1440cde68SHåkan JonssonNSH SFC project
2440cde68SHåkan Jonsson===============
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4440cde68SHåkan Jonsson## Introduction.
5440cde68SHåkan Jonsson
6440cde68SHåkan JonssonThe FD.io NSH SFC project aims to add the mechanisms to VPP to provide NSH
7440cde68SHåkan Jonssonbased packet forwarding and to support service chaining applications (service
8440cde68SHåkan Jonssonfunctions) in a highly efficient fashion.
9440cde68SHåkan Jonsson
10440cde68SHåkan JonssonThe NSH plugin for VPP is one of the deliverables from the project.
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12440cde68SHåkan JonssonFor more information on NSH SFC project and its features please visit the
13440cde68SHåkan Jonsson[FD.io website](http://fd.io/) and
14440cde68SHåkan Jonsson[NSH SFC Project](https://wiki.fd.io/view/NSH_SFC) pages.
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17440cde68SHåkan Jonsson## Directory layout.
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19440cde68SHåkan JonssonDirectory name         | Description
20440cde68SHåkan Jonsson---------------------- | -------------------------------------------
21440cde68SHåkan Jonsson     build-root        | Build output directory
22440cde68SHåkan Jonsson     doxygen           | Documentation generator configuration
23440cde68SHåkan Jonsson@ref nsh-plugin        | Network Service Header plugin
24440cde68SHåkan Jonsson     nsh-plugin-api    | NSH plugin API
25440cde68SHåkan Jonsson     scripts           | Scripts
26440cde68SHåkan Jonsson     vagrant           | Vagrant scripts
27440cde68SHåkan Jonsson
28440cde68SHåkan Jonsson
29440cde68SHåkan Jonsson(If the page you are viewing is not generated by Doxygen then
30440cde68SHåkan Jonssonignore any @@ref labels in the above table.)
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