1d71a51e6SHanoh Haim# Guidance on how to contribute
2d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
3d71a51e6SHanoh Haim> All contributions to this project will be released under the Apache 2.0 License.
4d71a51e6SHanoh Haim> By submitting a pull request or filing a bug, issue, or
5d71a51e6SHanoh Haim> feature request, you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.
6d71a51e6SHanoh Haim> Details can be found in our [LICENCE](LICENSE).
7d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
8d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
9d71a51e6SHanoh HaimThere are two primary ways to help:
10d71a51e6SHanoh Haim - Using the issue tracker, and
11d71a51e6SHanoh Haim - Changing the code-base.
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13d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
14d71a51e6SHanoh Haim## Using the issue tracker
15d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
16d71a51e6SHanoh HaimUse the issue tracker to suggest feature requests, report bugs, and ask questions.
17d71a51e6SHanoh HaimThis is also a great way to connect with the developers of the project as well
18d71a51e6SHanoh Haimas others who are interested in this solution.
19d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
20d71a51e6SHanoh HaimUse the issue tracker to find ways to contribute. Find a bug or a feature, mention in
21d71a51e6SHanoh Haimthe issue that you will take on that effort, then follow the _Changing the code-base_
22d71a51e6SHanoh Haimguidance below.
23d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
24d71a51e6SHanoh HaimyouTrack web can be found here http://trex-tgn.cisco.com/youtrack/
25d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
26d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
27d71a51e6SHanoh Haim## Changing the code-base
28d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
29d71a51e6SHanoh HaimGenerally speaking, you should fork this repository, make changes in your
30d71a51e6SHanoh Haimown fork, and then submit a pull-request. All new code should have associated unit
31d71a51e6SHanoh Haimtests that validate implemented features and the presence or lack of defects.
32d71a51e6SHanoh HaimAdditionally, the code should follow any stylistic and architectural guidelines
33d71a51e6SHanoh Haimprescribed by the project. In the absence of such guidelines, mimic the styles
34d71a51e6SHanoh Haimand patterns in the existing code-base.
35d71a51e6SHanoh Haimmailer is  trex-tgn@googlegroups.com
36d71a51e6SHanoh Haim
37d71a51e6SHanoh Haim