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H A Dtcp-setup.sh6 ip link add veth_vpp1 type veth peer name vpp1
7 ip link set dev vpp1 up
8 ip link set dev veth_vpp1 up netns vppns1
12 ip link set dev lo up
23 ip link del dev veth_vpp1 &> /dev/null
H A Dnginx_test.sh58 sudo ip link del dev vpp_dk
59 sudo ip link add name vpp_dk type veth peer name vpp1
60 sudo ip link set dev vpp_dk up
62 sudo ip link set dev vpp1 up
64 sudo ip link set dev lo up
H A Dsysfs.h25 u8 *clib_sysfs_link_to_name (char *link);
H A Dsysfs.c90 clib_sysfs_link_to_name (char *link) argument
97 r = readlink (link, buffer, sizeof (buffer) - 1);
H A Dcommon.c202 clib_memset (&xd->link, 0, sizeof (struct rte_eth_link));
214 struct rte_eth_link link; local
223 rte_eth_link_get_nowait (port_id, &link);
224 u8 link_up = link.link_status;
227 port_id, (unsigned) link.link_speed,
228 (link.link_duplex == ETH_LINK_FULL_DUPLEX) ?
H A Dinit.c1517 struct rte_eth_link prev_link = xd->link;
1521 /* only update link state for PMD interfaces */
1526 clib_memset (&xd->link, 0, sizeof (xd->link));
1527 rte_eth_link_get_nowait (xd->port_id, &xd->link);
1535 "update-link-state: sw_if_index %d, admin_up %d,"
1550 ed->new_link_state = (u8) xd->link.link_status;
1553 if ((xd->link.link_duplex != prev_link.link_duplex))
1556 switch (xd->link.link_duplex)
1568 if (xd->link
H A Ddpdk.h212 struct rte_eth_link link; member in struct:__anon8
328 /* control interval of dpdk link state and stat polling */
H A Dformat.c363 struct rte_eth_link *l = &xd->link;
H A Dvfctl25 line=$(ip link show dev ${netdev} | grep "vf ${vfid}")
101 sudo ip link set dev ${netdev} vf ${vfid} mac ${mac}
102 sudo ip link set dev ${netdev} vf ${vfid} trust on
103 sudo ip link set dev ${netdev} vf ${vfid} spoofchk off
H A Dfib_path.c650 vnet_link_t link,
665 * neighbour on that link will never exist. on p2p links
669 ai = adj_nbr_add_or_lock(nh_proto, link, &zero_addr,
674 ai = adj_nbr_add_or_lock(nh_proto, link,
679 dpo_set(dpo, DPO_ADJACENCY, vnet_link_to_dpo_proto(link), ai);
716 vnet_link_t link,
732 ai = adj_nbr_add_or_lock(nh_proto, link, &zero_addr,
735 dpo_set(dpo, DPO_ADJACENCY, vnet_link_to_dpo_proto(link), ai);
747 ai = adj_glean_add_or_lock(nh_proto, link,
750 dpo_set(dpo, DPO_ADJACENCY_GLEAN, vnet_link_to_dpo_proto(link), a
649 fib_path_attached_next_hop_get_adj(fib_path_t *path, vnet_link_t link, dpo_id_t *dpo) argument
715 fib_path_attached_get_adj(fib_path_t *path, vnet_link_t link, dpo_id_t *dpo) argument
H A Dfib_types.c25 * arrays of protocol and link names
43 vnet_link_t link = va_arg(*ap, int); // vnet_link_t promotion local
45 return (format (s, "%s", vnet_link_names[link]));
H A Dlisp_gpe_adjacency.c193 lisp_afi_from_vnet_link_type (vnet_link_t link) argument
195 switch (link)
H A Dadj_midchain.c282 adj_get_midchain_node (vnet_link_t link) argument
284 switch (link) {
H A Dinterface.h324 * Link Type: A description of the protocol of packets on the link.
325 * On an ethernet link this maps directly into the ethertype. On a GRE tunnel
357 * @brief Number of link types. Not part of the enum so it does not have to be included in
363 * @brief Convert a link to to an Ethertype
365 extern vnet_l3_packet_type_t vnet_link_to_l3_proto (vnet_link_t link);
400 /* Function to call when link state changes. */
403 /* Function to call when link MAC changes. */
428 * for the payload/link type. */
489 /* Hardware link state is up. */
529 /* link spee
H A Dinterface.c480 /* Admin down implies link down. */
1597 vnet_link_to_l3_proto (vnet_link_t link) argument
1599 switch (link)
1619 vnet_link_to_mtu (vnet_link_t link) argument
1621 switch (link)
H A Delf_clib.c215 #include <link.h>
H A Delf.h249 _ (u32, link) \
261 _ (u32, link) \
H A Delf.c792 if (s-> == 0)
796 elf_get_section_contents (em, s->,
H A Dgre.c189 gre_proto_from_vnet_link (vnet_link_t link) argument
191 switch (link)
380 * return the appropriate fixup function given the overlay (link-type) and
H A Dvpp_pg_interface.py191, link_path)

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