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1b0c773efSMarek Gradzki= bgp-translate-api
2b0c773efSMarek Gradzki
3b0c773efSMarek GradzkiAPI for translation between Binding Aware representation of BGP routes and actual device data.
4b0c773efSMarek GradzkiConsists of writers responsible for RIB to FIB translation.
5b0c773efSMarek Gradzki
6b0c773efSMarek GradzkiProvides registry of writers for the data layer.
7b0c773efSMarek GradzkiFor every supported route type (e.g. ipv4, ipv6, labeled-unicast, etc.),
8b0c773efSMarek Gradzkithere should be at least one writer registered.
9b0c773efSMarek Gradzki
10b0c773efSMarek GradzkiBGP routes are based on bgp-rib model, provided by
11b0c773efSMarek Gradzki[ODL's BGP].