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H A Dngx_http_perl_module.h32 ngx_array_t *variables; /* array of ngx_http_perl_var_t */ member in struct:__anon260
H A Dngx_http_variables.h73 ngx_http_regex_variable_t *variables; member in struct:__anon333
H A Dngx_http_script.h47 ngx_uint_t variables; member in struct:__anon304
H A Dngx_http_core_module.h161 ngx_array_t variables; /* ngx_http_variable_t */ member in struct:__anon275
H A Dngx_http_request.h420 ngx_http_variable_value_t *variables; member in struct:ngx_http_request_s
H A Dngx_stream_script.h40 ngx_uint_t variables; member in struct:__anon452
H A Dngx_stream_variables.h70 ngx_stream_regex_variable_t *variables; member in struct:__anon478
H A Dngx_stream.h156 ngx_array_t variables; /* ngx_stream_variable_t */ member in struct:__anon413
210 ngx_stream_variable_value_t *variables; member in struct:ngx_stream_session_s
H A Dngx_http_ssi_filter_module.h65 ngx_list_t *variables; member in struct:__anon228

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