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2Changes needed to DPDK are stored here as git patch files. Maintaining these
3files using “git format-patch” and “git am” will make it simpler to manage
4these changes. Patches made to DPDK should only be temporary until they are
5accepted upstream and made available in the next DPDK release.
7The following is the method used to generate these patches:
91. Git clone the DPDK to a new directory:
10 # git clone dpdk
122. Create a branch based on the DPDK release you wish to patch.
13Note, “git tag” will show you all the release tags. The following example is
14for DPDK release tag “v2.2.0” and will create a branch named “two_dot_two”.
15 # cd dpdk
16 # git checkout -b two_dot_two v2.2.0
183. Apply all the existing VPP DPDK patches to this new branch.
19 # git am <VPP directory>/dpdk/dpdk-2.2.0_patches/*
214. Make your changes and commit your change to your DPDK repository.
22 # <edit files>
23 # git commit -s
255. Create the patch files with format-patch. This creates all the patch files
26for your branch (two_dot_two), with your latest commits as the last ones.
27 # git format-patch master..two_dot_two
296. Copy, add and commit the new patches into the VPP patches directory.
30 # cp <new patch files> <VPP directory>/dpdk/dpdk-2.2.0_patches
31 # cd <VPP directory>
32 # git add dpdk/dpdk-2.2.0_patches/<new patch files>
33 # git commit -s