1aaf712b8SMarek Gradzki= bgp-translate-impl
2aaf712b8SMarek Gradzki
3aaf712b8SMarek GradzkiProvides simple implementation of route writers.
4aaf712b8SMarek Gradzki
5aaf712b8SMarek GradzkiLocRibWriter provides route translation for routes in local RIB.
6aaf712b8SMarek GradzkiLocRibWriter registers DataTreeChangeListener for given route type to specific route writers.
7aaf712b8SMarek Gradzki
8aaf712b8SMarek GradzkiRouteWriters receive create/update/delete notifications for single route modifications
9aaf712b8SMarek Gradzkiin LocRib DS.
10aaf712b8SMarek Gradzki
11aaf712b8SMarek GradzkiRouteWriter can translata RIB update to any other format, e.g. device FIB.