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H A Dvxlan.h54 uint32_t vport_id; /**< VirtIO port id */ member in struct:vxlan_port
H A Dvxlan.c199 uint vport_id; local
H A Decore_hsi_init_func.h108 u8 vport_id /* VPORT ID */; member in struct:init_qm_pq_params
H A Decore_sriov.h112 u8 vport_id; member in struct:ecore_vf_info
H A Decore_l2.c438 ecore_sp_vport_stop(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, u16 opaque_fid, u8 vport_id) argument
H A Decore_l2_api.h33 u8 vport_id; member in struct:ecore_queue_start_common_params
271 u8 vport_id; /* VPORT ID */ member in struct:ecore_sp_vport_start_params
295 u8 vport_id; member in struct:ecore_sp_vport_update_params
H A Decore_vf.c714 ecore_vf_pf_vport_start(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, u8 vport_id, argument
H A Decore_init_fw_funcs.c550 u8 i, vport_id; local
760 ecore_init_vport_rl(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt, u8 vport_id, u32 vport_rl) argument
H A Decore_vfpf_if.h320 u8 vport_id; member in struct:vfpf_vport_start_tlv
H A Decore_dev.c193 u8 num_vports, vf_offset = 0, i, vport_id, num_ports, curr_queue; local
3928 ecore_init_wfq_param(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, u16 vport_id, u32 req_rate, u32 min_pf_rate) argument
H A Decore_sriov.c3746 u8 vport_id; local
H A Decore.h384 u8 vport_id; member in struct:ecore_hw_cid_data
H A Decore_hsi_eth.h789 u8 vport_id /* the vport id */; member in struct:eth_filter_cmd
1147 u8 vport_id /* Vport Id of GFT Action */; member in struct:rx_create_gft_action_data
1156 u8 vport_id /* ID of RX queue */; member in struct:rx_create_openflow_action_data
1170 u8 vport_id /* ID of virtual port */; member in struct:rx_queue_start_ramrod_data
1211 u8 vport_id /* ID of virtual port */; member in struct:rx_queue_stop_ramrod_data
1223 u8 vport_id /* ID of virtual port */; member in struct:rx_queue_update_ramrod_data
1266 u8 vport_id; member in struct:rx_update_gft_filter_data
1281 u8 vport_id /* VPort ID */; member in struct:tx_queue_start_ramrod_data
1357 u8 vport_id; member in struct:vport_start_ramrod_data
1397 u8 vport_id; member in struct:vport_stop_ramrod_data
1406 u8 vport_id; member in struct:vport_update_ramrod_data_cmn
H A Dqede_eth_if.c53 static int qed_stop_vport(struct ecore_dev *edev, uint8_t vport_id) argument
H A Dqede_eth_if.h56 uint8_t vport_id; member in struct:qed_stop_rxq_params
61 uint8_t vport_id; member in struct:qed_update_vport_params
80 uint8_t vport_id; member in struct:qed_start_vport_params

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