FEATURE.yaml revision 3535501b
2name: ACL Based Forwarding
3maintainer: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>
5  - 'Policy Based Routing'
6  - ACLs match traffic to be forwarded
7  - Each rule in the ACL has an associated 'path' which determines how the
8    traffic will be forwarded. This path is described as a FIB path, so anything
9    possible with basic L3 forwarding is possible with ABF (with the exception
10    of output MPLS labels)
11  - ACLs are grouped into a policy
12  - ACL priorities within the policy determine which traffic is preferentially
13    matched
14  - Policies are attached to interfaces.
15  - ABF runs as an input feature in the L3 path
18description: "ACL Based Forwarding"
19state: production
20properties: [API, CLI, MULTITHREAD]