151f92d57SPierre Pfister# VPP SandBox Repository
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351f92d57SPierre PfisterThe VPP Sandbox is a temporary hosting place for small extensions, plugins, libraries or scripts related to VPP. It intends to facilitate efforts bootstrapping by providing hosting, visibility and quality code review to VPP newcomers.
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551f92d57SPierre PfisterThis repository contains multiple and mostly independent efforts, each of which having a root directory.
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751f92d57SPierre PfisterTo candidate for a new effort or get more information, please visit the project [wiki page](https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP_Sandbox).
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951f92d57SPierre Pfister## Contact
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1151f92d57SPierre Pfister* Mailing list: vppsb-dev@lists.fd.io [Subscribe] (https://lists.fd.io/mailman/listinfo/vppsb-dev).
1251f92d57SPierre Pfister* IRC: #fdio-vppsb @ freenode.com [webchat](http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23fdio-vppsb&uio=d4)
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