c572 void *va = (void *)(unsigned long)virt_addr; local
H A Dmpipe_tilegx.c484 void *va = gxio_mpipe_idesc_get_va(idesc); local
534 void *va; local
H A Dadapter.h130 void *va; /* virtual address of first byte */ member in struct:pkt_gl
H A Digb_main.c7337 unsigned char *va = page_address(page) + rx_buffer->page_offset; local
7347 memcpy(__skb_put(skb, size), va, ALIGN(size, sizeof(long))); local

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