15129044dSC.J. CollierDPDK is a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing.
25129044dSC.J. CollierIt supports many processor architectures and both FreeBSD and Linux.
35129044dSC.J. Collier
45129044dSC.J. CollierThe DPDK uses the Open Source BSD license for the core libraries and
55129044dSC.J. Collierdrivers. The kernel components are GPLv2 licensed.
65129044dSC.J. Collier
75129044dSC.J. CollierPlease check the doc directory for release notes,
85129044dSC.J. CollierAPI documentation, and sample application information.
95129044dSC.J. Collier
105129044dSC.J. CollierFor questions and usage discussions, subscribe to: users@dpdk.org
115129044dSC.J. CollierReport bugs and issues to the development mailing list: dev@dpdk.org