14cefc99fSHongjun Ni# Release Notes    {#release_notes}
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34cefc99fSHongjun Ni* @subpage release_notes_1707
44cefc99fSHongjun Ni* @subpage release_notes_1704
54cefc99fSHongjun Ni* @subpage release_notes_1701
64cefc99fSHongjun Ni* @subpage release_notes_1609
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84cefc99fSHongjun Ni@page release_notes_1707 Release notes for NSH_SFC 17.07
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104cefc99fSHongjun Ni## Features
114cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH over Ethernet
124cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Add Eth as NSH transport. NSHSFC-31
134cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Fix adj lookup failure for NSH over Eth
144cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Unit test output:
154cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/view/File:NSH_over_Ethernet.png
164cefc99fSHongjun Ni
174cefc99fSHongjun Ni- iOAM over NSH
184cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Changes for supoprting iOAM/ NSH export
194cefc99fSHongjun Ni
204cefc99fSHongjun Ni## Issues fixed
214cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Fix gre issue due to gre spit into gre4 and gre6
224cefc99fSHongjun Ni
234cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH-Classifier failed and cause packets dropped. NSHSFC-28
244cefc99fSHongjun Ni
254cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Fix dual-loop issue of NSH-SNAT. NSHSFC-30
264cefc99fSHongjun Ni
274cefc99fSHongjun Ni
284cefc99fSHongjun Ni@page release_notes_1704 Release notes for NSH_SFC 17.04
294cefc99fSHongjun Ni
304cefc99fSHongjun Ni## Features
314cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH MD-Type 2
324cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Design document:
334cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/view/File:NSH_MD-type_2_support_in_VPP_v2.pptx
344cefc99fSHongjun Ni
354cefc99fSHongjun Ni- iOAM Trace over NSH
364cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Unit test output:
374cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/images/3/38/IOAM_Trace_Output.png
384cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Thanks Vengada Prasad Govindan for developing this feature.
394cefc99fSHongjun Ni
404cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH-aware SNAT
414cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Unit test output:
424cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/view/File:NSH_SNAT_Output.png
434cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Depends on this patch to be merged to make it work:
444cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/6439/ Fix mac check issue for virtual tunnel interface with no mac address
454cefc99fSHongjun Ni
464cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Integration Test
474cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Thanks Qun Wan and Fangyin Hu for running the integration test of VPP 17.04 and NSH_SFC 17.04-rc2.
484cefc99fSHongjun Ni
494cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Integration with other LF projects
504cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Thanks Yi Yang for integrating NSH-Proxy feature into ODL SFC project.
514cefc99fSHongjun Ni
524cefc99fSHongjun Ni
534cefc99fSHongjun Ni@page release_notes_1701 Release notes for NSH_SFC 17.01
544cefc99fSHongjun Ni
554cefc99fSHongjun Ni## Features
564cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH Classifier
574cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - NSH Classifier enablement:
584cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://jira.fd.io/browse/NSHSFC-16
594cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Design document:
604cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/images/c/c6/NSH-Classifier-Diagram.png
614cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Unit test output:
624cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/view/File:NSH-Classifier-Output.png
634cefc99fSHongjun Ni
644cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH-Proxy
654cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Enable NSH Proxy feature to support integrating NSH-unaware SFs into SFC:
664cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://jira.fd.io/browse/NSHSFC-15
674cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Unit test output:
684cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/images/2/2c/NSH_Proxy_output.png
694cefc99fSHongjun Ni
704cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Integration Test
714cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - CSIT team Fangyin Hu tested the integration of VPP 17.01, NSH_SFC 17.01-rc3 and HC 17.01-rc1.
724cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Yi Yang tested SFF feature through the integration of ODL SFC, VPP 17.01, NSH_SFC 17.01 and HC 17.01-rc1.
734cefc99fSHongjun Ni
744cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Performance Test
754cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Test output:
764cefc99fSHongjun Ni    https://wiki.fd.io/view/NSH_SFC/Docs/Performance
774cefc99fSHongjun Ni
784cefc99fSHongjun Ni@page release_notes_1609 Release notes for NSH_SFC 16.09
794cefc99fSHongjun Ni
804cefc99fSHongjun Ni## Features
814cefc99fSHongjun Ni- SFF functionality
824cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - Initial commit
834cefc99fSHongjun Ni
844cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Support for VXLAN-GPE and GRE
854cefc99fSHongjun Ni
864cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Honeycomb integration
874cefc99fSHongjun Ni  - JVPP addition for automatic JAR generation
884cefc99fSHongjun Ni
894cefc99fSHongjun Ni- Honeycomb NSH plugin support
904cefc99fSHongjun Ni
914cefc99fSHongjun Ni- NSH_SFC Packaging
924cefc99fSHongjun Ni
934cefc99fSHongjun Ni