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H A Dtest_memtank.c65 uint64_t nb_free; member in struct:memtank_stat::__anon4
H A Dmemtank.c24 memtank_meta_size(uint32_t nb_free) argument
H A Dmemtank.h27 uint32_t nb_free; member in struct:memobj::__anon26
39 uint32_t nb_free; /* number of free object in the chunk */ member in struct:memchunk
H A Dtle_memtank_pub.h36 uint32_t nb_free; member in struct:tle_memtank
H A Dctx.h56 uint32_t nb_free; /* number of free streams. */ member in struct:tle_ctx::__anon2
H A Dtle_event.h52 uint32_t nb_free; member in struct:tle_evq

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