FEATURE.yaml revision 7adf5735
2name: Layer 2 Forwarding (L2)
3maintainer: John Lo <loj@cisco.com>
5  - L2 Cross-connect (xconnect) of two interfaces
6  - L2 Bridging of multiple interfaces in a bridge domain (BD):
7      - Forwarding via destination MAC address of packet
8      - MAC learning enable/disable on BD or per interface
9      - MAC aging with specified aging interval enable/disable
10      - MAC flush of learned MACs on interface down, BD deletion, or by user
11      - User added static MACs not subject to aging nor overwritten by MAC learn
12      - User added MACs not subject to aging but can be overwritten by MAC learn
13      - Unicast forwarding enable/disable
14      - Unknown unicast flooding enable/disable
15      - Multicast/broadcast flooding enable/disable
16      - ARP-termination to avoid flooding of ARP requests
17      - Enable/disable unicast of ARP requests instead of flooding
18      - BVI (Bridge Virtual Interface) for IP forwarding from or to BD
19      - Set interface in BD to send unknown unicast packets instead of flooding
20      - Support of split horizon group (SHG) on BD interfaces
21  - VLAN tag rewrite on L2 bridging or xconnect interfaces
22description: "Layer 2 Bridging and Cross-Connect Support"
23state: production
24properties: [API, CLI, MULTITHREAD]