18b52a31eSHanoh Haim# Configuration for trex01-1g TRex machine
28b52a31eSHanoh Haim#
38b52a31eSHanoh Haim# machine_name		 - can be DNS name or IP for the TRex machine for ssh to the box
48b52a31eSHanoh Haim# machine_typ		 - 1G or 10G TRex machine
58b52a31eSHanoh Haim# config_file		 - [Optional] configuration file for TRex if needed
68b52a31eSHanoh Haim# is_dual    		 - should the TRex inject with -p ?
78b52a31eSHanoh Haim# cores      		 - how many cores should be used
88b52a31eSHanoh Haim# limit-ports		 - how many ports should be used
98b52a31eSHanoh Haim# latency    		 - rate of latency packets injected by the TRex
108b52a31eSHanoh Haim# misc_params            - [Optional] misc parameters to be passed to the trex
118b52a31eSHanoh Haim
128b52a31eSHanoh Haim[trex]
138b52a31eSHanoh Haimmachine_name=
148b52a31eSHanoh Haimmachine_port=8090
158b52a31eSHanoh Haimhistory_size=100
168b52a31eSHanoh Haimmachine_type=10G
178b52a31eSHanoh Haimconfig_file=
188b52a31eSHanoh Haimis_dual=yes	
198b52a31eSHanoh Haimcores=4
208b52a31eSHanoh Haimlimit_ports=4
218b52a31eSHanoh Haimlatency=1000
228b52a31eSHanoh Haimlatency_condition=1000
238b52a31eSHanoh Haimmisc_params=
248b52a31eSHanoh Haim
258b52a31eSHanoh Haim# Configuration for the router connected to the TRex
268b52a31eSHanoh Haim#
278b52a31eSHanoh Haim# interface - interface that can be used to communicate with the router
288b52a31eSHanoh Haim
298b52a31eSHanoh Haim[router]
308b52a31eSHanoh Haimtype=ASR
318b52a31eSHanoh Haiminterface=
328b52a31eSHanoh Haimpassword=cisco
338b52a31eSHanoh Haim