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4This script uses the TRex RESTfull client-server conrtol plane achitecture and tries to find the maximum M (platform factor) for trex before hitting one of two stopping conditions:
5(*) Packet drops
6(*) High latency.
7    Since high latency can change from one platform to another, and might suffer from kickoff peak (espicially at VM), it is the user responsibility to provide the latency condition. 
8    A common value used by non-vm machines is 1000, where in VM machines values around 5000 are more common.
10please note that '-f' and '-c' options are mandatory. 
12Also, this is the user's responsibility to make sure a TRex is running, listening to relevant client request coming from this script.
14example for finding max M (between 10 to 100) with imix_fast_1g.yaml traffic profile:
15./ -m 10 100 -c config/trex-hhaim.cfg all drop -f cap2/imix_fast_1g.yaml