2name: Data-Plane Objects
3maintainer: Neale Ranns <nranns@cisco.com>
5  - A DPO is a generic term (a.k.a abstract base class) for objects that
6    perform [a set of] actions on packets in the data-plane
7  - Concrete examples of DPO types are; adjacency, mpls-imposition, replication.
8  - DPOs are stacked/joined to form a processing graph that packets traverse
9    to describe the full set of actions a packet should experience.
10  - DPO graphs can be rooted at any point in the VLIB graph - notable examples
11    are L3 FIB lookup, ABF, L3XC.
13description: "Data-Plane Objects (DPO)"
14state: production
15properties: [API, CLI, MULTITHREAD]