FEATURE.yaml revision 7c9fe920
2name: Transmission Control Protocol
3maintainer: Florin Coras <fcoras@cisco.com>
5        - Core functionality (RFC793, RFC5681, RFC6691)
6        - Extensions for high performance (RFC7323)
7        - Congestion control extensions (RFC3465, RFC8312)
8        - Loss recovery extensions (RFC2018, RFC3042, RFC6582, RFC6675, RFC6937)
9        - Detection and prevention of spurious retransmits (RFC3522)
10        - Defending spoofing and flooding attacks (RFC6528)
11        - Partly implemented features (RFC1122, RFC4898, RFC5961)
12        - Delivery rate estimation (draft-cheng-iccrg-delivery-rate-estimation)
13description: "High speed and scale Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) implementation"
14state: production
15properties: [API, CLI, STATS, MULTITHREAD]